What is new in InduSoft Web Studio v7.0?


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Here is a detailed description of the exciting new features of IWS v7.0!

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What is new in InduSoft Web Studio v7.0?

  1. 1. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com
  2. 2. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com
  3. 3. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com New User Interface Graphic Enhancements (Buttons, Icons, color pallet) Intellectual Property Protection Enhanced Security Drivers OPC Trend Enhancements Multi-language Configuration Tools New Functions And much more…
  4. 4. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Modern look-and-feel, increased productivity Ribbon interface Open more than one document (tab) simultaneously Dock interfaces Larger Object Properties dialog Create custom pallets of colors
  5. 5. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com New 3D button styles Link icons (.ico, .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png) to buttons Apply dynamic rotation to imported graphics during runtime
  6. 6. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Fill area below each pen (optional transparency 0-100%) Color Pictures or Patterns (.bmp) Add pictures or text (notation) on top of the trend control
  7. 7. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Do you or your customers have custom scripts? What about graphics or other functionality you would like to protect?
  8. 8. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Integrate the project with Microsoft Active Directory – domain – security system using the LDAP protocol Share security system settings among several stations Import/Export security system settings Cache security system authentication information Associate “users” with multiple “groups” New security system configuration wizard
  9. 9. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Reduce errors, eliminate misunderstandings. No longer a manual “fill out the table” process Now a one-click online translation New easy-to-use interface
  10. 10. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Instead of scripting, easy-to-use configuration forms for: SMTP FTP
  11. 11. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com No extra charge, built-in, installed CAN/CANopen (master or slave) Eaton ELC (PLCs) Opto 22 Siemens (SIEME, SIETH, SIPPI) BACnet
  12. 12. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com In addition to OPC “Classic” (client and server) OPC UA (Unified Architecture) client Platform Independent OPC Xi (Express Interface) client Based on Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) a component of .NET Security inherent in WCF
  13. 13. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Included on DVD, not installed (60 day evaluation license) OPC Server for DCS OPC Server for ABB GCOM OPC Server for Apacs Direct OPC Server for Bailey Direct OPC Server for Fisher Provox Direct OPC Server for Foxboro OPC Server for Mark V & VI (GSM) OPC Server for Mark V Direct OPC Server for Honeywell TPS (TDC 3000) OPC Server for RS3 RNI OPC Server for Triconex OPC Server for Yokogawa Standard OPC Server OPC Server for Johnson Controls N1 OPC Server for Johnson Controls N2 OPC Server for Lonworks OPC Server for Powerlogic SMS SCADA OPC Server OPC Server for DNP3 OPC Server for Roc/Roc+ OPC Server for IEC 60870 OPC Server for IEC 61850 OPC Server for Modbus OPC Server for Omni Flow Computers
  14. 14. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com New built-in language scripting functions: SaveScreenShot() ShowInPlaceInput() RunGlobalProcedureOnTrue() RunGlobalProcedureOnFalse() RunGlobalProcedureOnTrigger()
  15. 15. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com
  16. 16. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com InduSoft Web Studio (Server) SMA (Studio Mobile Access) Studio Mobile Access™ (SMA) allows browsers on any device, to display alarms and process variables. SMA allows any web enabled mobile device, not only those running Microsoft operating systems, but also BlackBerry®, iPhone™ Motorola® RAZR phones, or other devices with built-in browsers to display necessary information. You can even monitor the active alarms and acknowledge them from the mobile device. SMA allows operators to be more efficient and keep the process/machine running at its top performance without the need to be at the immediate location. Studio Mobile Access (SMA)
  17. 17. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Run IWS as a Service InduSoft Web Studio can run as a Windows service. This virtually eliminates accidental shutdown of critical applications by operators. Because increased uptime is mandatory in today's facilities, running as a service also allows IWS to start even when no users are logged on to the computer. This is perfect for remote installations or recovery from power failures. Running IWS runtime as a service increases the security of the system, blocking unauthorized users from slipping in and making any changes before launching the graphic interface.
  18. 18. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Simultaneous Request for Communication Drivers Asynchronous communication allows execution of several commands in parallel, increasing significantly the overall communication performance. Simultaneous requests for different devices (e.g.: PLCs) increases the robustness of the system, because the communication with one device does not affect the performance of the others. Available for protocols based on TCP/IP or libraries that support simultaneous connections.
  19. 19. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com SNMP Interface  InduSoft Web Studio embedded SNMP Agent provides Alarm Status, Real-time data Value/Status (tags) and System Information to local/remote SNMP Managers, such as Microsoft MOM® or HP OpenView®.  SNMP Agent available for all platforms supported by InduSoft, including Windows CE.  Ability to send traps based on events.  Built-in functions allow InduSoft Web Studio to request data from third-party SNMP Agents too. Machines Controllers Field Equipment InduSoft Web Studio SNMP Agent SNMP Manager (e.g.: Microsoft MOM®; HP OpenView®, etc) Alarm Status Real-time data Value/Status System Information InduSoft Web Studio SNMP Interface allows you to monitor data from SNMP Clients (hubs, routers, etc) and also leverage diagnostic information and real-time status from the plant-floor to the ERP (SNMP Managers).
  20. 20. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Container for .NET Controls Support for .NET Controls under Windows XP includes:  Support for Properties, Methods and Events.  Embedded user-friendly interface allowing the user to link tags to Properties and Methods, and to link expressions to Events. Does not require scripting to integrate the object in the project. .NET Controls Browsing .NET Control Properties Built-in interface for Properties, Methods and Events (Just link tags to the interfaces – no scripting required)
  21. 21. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Studio Web Service Standard technologies widely adopted, such as XML, SOAP and HTTP increases the connectivity and flexibility of your system. InduSoft Web Studio Tags Database Web Service for Microsoft IIS allows you to exchange data (tag values) between your SCADA/HMI application and any third-party system which is able to consume Web Services, such as the Microsoft Biztalk®. InduSoft Web Studio Tags Database Web Service for Microsoft IIS Third-Party Web Service Consumer (e.g.: Microsoft Biztalk®) InduSoft Web Studio Web Service empowers you to implement Business-to-Business solutions, integrating relevant information from the ERP with the process level.
  22. 22. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Linked Symbols Using Linked Symbols, the user can create, modify and customize his/her own library of symbols and re-use them in many different projects. After editing the MASTER SYMBOL once, the changes are replicated to all instances of this symbol in the application, improving productivity during application development. Create the Linked Symbol Edit your own Custom Properties Save the MASTER SYMBOL in the library. Insert the Linked Symbol into the application screens and assign tags and/or values to it. After inserting the symbol, the user can determine whether to keep the link with the MASTER Symbol or not.
  23. 23. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Script <N> Built-in VBScript interface Microsoft Visual Script Language (VBScript) is a simple, standard and flexible scripting language that allows you to implement logics and algorithms within the IWS application. - Built-in VBScript editor with IntelliSense. - Support for syntax, operators, functions and standards from VBScript, integrated to the Studio tags and functions database. - Ability to create your own variables and procedures (functions and/or sub-routines). - Easy interface to access to properties, methods and/or events from COM objects, including ActiveX controls. - Ability to execute the logics in any platform that supports VBScript, including MS Windows NT/2K/XP (IWS Server station), MS Windows CE (CEView) and MS Internet Explorer - Web Thin Client. ActiveX EventsGlobal Procedures Script 002 Command Dynamic Screen Script Graphics Script Startup Script
  24. 24. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com State-of-Art Trend Control object •Display of multiple pens simultaneously •Support for different Data Sources, such as Tag, Batch, Database and Text File •Simultaneous display of an unlimited number of data points. This feature might be limited by the hardware used since available memory and performance will vary. •Built-in toolbar, which provides interfaces for the user to interact with the Trend Control object during the runtime •Built-in legend, which displays the main information associated to each pen linked to the object •Zooming and auto-scaling tools •Horizontal and vertical orientation
  25. 25. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com User-friendly development interface Microsoft Excel compatible (copy/paste data and follow the same standards) Tab-based interface increases productivity
  26. 26. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com MDI Interface for Web Thin Clients and for CEView Header Menu Body Group of Screens Pop-Up Screens Dialog Screens Support for Indirect tags and Array tags.  Support for Screen Logics (On Open, While Open and On Close scripts).  Retentiveness for the Local Tags.  Support for the Always/Screen option (OPC and Comm. Driver interface).
  27. 27. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Intuitive and flexible ActiveX Interface ActiveX Interface Enhancements:  Support for Events in addition to Properties and Methods.  Embedded user-friendly interface allowing the user to link tags to Properties and Methods, and to link expressions to Events. Does not require scripting to integrate the object in the project. Properties Methods Events
  28. 28. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Security System Password Size Password Aging E-signature Auto Lock-up user Event Logger System Events Process Events User Events Read-Only signed reports
  29. 29. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com ADO.NET Interface for History Tasks and Grid Object Support for third-party SQL Relational Databases such as SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, Sybase and others, via standard ADO.NET providers.  Embedded ADO.NET interface for all history tasks (Alarms, Events and Trends) as well as for the native Grid object.  Database connectivity from any platform supported by IWS or CEView (including Windows CE and PocketPC), through the unique Studio Database Gateway, which provides connection to the database through a standard TCP/IP link.  User-friendly interface which does not require scripting or SQL knowledge to configure the database interface.  Support for Secondary Database in the modes “Redundancy” or “Store and Forward,” increasing the reliability of the system and avoiding loss of data. SQL Server MS Access MS Excel Oracle Sybase My SQL . Any SQL-Relational DB Trends Alarms Events + Grid
  30. 30. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Grid Control Active Object Easy and flexible interface with differente data sources! Text File (e.g.: *.CSV) Database (e.g.: SQL Server) Array Class Tags
  31. 31. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Mobile support Internet (ISP) SCADA Station InduSoft Web Studio Plant Floor PLC, Remote I/O Mobile Web Thin Clients (Web-browser) Monitor the Process (Online and History data) Manage Events and Alarms (Visualization and acknowledgement) Support for: - Infra-Red (IR) -Bluetooth - Wireless Ethernet IEC802.11
  32. 32. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Serial to Modem, TPC/IP, UDP/IP Encapsulation Phone Line Communication Drivers Enhancements:  Option to dial to a remote site automatically and connect a remote device (e.g. PLC) through modems connected with the standard phone line.  Option to encapsulate the protocol from any serial communication driver available in IWS (or CEView) under TCP/IP or UPD/IP, to exchange data with remote devices (e.g. PLCs) through an “Ethernet to Serial converter.” Modem ModemIWS PLC Ethernet to Serial Converter IWS PLC TCP/IP or UDP/IP
  33. 33. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Remote Management Tools  Connect to remote runtime stations from the Development Station (IWS) through any valid TCP/IP link, such as Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet (IEC 802.11), Internet, Dial-Up connection.  Download the local application to the target station; Import the application from the target station; Install or upgrade the System Files (e.g.: CEView runtime software); License remotely; and Start or Stop the application remotely.  Implement changes on the screens from the development station and download them as soon as the changes are saved (On-line Remote Configuration). Development Station (IWS) Runtime Stations (IWS or CEView) TCP/IP or Serial Protect the target stations configuring the Remote Agent built-in security system.
  34. 34. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Remote Debugging Tools  Debug the application running in the remote target stations from the development station.  Monitor tags, Force tags or execute Expressions remotely.  Monitor events and log the protocol communication remotely. Development Station (IWS) Runtime Stations (IWS or CEView) TCP/IP Remote Database Spy Remote LogWin
  35. 35. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Web Solution – What is the Web Thin Client  Uses a regular WEB Browser (Internet Explorer) to host the application.  Does not require the installation to the runtime software nor the application, remaining THIN as far as software installation is concerned.  Requests online and history data from the Server where InduSoft Web Studio is running, becoming a CLIENT for the data. ` WEB THIN CLIENT
  36. 36. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Internet Intranet Dial-Up ` Web Thin Client (Internet Explorer) TCP/IP Web Solution - Concept  Develop the application just once and access the screens from the Server station or from any remote Web Thin Client during the runtime (any station or device with Internet Explorer). Visualize data from the Web Thin Client stations and send commands or change set-points from them (bi- directional communication).  Do not worry about the resolution (auto screen scaling) or the operating system of the web thin client station (support to Windows CE up to Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Server Editions).  Implement changes in the Server just once and make the changes available for all Web Thin Clients automatically (save maintenance cost). Data Server + Web Server (InduSoft Web Studio + IIS) Web Server (IIS) Data Server (InduSoft Web Studio)
  37. 37. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Internet Intranet Dial-Up ` Web Thin Client (Internet Explorer) TCP/IP Web Solution - Redundancy Data Server + Web Server (InduSoft Web Studio + IIS) PRIMARY (e.g.: Data Server + Web Server (InduSoft Web Studio + IIS) SECONDARY (e.g.: Built-In Redundancy:  Data Server  Web Server  IWS Web Gateway
  38. 38. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Web Solution - Security Traditional Features:  Server controls the client access  Data encryption (RC6) Enhanced Features:  Support for standard firewall configuration (web tunneling)  Support for HTTPS (SSL - Security Socket Layer) and routing capabilities
  39. 39. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Web Solution - Tunneling  Web Thin Clients can access the Server through the standard HTTP or HTTPS protocols, providing compatibility with firewalls.  Support for SSL (Security Socket Layer) from Microsoft IIS Web Server.  Embedded routing capabilities through the Studio Web Gateway for Microsoft IIS Web Server.  Support for Secondary Server, increasing the reliability of the system – the Web Thin Client switches automatically to the Secondary Server when the Primary Server is not available.  Compatibility with any platform supported by IWS or CEView. Internet Web Thin Client Web Server + IWS Web Gateway IWS Web Router CEView (WinCE HMI) Studio TCP/IP (Port 1234) HTTP (Port 80)
  40. 40. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com InduSoft® Import Tool for PanelBuilder™ Panel Builder Report Closed Platform (Black Box) Open Architecture  Flexibility  Expansibility  Connectivity Over 150 Drivers TCP/IP OPC Server Gateway ADO OPC Client Web (HTML & XML)
  41. 41. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Panel Mate Application Files InduSoft® Import Tool for PanelMate™ Closed Platform (Black Box) Open Architecture  Flexibility  Expansibility  Connectivity Over 150 Drivers TCP/IP OPC Server Gateway ADO OPC Client Web (HTML & XML)
  42. 42. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com
  43. 43. InduSoft.com info@InduSoft.com Email (US) info@indusoft.com (Brazil) info@indusoft.com.br (Germany) info@indusoft-germany.de Support support@indusoft.com Web site (English) www.indusoft.com (Portuguese) www.indusoft.com.br (German) www.indusoft-germany.de Phone (512) 349-0334 (US) +55-11-3293-9139 (Brazil) +49 (0) 6227-732510 (Germany) Toll-Free 877-INDUSOFT (877-463-8763) Fax (512) 349-0375 Germany USA Brazil