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InduSoft VBScript Webinar

  1. 1. Easy, flexible and powerful: While easy to learn and get started by using only simplecommands, you can also create very powerful functionality. Fully integrated within theInduSoft Web Studio development environment.Many resources available: VBScript has been around since 1991, free online informationand resources are abundant.Portability and Scalability: Compatible with all Microsoft platforms supported byInduSoft, including Windows CE Mobile, Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, WindowsXP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 Server, and Windows 2008 Server R2.Create powerful SQL database interfaces quickly: Rapidly create simple interfaces orlibraries that interact with any SQL database.Interact with ActiveX objects and COM Servers programmatically: Easily interface with 3rdparty ActiveX controls by simply using its name and property/method/event.Produce reusable functions and subroutines: Have the need to reuse functionalityanywhere in your project? Create your own global procedures.
  2. 2. Studio Manager.exe DDE Server OPC Client DDE Client OPC Server Driver Tags Database Runtime Database Client Runtime ODBC Background Runtime Task TCP/IP TCP/IP Alarms Server Client Trends RecipesViewer.exe Reports Viewer Math Script Scheduler
  3. 3. Library Execution Scope and Lifetime of Interface BGTask Viewer variables and Variables Procedures procedures (Server) (Local)Global Procedures Yes Yes Yes** Yes** Global Graphic ScriptGraphic Scripts Yes Yes Yes *Screen Script *Screen Controls Screen ScriptScreen Scripts Yes Yes Yes Screen ControlsScreen Controls Yes Yes Screen Control itself(Command, ActiveX, .NET) Startup ScriptStartup Script Yes Yes Yes Script GroupsScript Groups Yes Yes Script Group itself* Using the Graphics.<Variable_or_Procedure_name> syntax.** Global Procedures is a repository (library) of user-defined sub-routines andfunctions, which can be called from any VBScript interface in the project. It is not anexecution module (thread) by itself.
  4. 4. Declaring variables (Dim) and constants (Const)Calling Procedures (Call) and defining parameters (ByRef, ByVal)Intellisense
  5. 5. Built-in $Trace() function Output Window messagesVBScript MsgBox functionError Handling with On Error Resume Next / On Error Goto 0
  6. 6. If…Then statement If...Then...ElseIf statementexecutes a set of code when a selects one of many sets of lines tocondition is true executeIf...Then...Else statementselects one of two sets of lines toexecute Select Case statement selects one of many sets of lines to execute
  7. 7. For…Next statement Do...Loop statementruns code a specified number of times selects one of many sets of lines to executeFor each...Next statementselects one of two sets of lines toexecute
  8. 8. Date/Time functions (DateAdd, DateDiff, etc)Conversion functions (Asc, Chr, etc)Format Functions (FormatDateTime, etc)Math Functions (Rnd, Sqr, etc)Array Functions (Ubound, etc)String Functions (LCase, Ucase, etc)Other Functions (MsgBox, InputBox, CreateObject, etc)
  9. 9. $RunGlobalProcedureOnServer()$RunGlobalProcedureASync()$RunGlobalProcedureASyncGetStatus()$RunGlobalProcedureOnFalse()$RunGlobalProcedureOnTrue()$RunGlobalProcedureOnTrigger()
  10. 10. InduSoft Web Studio main Database/ERP built-in functions:$DBExecute()$DBCursorOpenSQL()$DBCursorClose()$DBCursorRowCount$DBCursorGetValue()$DBCursorNext()
  11. 11. ActiveX interface (properties, methods, and events)COM Server interface (CreateObject statement)
  12. 12. InduSoft Web Studio Technical Reference Manual (Help)W3SCHOOLS Web Site( MSDN(
  13. 13. Email (US) (Brazil) (Germany) USASupport support@indusoft.comWeb site (English) (Portuguese) (German) BrazilPhone (512) 349-0334 (US) +55-11-3293-9139 (Brazil) +49 (0) 6227-732510 (Germany) GermanyToll-Free 877-INDUSOFT (877-463-8763)Fax (512) 349-0375