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  1. 1. RAHUL DAS SWAGAT PATRA DEEPAK KUMAR KUMAR GOURAV SHASHANK JHA Sunrise States: Realizing the growth potential of North-East
  2. 2. Scope of the issue  The north east states occupy 8% of the total geographical area and account for 4% of the total population.  The region is strategically very important as it shares borders with china , Bhutan , Myanmar and Bangladesh.  As per 2001 Census per capita income-6625 INR as opposed to rest of India average-10254 INR  34.28% of population is below poverty line as compared to the national average-26.1%. Citizens for accountable governance Map of NORTH EAST states
  3. 3. ++ CAUSES  Non inclusive growth story of the country • Inadequate attention paid to the NE states • Social and cultural barriers • Economic disparity  Inability to tap the valuable natural resources of the region • Failure to make the best possible use of the vast potential for horticulture , forest based products etc. • Insubstantial development of the hydroelectricity sector  Connectivity issues • Development of railways difficult due to hilly terrain • Deficient road infrastructure • Lack of well connected airports • Few river ports in major rivers  Lack of skill development • No state-of-the-art vocational training institutes • People from NE states lag behind in job oriented skills  Insurgency and terrorist activities • Affects peace and harmony • Overall development is hampered  No leverage for the economy • No attractive investment incentives to investors • Inadequate impetus to border trade. Road density, 2008 State-wise density of railways routes in north eastern region of India Citizens for accountable governance States Road density / 1000sq Km Road density /1000 population Arunachal 196.96 13.77 Assam 2936.51 7.83 Manipur 739.11 6.98 Meghalaya 438.67 3.89 Mizoram 292.11 6.35 Nagaland 1345.32 10.27 Sikkim 263.95 3.17 Tripura 3026.23 9.09 India 965.73 2.77 1.26 2283.71 1.35 0 1.5 12.85 0 151.4 2452.07 AR AS MN ML MZ NL SK TR NER Rail routes in Km Against India 64014.88 Km
  4. 4. NORTH EAST REGION General awareness among people of mainland India • Change the existing notions about NE • Make people aware about issues concerning NE Harnessing the existing talent pool in the region • Higher and technical education, skill impartment and vocational training • Tapping into innate knack of music among the people of NE • Providing modern sports training and facilities Changing the economic scenario • Foreign trade policies which are friendly and liberal • Boosting the trade of natural resources and associated products Promotion of eco- tourism • Protection of biodiversity • Make NE a global destination for tourists • Economic gain as well as overall development Counter insurgency operations • Three layered approach • Dialogue, compromise ,surrender • Rehabilitation, upliftment, development • Use of force if last resort Citizens for accountable governance
  5. 5. General awareness among people of mainland India  Key aspects: • People from mainland India have little or no idea about North east. Awareness to be instilled at the grass root level. • Chapters about north east to figure prominently in the CBSE curriculum. This will ensure that the youth will have better idea about the north east which is very much an integral part of our country. • All govt. universities to collaborate with each other to facilitate for student exchange programmes. This will increase the understanding and acceptance of the youth towards an array of different cultural and community perspectives. • Mind-set of people can be changed with proper awareness programmes. • Central govt.(especially Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Ministry of DONER) to spread awareness about this haven of beauty in the country. Word can be put forward even in global conferences. • With this the people of the North East will feel a sense of belonging with the rest of India. Citizens for accountable governance
  6. 6. Harnessing the existing talent pool in the region Higher and technical education, skill impartment and vocational training Providing modern sports training and facilities Tapping into innate knack of music among the people of NE • High literacy rates coupled with the huge mass of English speaking pool can be used. • A major pre-requisite for private sector is English speaking capacity. With proper training NE can be developed into a leading IT hub. • Job oriented skill development centers to be set up all over the states. State govt. responsible for running these centers. Nominal fees to be taken. • Setting up of centers of excellence through both private and govt. initiatives to improve education. • People from NE have a remarkable knack of music. This talent can be utilize with proper training and exposure. • State run music schools with residential facilities to be set up. Target to develop all round musical abilities, provide good recording facilities and technological skills. • State sponsored concerts and shows to be held regularly to give a platform to budding artistes. Leading composers and bands to be brought to the state to provide opportunities to showcase their talent outside. • The interest and capacity for sports in NE is noteworthy. Training facilities with hostels to be provided in every states. Nominal fees to be taken. • certified coaches and good trainers to be hired to improve skill, fitness and technique. • Camps and sports meet to be conducted regularly(on a rotational basis) in each states. Performing sportspersons to be selected and propelled to the national circuit. Citizens for accountable governance
  7. 7. Changing the economic scenario Foreign trade policies which are friendly and liberal Boosting the trade of natural resources and associated products • Foreign trade can be the most largest contributor to the economy of the North east owing to the borders it shares with many countries. • Trading points to be set up at each border district. Export of locally made products at highly subsidized rates , thereby giving boost to local economy. • Connectivity to be increased so that import and export mechanism can function smoothly without any kinks. Inland river ports to be set up in rivers common to both India and the neighboring countries . Roads and railways(if possible) to be revamped so that finished product can be easily taken to the border trading points. • Upcoming industrial units to be given exemption from taxes for an initial period of 5 years. This will create job opportunities as well. • State-wise mapping of resources to be done. Boost to be given to different sectors after identification. • Horticulture, sericulture, pisciculture, bamboo and rubber plantations to figure prominently. Efficient connectivity so that products can be taken directly to export centers as well as to others parts of the country. • Mineral resources(oil, natural gas, limestone, coal etc.) to be identified and extraction to be done in accordance with environmental regulations. Both center and state governments must come together in this regard. Citizens for accountable governance
  8. 8. • There is vast potential for this sector in the NE region. Hydroelectric power generation projects to be started on a massive footing. Even small rivers to come under this as small projects can make a cluster of villages self- sustaining as far as power is concerned. • NEEPCO and state electricity boards to identify all possible avenues for hydro electric projects. • Initially this endeavor will be expensive but in the long run the benefits will be enormous. Scope of hydroelectric power generation 2394 50328 4286 6249 0 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000 60000 Identified potential(MW) 86.55% 90.33% 39.15% 90.16% 0.00% 20.00% 40.00% 60.00% 80.00% 100.00% Capacity yet to be developed Citizens for accountable governance
  9. 9.  The bio-diversity potential of the region coupled with the exotic locales in the NE region is very much sufficient to make NE global destination.  The approach should be three pronged: • Identify possible tourist hotspots and improve connectivity. • Open state run hotels, restaurants, transport services to these locations. job prospects thus created on a large scale. Hiring of guides and security guards in the tourist spots also a source of employment. • Advertise about these locations in the national as well as international circuit. Brand ambassadors to be taken onboard. This should be a joint effort of the center and the respective states. Promotion of eco-tourism Counter insurgency operations  State govt. to identify possible threats with regard to active insurgent groups.  The central govt. then reviews the threats in association with the state governments.  Mediators(eminent journalists, authors, social workers etc. of the region) are appointed to bring about peace talks. Dialogue and compromise to be the main agenda leading to surrender and laying of arms.  Separate organisation to be set up at the state level for the rehabilitation of the surrendered militants. Vocational training and development initiatives to be taken particularly aimed at bringing them back into mainstream society.  If sum insurgent group remain stiff and resort to violence, then armed forces to be deployed in order to suppress them. Citizens for accountable governance
  10. 10. SCALABILITY & SUSTAINABILITY SURVEILLANCE  Key aspects: • Parent body: Eminent personalities, retired IAS, IPS etc. with clean background and equally good credentials. • Awareness and promotion of tourism: Keep info about inflow of tourist and take regular feedback. • HR: Monitor quality of skill development and vocational training. • Foreign trade: Take strong action against smuggling and other such activities. Closely monitor border trading points. • Natural resources: Ensure harnessing and development of resources is done within norms. • Counter insurgency: Keep tabs about the progress of dialogue with different insurgent groups and ensure smooth peace talks.  Key aspects: • Training & skill development camps to be conducted. • Frequent monitoring of the level of skill development. • More and more job prospects created. • Boost to economy due to tourism. • Liberal foreign trade policies to be adopted. • Villages become self-sustaining as collectivity and power issues will be sorted out. • Standard of living will increase. • Insurgency and terrorist activities will come to a standstill as youth will have employment as well as avenues to hone their skills. Citizens for accountable governance
  11. 11. • Social - On the social perspective, bringing people from diverse communities together and working towards their development is itself a big challenge. • Economic Huge financial support required to boost the demoralizing state of economy in the region0. • Political Political parties from different states will have different agendas for developing their respective states. Foreign policies with neighbouring countries also a factor. • Legal Revamping of the CBSE curriculum because of implementation of NE based chapters may face legal opposition. • Technical - Providing sustainable technology & equipments for harnessing the natural resources. • Environmental - Extraction and development of natural resources may lead to degradation of the environment. • Inclusive development without leaving any aspect uncovered. Overall development much better as all states will progress at the same rate. • The DONER Ministry should bring different parties under their ambit and work towards comprehensive development in each state. • The Ministry Of HRD should make these changes as soon as possible overcoming the legal challenges which may arise. • Exclusive Research centers for low cost, durable & energy efficient equipments. • One time investment from the govt. will bear rich dividends in the future. Looking for private avenues in some sectors(such as higher education). CHALLENGES MITIGATION FACTORS SOCIALECO P O L TECHLEGAL KEY PROBLEMS & THEIR EXTENUATION Citizens for accountable governance • The Ministry Of Environment in collaboration with the state govt. should send teams and strictly monitor the condition of the environment and the consequences if certain projects are given the go ahead ENV
  12. 12. APPENDIX References: • India’s North-East Diversifying Growth Opportunities (PWC 2013) • • Eastern Panorama – North East India's 1st News Magazine • Books on North East India • Photographs from the Seven Sister States of North East India