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Mobile Marketing and Gamification (by Anneleen Boullart & Timo Vandemaele)


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Mobile Marketing and Gamification (by Anneleen Boullart & Timo Vandemaele), presented at HoGent (BE) in November 2012.

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Mobile Marketing and Gamification (by Anneleen Boullart & Timo Vandemaele)

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing An interactive introduction Anneleen Boullart Research Consultant, InSites Consulting Timo VandemaeleResearch Consultant, InSites Consulting
  2. 2. Who we are?Some things you need toknow about us.
  3. 3. Nice to meet youAnneleen Boullart, Research ConsultantI am 25 years old, and happy to be part of the InSitesteam for more than a year now. Before that I havebeen studying Communication Sciences at theUniversity of Ghent and afterwards, I obtained aMaster in Marketing Management at VlerickManagement School. I believe in the power of opencommunication, innovation and engagement. LikeTimo, I’m also part of the Media & Entertainmentteam. @AnneleenBoullar
  4. 4. Nice to meet youTimo Vandemaele, Research ConsultantI am 24 years old, giving everything of myself forInSites Consulting for just more than a year now.Before that I have been studying Applied Economicsin Ghent and afterwards, I obtained a Master inMarketing Management at Vlerick ManagementSchool. I am passionate about making consumersgenerate value for companies, with a specific focus onsupporting growth of Media & Entertainment brands. @TimoVandemaele
  5. 5. Fact sheet Market research agency 15 years of experience and know-how Pioneer and innovator in online methods Covering any marketing domain Fully independent Ghent, Rotterdam, London, Timisoara, New York 125 passionate employees Proprietary research panel in +25 countries Most awarded agency by ESOMAR @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  6. 6. Facts & FiguresHow BIG is MOBILE andwhere is it limits? @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  7. 7. Who has asmartphone? @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  8. 8. Smartphone penetration in Belgium is 22% @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  9. 9. By 2013, mobile phones will overtake the pc as themost common web access device worldwide.(Gartner) @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  10. 10. 39 % of smartphone usersin Belgium access Internet everyday @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  11. 11. Over half of European smartphone usershave daily access to the internet through their smartphone. @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  12. 12. 35% 64% 41%No environment is 100% mobile-free anymore @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  13. 13. On average, Belgiansmartphone users installed 19 apps on their smartphone @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  14. 14. A large amount of apps is not used @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  15. 15. 72% of smartphone internet usage is about contacting people @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  16. 16. Mobile internet usage is mainly aboutcontact, convenience and entertainment @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  17. 17. Mobile MarketingDefinitionTrends @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  18. 18. “Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enablesorganizations to communicate and engage with theiraudience in an interactive and relevant manner throughany mobile device or network” Source: Mobile Marketing Association @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  19. 19. 1. Set of practices & trends @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  20. 20. Mobile website Mobile ads are noticed by 82% of smartphone users, yet 79% of the companies don’t have an optimized mobile website ! @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  21. 21. Mobile applications @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  22. 22. Mobile applications @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  23. 23. Mobile advertisingon other apps @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  24. 24. Mobile advertising on other apps @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  25. 25. Mobile couponing › Targeted › Relevant @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  26. 26. Location Based Services @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  27. 27. Location Based Services @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  28. 28. Extended packaging @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  29. 29. Mobile payment @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  30. 30. Social Media Integration- Advertising- Sharing @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  31. 31. “26% of downloaded apps are only used once!” Source: Measure ENGAGEMENT, not downloads!2. Engage the audience @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  32. 32. 3. Any mobile device @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  33. 33. “Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enablesorganizations to communicate and engage with theiraudience in an interactive and relevantmanner through any mobile device or network” Source: Mobile Marketing Association @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  34. 34. The MobileMindset ModelHow to implement a mobilemarketing strategy @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  35. 35. Mobile behavior target group
  36. 36. #1 Set objectives @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  37. 37. First: set your KPI’s @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  38. 38. 1. Awareness @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  39. 39. 2. Branding @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  40. 40. 2. Branding“Give your brand an ownidentity” @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  41. 41. 3. Purchase/trial @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  42. 42. 4. Loyalty @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  43. 43. Mobile behavior target group
  44. 44. #2 Research @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  45. 45. 1. Your brand DNA Core competencies @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  46. 46. 2. Existing consumer needs @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  47. 47. 3. Mobile behavior target group @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  48. 48. However…. @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  49. 49. Mobile behavior target group
  50. 50. #3 Provide value @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  51. 51. Contact @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  52. 52. Convenience @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  53. 53. Entertainment BING cooperated with Jay-Z to develop a game where fans could collect Jay-Z’s biography ‘Decoded’ before release date by Entertainment searching every single page all over the world. @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  54. 54. Mobile behavior target group
  55. 55. #4 Implement @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  56. 56. Use the right tool for the job! @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  57. 57. Multi Channel ! @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  58. 58. Use partners @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  59. 59. Mobile behavior target group
  60. 60. #5 MeasureRemember yourOBJECTIVES ?! @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  61. 61. Impact? Satisfaction? Profile? Esomar best presentation winner 2012#esomar @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele
  62. 62. @AnneleenBoullar@TimoVandemaele
  63. 63. Thank you! @AnneleenBoullar @TimoVandemaele I Rotterdam I London I Timisoara I New York