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Digital Consumer


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Infosys, a global leader in business consulting and technology solutions, has unveiled the first major study that scrutinizes an ever-widening data gap between digital consumers and the retail, banking, and healthcare companies that serve them.
The results of the study are a call to action for global corporations to leverage the latest data mining technologies. Harnessing Big Data 2.0 will have enormous business opportunities in tomorrow’s marketplace

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Digital Consumer

  2. 2. FRANCE GERMANY USA60%62%75%50%56%57%77%83%88%UK69%78%79%AUSTRALIA60%75%74%How many of us share information online with retail, banking and healthcare companies?It depends on where we are.RETAIL BANKING HEALTHCARE
  3. 3. When we think data mining, we think…Invasive!39%Helpful35%Convenient33%Time saving32%
  4. 4. consumers are more likelyto purchase from a retailerwhen provided with offerstargeted to their location71%To know me is to sell to meTAKEAWAYS FOR RETAILYou know where I am, now make mean offer I can’t refusedo not feel that onlinepromotions or emails theyreceive speak to their personalinterests and needs72%
  5. 5. Consumers are almost equallycomfortable sharing information with aretailer virtually and physicallyShoppers say they want to receive ads orpromotions targeted to their interestsBut just 13%will share socialmedia profile information75%while making apurchase online70%while making apurchase in-storeYou’ll have to work harder Online? In-store? I’m cool with both
  6. 6. TAKEAWAYS FOR BANKINGexpect their bank to minepersonal data to protectagainst fraud82%would consider changingbanks if a competitoroffered assurances thattheir data and moneywould be safer76%Keep me safe, and I’ll be loyal
  7. 7. Show me how well you know me To see you is to believe youwant banks to use their datato provide targeted offerscustomized to their needs51%are comfortable sharinginformation online withtheir bankare comfortable doing so inperson71%87%
  8. 8. TAKEAWAYS FOR HEALTHCAREare confident that theirinformation is safe with theirdoctor’s office80%Americans are less comfortable usingtheir mobiles to share data with doctors95%63%56%prefer to share personal data withtheir doctor’s office in personare comfortable sharing onlineare comfortable sharingvia mobile devicesI know I can trust you Can’t we talk about it in person?
  9. 9. That’s just too personal for me to share An app a daywill share personalmedical history47%will share family medicalhistory43%66%are interested in mobile appsfor tracking their health
  10. 10. Want more insights? Download the full report the conversation with #DigitalConsumer