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Developer 1: Workflows And Code Management


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A tutorial by Adam Sandman, presented at InflectraCon 2019, in Cincinnati, OH on September 11, 2019.

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Developer 1: Workflows And Code Management

  1. 1. Developer 1: Workflows and Code Management @Inflectra | #InflectraCon
  2. 2. Adam Sandman Director, Inflectra Programmer from the age of 10 Working in the IT industry for over 20 years Adam lives in Washington, DC, USA @adammarksandman
  3. 3. Session Objectives We will share recommendations and best practices for using Spira and TaraVault to manage your source code, with examples using both Git and Subversion. We will discuss the recommended workflow for development tasks, linking tasks to code commits, and using our IDE plugins to improve efficiency.
  4. 4. Spira Code Management Integrations
  5. 5. Source Code Integration Options •Inflectra Hosted •Third-Party & VSS
  6. 6. IDE Integration Options Visual Studio Visual Studio Code Android Studio
  7. 7. Spira Source Code Integration
  8. 8. Browse Code Repositories
  9. 9. View/Manage Branches
  10. 10. Preview Code Files
  11. 11. View Code Revisions
  12. 12. Artifact Assciations
  13. 13. Artifact Assciations
  14. 14. Artifact Associations
  15. 15. Source Code Workflows
  16. 16. Subversion Workflow o Primary Development is done in Trunk o Commit into Trunk o Branches used for older versions being maintained o Commit into Branches o Tags used for milestones and mark releases o Cannot commit into tags
  17. 17. Git Architecture
  18. 18. Git Workflows Several possible models: Git Flow (recommended) GitHub Flow GitLab Flow One Flow Trunk-based development (like SVN)
  19. 19. Git Flow Workflow • master — this branch contains production code. All development code is merged into master in sometime. • develop — this branch contains pre-production code. When the features are finished then they are merged into develop. • feature/* — feature branches are used to develop new features for the upcoming releases. May branch off from develop and must merge into develop. • hotfix/* — hotfix branches are necessary to act immediately upon an undesired status of master. May branch off from master and must merge into master and develop.
  20. 20. Workflow using Spira and Git
  21. 21. Create Feature Branch
  22. 22. Create Feature Branch
  23. 23. Write User Stories
  24. 24. Create Tasks (if necessary)
  25. 25. Create Test Cases (always)
  26. 26. Create Test Cases (always)
  27. 27. Write Code in IDE
  28. 28. Write Unit Tests (!) Plugins Available for:
  29. 29. Commit and Push
  30. 30. Merge / Pull Request
  31. 31. CI Builds ‘develop’ Branch
  32. 32. CI Builds ‘develop’ Branch
  33. 33. Exploratory & Manual Testing
  34. 34. Track Progress
  35. 35. Wrap Up
  36. 36. Key Takeaways 1. Spira has many plugins and integrations to make developers’ lives easier 2. Define a code and task management workflow that works for you and your team 3. Make sure that testing is fully integrated into your workflow from day one
  37. 37. Questions?
  38. 38. Further Reading  Git Flow:  GitHub Flow: