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Siegfred research proposal 1


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job related factors

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Siegfred research proposal 1

  1. 1. JOB RELATED FACTORS ON THE PERFORMANCE OF THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING FACULTY: INPUTS TO AN INTERVENTION SCHEME<br />FOR A FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM<br />A Thesis<br />Presented to <br />The Faculty of the College of Engineering<br />Eastern Visayas State University<br />Tacloban City<br />In Partial Fulfilment of the<br />Requirements for the Course IE 423<br />Methods of Research 2<br />by:<br />SIEGFRED E. BRAZAS<br />BSIEng 4A<br />April 2011<br />APPROVAL SHEET<br />This research proposal entitled Job Related Factors on the Performance of the College of Engineering Faculty: Inputs to an Intervention Scheme for a Faculty Development Program submitted and prepared by Siegfred E. Brazas in partial fulfilment for the Course IE 423 (Methods of Research 2) has been examined and is recommended for acceptance and approval for oral examination.<br />ROMULO R. BRAZAS, SR., MA<br /> Adviser<br />PANEL OF EXAMINERS<br />Approved by the Committee on Oral Examination with a grade of _________________.<br />HERMINIGILDO S. BADION, Ed.D<br />Chairman<br /> ENGR. LEONORA N. MANCIO NORMA S. ABOLENCIA, Ed.D<br /> Member Member<br />Accepted and approved in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the course IE 423 (Methods of Research 2).<br /> DANILO B. PULMA, DM<br /> Dean, College of Engineering<br />Date of Oral Examination: April 01, 2011<br />ACKNOWLEDGEMENT<br />The researcher wishes to acknowledge the following for their assistance, guidance and moral support that encouraged him to finish this research proposal for without them this worthwhile undertaking would not have been possible.<br />Mr. Romulo R. Brazas, Sr.,MA, his adviser, for his advices and for making some corrections on the research study.<br />Engr. Leonora N. Mancio, his instructor, for extending her time, efforts and assistance in making this research study possible.<br />Mrs. Lisa Buctuan, EVSU Graduate School Librarian; UP Tacloban Librarian and LNU Librarian for allowing the researcher to use the library to gather some information relevant to the study.<br />Dr. Herminigildo Badion and Dr. Norma Abolencia, as panelists in the oral defense whose suggestions and recommendations led and contributed much to the improvement of the research proposal manuscript.<br />To his classmates, for the jokes and company that he enjoys much despite of hardship, challenges and risks but still endure to finish the research proposal.<br />To his parents, brothers and sister, for their unending financial and moral support, and for their encouragement and inspiration to pursue this work.<br />Above all, to our Almighty Father and His Son Jesus Christ for the unending and untiring love, guidance and blessings showered to the researcher.<br /> S. E. B.<br />TABLE OF CONTENTS<br />iiiiiiivviiiixx134456111315Content Page<br />TITLE PAGE..........<br />APPROVAL SHEET........<br />ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.......<br />TABLE OF CONTENTS.......<br />LIST OF TABLES........<br />LIST OF FIGURES........<br />LIST OF APPENDICES........<br />Chapter<br /> I. INTRODUCTION<br />Background of the Study.....<br />Statement of the Problem.....<br />Assumption.......<br />Significance of the Study.....<br />Scope and Limitation of the Study....<br />Conceptual Framework.....<br />Definition of Terms......<br /> II. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES<br />Related Literature.......<br />Related Studies......<br /> <br />181818191920202223242527282930303033 III. METHODOLOGY<br />Research Design......<br />Research Respondents.....<br />Research Locale......<br />Research Instrument......<br />Validation of Research Instrument.....<br />Data Gathering Procedure.....<br />Statistical Treatment of Data.....<br />IV. PRESENTATION, ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION <br /> OF DATA<br />Perception of the Faculty on Growth Opportunity...<br />Perception of the Faculty on Job Security...<br />Perception of the Faculty on Promotion Opportunity..<br />Perception of the Faculty on Recognition...<br />Perception of the Faculty on Responsibility in the Job.<br />Perception of the Faculty on Rewards and Benefits..<br />Perception of the Faculty on Financial Security..<br />Perception of the Faculty on Physical Environment..<br />Perception of the Faculty on Social Environment..<br />Perception of the Faculty on School Social Services..<br />Overall Perception of faculty to Job Related Factors..<br />373839404850V. SUMMARY OF FINDINGS, CONCLUSIONS AND<br /> RECOMMENDATIONS<br />Summary of Findings.......<br />Conclusions........<br />Recommendations.......<br />Intervention Schemes.......<br />BIBLIOGRAPHY........<br />APPENDICES.........<br />Page232425262729293132323344LIST OF TABLES<br />Table<br /> 1.1Perception of the Faculty on Growth Opportunity...<br /> 1.2Perception of the Faculty on Job Security....<br /> 1.3Perception of the Faculty on Promotion Opportunity...<br /> 1.4Perception of the Faculty on Recognition....<br /> 1.5Perception of the Faculty on Responsibility in the Job..<br /> 2.1Perception of the Faculty on Rewards and Benefits...<br /> 2.2Perception of the Faculty on Financial Security...<br /> 2.3Perception of the Faculty on Physical Environment...<br /> 2.4Perception of the Faculty on Social Environment...<br /> 2.5Perception of the Faculty on School Social Services...<br /> 3Perception of the Faculty on the Motivational Factors and <br />Maintenance Factors.......<br /> 4Intervention Scheme ........<br />Page810LIST OF FIGURES<br />FIGURE<br />1. Schematic Diagram of Performance as a Function<br /> of the Interaction Between Ability and Motivation....<br />2. Schematic Diagram of the Study Showing the <br /> Components Parts.........<br />LIST OF APPENDICES<br />Page45464748<br />APPENDIX<br />A. Letter to Conduct Survey.......<br />B. Letter to Conduct a Dry-Run......<br />C. Letter to the Teacher-Respondents......<br />D. Survey Questionnaire.......<br />