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Technology Trends for 2019 and Beyond


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Explore our analysis of technology trends for 2019 and beyond: AI, IoT, Security, Big Data / Data Science, Mobile Apps Development, AR/VR, RPA (Robot Process Automation), Blockchain, Automotive Solutions, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Service Desk, Autonomous Things, Augmented Analytics, AI-Driven Development, Digital Twins, Empowered Edge, Immersive Experience, Smart Spaces, Quantum Computing, and more.

Check our recommendations for businesses to stay current with the latest IT tendencies.

Includes a video by Gartner.

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Technology Trends for 2019 and Beyond

  1. 1. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 1 November 5, 2018 For 2019 and Beyond Technology Trends Analysis November 20, 2018
  2. 2. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 2 Market Overview
  3. 3. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 3 Market Overview Executives are expecting that digital will bring: • Unique customer experience • Actionable insights • Innovations Only 16% of executives believe their talent pool has the capabilities to deliver their digital strategy 72% of outsourcing is provided in IT area Half of respondents doubt their management has a clear understanding of AI 50% of survey respondents expect to have invested in AR/VR by 2020 40% of executives expect to start investing in blockchain by 2020
  4. 4. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 4 Industries influenced by technologies Real Estate Consumer business Financial Manufacturing Automotive Energy Healthcare Government Education Telecom Media Source: Deloitte
  5. 5. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 5 A part of Nordic IT group EVRY Current situation insights • Increased investments in technologies implementations • New business models • Work on the operational efficiency • Technology management • Value of data • Customer centricity • Combination of technologies and cross-industries partnerships for new customer’s benefits • Rebuilding the workforce and creating the digital workplace • Regulatory rethinking • Security and privacy become a #1 priority A part of Nordic IT group EVRY Source: Deloitte
  6. 6. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 6 Digital Trends
  7. 7. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 7 Tech Trends Today • AI • IoT • Security • Big Data • Mobile Apps Development • AR/VR • RPA: Robot Process Automation • Blockchain • Automotive • Business Intelligence • Cloud Computing • Service Desk Source: Deloitte
  8. 8. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 8 A part of Nordic IT group EVRY Artificial Intelligence (AI) • Intensive development of AI in the past few years • Huge interest of companies in technology and its marsh to the commercial use • Main focus on its implementation to keep the business processes up to date • Deep learning improvement • AI already merged with lots of other emerging technologies (automotive, IoT etc.) A part of Nordic IT group EVRY Source:
  9. 9. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 9 Internet of Things (IoT) • Top-of-mind technology over the last few years • The mass adoption of IoT platforms: Many companies are already leveraging IoT technology and many others are ramping up their efforts. • The industrial IoT is the biggest business opportunity. • Major security challenges in IoT solutions Source: Forbes
  10. 10. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 10 A part of Nordic IT group EVRY Cyber Security • Up to 5,000 average number of security alerts • SMBs as the main focus of attacks becoming a launch pad for bigger campaigns • The most popular attacks are target attacks against person, advanced malware the world hasn’t seen before, ransomware. • Cloud as an option to strengthen security efficiency • New technologies as a new way to embrace cyber technology (e.g. Machine Learning as security help) • Security outsourcing as a better option for SMBs A part of Nordic IT group EVRY Source: Cisco
  11. 11. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 11 Big Data / Data Science • Strong connection with other emerging technologies (e.g. AI and ML) • Data warehouse optimization remains the top use case for big data. • Prevailing trend among enterprises is to move to cloud-based analytics in the nearest time. • Data privacy and security concerns Source: Forbes
  12. 12. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 12 A part of Nordic IT group EVRY Mobile Apps Development • Demand for App Dev at all times is high (Mobile-first) • Excessive development time • Backlogs remain stubbornly high • Slow returns from Agile and DevOps investments • Customer centricity is on the rise. • Low-code is becoming mainstream. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY Source: Outsystems: The state of application development
  13. 13. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 13 Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) • AR goes on with active implementation in our everyday life (e.g. AR applications for retail). • Increasing software development for common usage • Continuous investments, development and further R&D activities of big plyers (Samsung, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc). • Ongoing adoption of commercial and enterprise solutions using AR devices Source:
  14. 14. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 14 A part of Nordic IT group EVRY RPA: Robot Process Automation • The market is still nascent. • Capturing inputs from diverse formats is still a problem. • Integration with other emerging technologies to solve such problems as processing unstructured data • Frequent changes in business rules and operating procedures • Industry standards are still being developed. • RPA initiatives are being adopted in pockets. • Narrow scope of services where RPA may be implemented A part of Nordic IT group EVRY Source: Mindfields
  15. 15. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 15 Blockchain • Blockchain technology is still in its infancy. (Blockchains are slow, user unfriendly, unscalable, and expensive) • Enterprise Blockchains focus on private or consortium-based blockchain implementations • Raising capital • Increased government and regulatory involvement Source:
  16. 16. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 16 A part of Nordic IT group EVRY Autonomous Driving • The technology is still under development. • Companies go on testing self-driving vehicles building the enough number of vehicles. • Safety of others is still a challenge. • The issue with cars driven by humans • The problem with signs recognition • Ownership system issues A part of Nordic IT group EVRY Source:
  17. 17. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 17 Business Intelligence • Executive Management, Operations, and Sales are the three primary roles driving Business Intelligence (BI) adoption. • Dashboards, reporting, end-user self-service, advanced visualization and data warehousing are the highest priority investment areas for companies. • Small organizations with up to 100 employees have the highest rate of BI penetration or adoption. • Sales, Marketing and Executive Management have the highest level of interest in dashboards and advanced visualization. Source: Forbes
  18. 18. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 18 A part of Nordic IT group EVRY Cloud Computing • Increased popularity among small and large businesses. • Multi-cloud is the preferred strategy among enterprises. • More enterprises are prioritizing public cloud. • Serverless is the top-growing extended cloud service. • Significant wasted cloud spend makes optimizing costs the top initiative. • Azure continues to grow quickly and reduce the AWS lead, especially among enterprises. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY Source:
  19. 19. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 19 Service Desk • Today’s Service Desk is about “doing more with less”. • Employee experience consideration to improve employees productivity • Proactive approach as a core • The more automated processes – the better Source:
  20. 20. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 20 Technology Trends Transformation In 2019 and Beyond Source: Gartner • Autonomous Things • Augmented Analytics • AI-Driven Development Intelligence • Digital Twins • Empowered Edge • Immersive Experience Digital • Blockchain • Smart Spaces Mesh Privacy and Ethics Quantum Computing
  21. 21. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 21 Gartner About Technology Trends Transformation [VIDEO] Click to play video
  22. 22. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 22 Autonomous Things Today all autonomous solutions are closely related to AI to be able to interact more naturally with the environment. Autonomous things are represented as: • Robotics • Vehicles • Drones • Appliances • Agents 59% of organizations are still preparing to build their AI strategies. Source: Deloitte
  23. 23. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 23 Augmented Analytics Today, Bid Data definition transformed into the Enormous Data, and now we are talking about receiving data flows from anywhere – connected sensors that measure nearly everything. Data scientists face not only the problem of data collection and storage, but have to solve the challenge of its analysis. Augmented analytics becomes a new wave of data processing based on data science and machine learning platforms. >40% of data science tasks will be automated by 2020. Source: Gartner
  24. 24. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 24 AI-Driven Development This trend covers embedding of artificial intelligence into different applications and creation of AI-powered tools for such directions: • AI-powered tools targeting professional developer community (AI Platforms and Services) • AI-powered tools created to assist professional developers and automate tasks related to the development of AI-enhanced solutions • AI-powered tools targeting business domain expertise (application development stack). Product development area in AI investment research took 5th place among others taking 23% of voices. Source: Deloitte
  25. 25. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 25 Digital Twins Digital twins became a new format of the well- known computer design representations of real world elements, but now it brings a new sense of digitalization: • Reflect the models focused on specific business outcomes support • Show the real world in real time for monitoring and control • Allows to check the application of Big Data Analytics and AI • Create the environment for “What-if” scenarios. 26,3 billion of new IoT devices and connections are expected by 2020. Source: Gartner
  26. 26. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 26 Empowered Edge Edge computing allows to process the data in real-time without loosing the time on sending it to process the data in the cloud. The empowered edge will be of use in such areas as: • Enterprises, where the remote data monitoring is vital for faults monitoring. • Industries, where edge data processing allows gather comprehensive information on processes for further improvements. • Automated devices for real-time data processing and transmitting it to other devices. The global edge computing market is expected to reach $3.24 billion by 2025 Source: Grand View Research
  27. 27. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 27 Immersive Experience Current experience based on artificial intelligence, augmented, mixed and virtual reality will result in a new era of customer relationship management: • EmoBots – chatbots and intelligent assistants able to recognize and react to human emotions. • New level of realism (AR/VR, IoT and mobile combination) • Hyper-personalization (AI, predictive analytics, IoT etc.) • Instant gratification By 2022, 70% of enterprises will be experimenting with immersive technologies. Source: Gartner
  28. 28. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 28 Blockchain Even still being immature, blockchain is expected to embrace all industries, and even more: • The mature ecosystem and national cryptocurrencies will appear. • Working business models will be created. • Blockchain already started integration with IoT and it will be strengthened further. • New Blockchain regulations will be implemented. • All decentralized services will be secured. Blockchain will create $3.1T in business value by 2030. Source: Gartner
  29. 29. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 29 Smart Spaces Smart spaces are the physical or digital environments or ecosystems where humans can interact with technology-enabled systems. Smart spaces provide developers with such vital features: • Openness • Connectedness • Coordination • Intelligence • Scope Source: Gartner
  30. 30. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 30 A part of Nordic IT group EVRY Digital Ethics and Privacy Due to constant technology development, governments started creating new regulations related to data protection. The main theme of such regulations became digital ethics, namely: A part of Nordic IT group EVRY Source: Gartner • Security • Cybercrime • Privacy • Social • Interaction • Governance • Free will • Society and economy
  31. 31. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 31 Quantum Computing It is expected that in 5 years quantum computing will become a mainstream and ease such processes as: • Weather and climate modeling • Personalized medicine predictions • Space exploration • Fundamental sciences boost • Machine learning • Encryption • Real-time language translation Source: Gartner
  32. 32. A part of Nordic IT group EVRY 32 A part of Nordic IT group EVRY Recommendations • Create new business value and models basing on technologies synergy • Pay attention to automation • Prepare to sustained data growth • Focus on customer experience • Digitalize the employees’ workplaces • Stay compliant • Protect the data and privacy • Improve capacities in AI, Data Science, AR/VR/MR, IoT and Blockchain technologies A part of Nordic IT group EVRY Source: Deloitte
  33. 33. A part of Nordic IT group EVRYA part of Nordic IT group EVRY Contact us: 24, Polyova Str., 03056 Kyiv, Ukraine+38 044 585-25-00 /InfopulseGlobal /InfopulseGlobal /company/infopulse