InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + SP3 Best Practices


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System integrators are tasked with meeting strict requirements for projects, and may need to develop value-added functionality for their solutions. HMI software platforms like InduSoft Web Studio can provide the framework for customer solutions, and InduSoft has made it a priority to support system integrators who use InduSoft Web Studio. Join us for a webinar in which we discuss best practices for system integrators. We will be offering advice for developing projects and efficiently, and share some of the benefits of the InduSoft Certified System Integrator program.

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InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 + SP3 Best Practices

  1. 1.
  2. 2. When designing a new project Tags Database Graphic Interface General Performance optimization Troubleshooting When deploying the project
  3. 3. Application Resolution Platform and License Review Project Settings (Viewer, Communication, Web) Touch-screen settings (cursor, focus, vk, right- click, object size) Translation (objects size) Communication (every state or last state)
  4. 4. Arrays Classes Tag Fields (->Hi, ->HiLimit, ->Quality, ->TimeStamp, etc) Tag names (use objective names - avoid long names) Avoid retentive values/parameters for a large number of tags Tag Integration Tag description
  5. 5. Screen groups Re-use screens (array tags, indirect tags, or mnemonics) Share background pictures when applicable Linked Symbols $Ext() function to text used in external dialogs, such as MsgBox or InputBox.
  6. 6. Avoid spaces and special characters in file names (e.g.: screen names) Add comments to scripts and worksheets History Life Time Do not call modal dialogs on the Server (MsgBox, InputBox, $RDFileN, etc) when using Thin Clients. Avoid hard-coded paths. Use $GetAppPath().
  7. 7. Avoid repeated scripts – Global Procedures. Use ‘$region:<BlockName> to organize procedures in the Global Procedures dialog When applicable, use ‘On Error Resume Next’ and ‘On Error Goto 0’ in scripts Make sure that when using $DBCursorOpen() or $DBCursorOpenSQL(), call $DBCursorClose() to avoid memory leaking.
  8. 8. When using the Recipe task, enable the XML format. When using Thin Clients, enable the SSL option, as well as the Web Tunneling Gateway. Use IIS Web Server instead of NTWebServer.exe. Adopt consistency for navigation, color schema, nomenclature and object’s position/size. Use the Studio Mobile Access solution when applicable and design the screens according to the target typical devices.
  9. 9. Sequential addresses in the driver sheet Consider enabling simultaneous requests (Driver Advanced settings). Consider the options “Screen” or “Auto” in the Main Driver Sheet and OPC Client worksheets. Adjust the “Send Period” for communication with Thin Clients Trend decimation and Database Gateway Avoid large picture objects and fill effects in low-end HMIs (Windows Embedded CE).
  10. 10. Output window (Log Options, and Log Tags) Database Spy Cross-Reference $Trace() function Built-in Script debugging tools
  11. 11. Clear Database Spy Disable LogWin “save to disk” option Remove “test” files (HST, Alarm, WebDump) Remove unused tags from the project Quality Feedback (unexpected errors) Run “Verify” command Apply Intellectual Property protection (if applicable) Create a backup
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Program Goal • Goal is to have a list of qualified, trained partners that End Users and Machine Builders can use for engineering assistance. - “Win-Win” for both of us
  14. 14. Program Overview • Certified Systems Integrators viewed as InduSoft Partners - Get Free Training - Get Free Development Licenses - Collaboration with Sales & Marketing team  Case Studies  Webinar Participation  Leads - Certified Logo
  15. 15. Program Overview • Today, have 130 Certified Integrators in the Program • Approximately 70 in North America • Looking to grow the program over the next couple of years
  16. 16. Program Requirements • Initial Application • Annual Re-certification Process - Test - Submit a project • Unlike many of our competitors, there are no fees to participate
  17. 17. Upcoming Changes • Move to on-line testing system • No submission of project • System Integrator Portal - Sales Tools - Application Notes - Sample applications - Training videos - Link to testing - Download of software & drivers
  18. 18. Upcoming Changes • Emphasis on connecting distributors and integrators to become a local sales & solutions team • Stepped up joint promotion - Want to do more case studies, joint webinars - Improved lead generation • Maintain emphasis on quality - not quantity
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Email (US) (Brazil) (Germany) Support Web site (English) (Portuguese) (German) Phone (512) 349-0334 (US) +55-11-3293-9139 (Brazil) +49 (0) 6227-732510 (Germany) Toll-Free 877-INDUSOFT (877-463-8763) Fax (512) 349-0375 Germany USA Brazil
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