Evolutio gamification and monetisation of news on Mobile


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Evolutio, a project to monetize news apps launched in France summer 2013.
Evolutio works as a Stock Exchange on Headline News and applies elements of game playing to news discovery.

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Evolutio gamification and monetisation of news on Mobile

  1. 1. The Stock Exchange on Headline News Monetisation and gamification of News on mobile
  2. 2. EVOLUTIO ? The Stock Exchange on Headline News : • Play with medias to discover news; • Generates traction and repetition on a news App; • Creates monetisation opportunities via InApp purchase and Native advertising.
  3. 3. WE ARE EVOLUTIO Amaury Leconte, VP Product and Innovation at Ebuzzing, leading Video and branded content distribution platform. Prior to this, Amaury launched sponsored links in France as the Editorial director for espotting. @AmauryLeconte Thomas Puig Co-founder of TYPY Digital agency. Former Sales Director for Wizee, first « Celebrity Marketing » Platform. Sales focused with a twist of creativity, he started his career as Sales Director at ebuzzing, where he helped launch operations in the UK. @thomaspuig Sebastien Poudat Tech Guru of Evolutio and Mobile app specialist. Sebastien co-founded MILKY Interactive agency (sold in 2012). Prior to this, Sebastien worked at eTF1 and Media Plazza. @Syntaxterr0r Olivier Pineda Evolutio UI/UX designer. Founder of Seempl, tactile creation studio. Olivier co-founded MILKY interactive Agency (Sold in 2012), and worked at DDB. @Buzzetcie
  4. 4. News + (Social Network + Games) = EVOLUTIO Evolutio mixes News with the two most popular activities on Smart Device : Games and Social Networking.
  5. 5. News + (Social Network + Games) = EVOLUTIO
  6. 6. Read News Play with Medias Create New user behaviors Generate traction and repetition on News Apps Explore new ways of monetization (In App + Native) What can be done to go beyond gamification on App?
  7. 7. READ NEWS Evolutio aggregates content from media, influential blogs and Twitter. • 8 Verticals (Culture, People, Society, Sport, Tech, World, Politics, Money) • Most popular news can be read inside the in app browser, sending traffic to the media source • Content can be shared on Social networks (Source credited)
  8. 8. PLAY WITH MEDIA Evolutio applies gamification to news discovery: • Each reader becomes a potential Broker who must guess which words will make the headlines within the next hours. • Each word gets a virtual value, based on its recurrence on media, influential blogs and Twitter. • Players must « buy » the words that will be used the most in medias, blogs and twitter in the next few hours. They then sell the word before the end of the trend.
  9. 9. NEW PRACTICE • Recreationnal way to follow the news • Virtual or real gratification for news fans • Challenge your friends, make it to the top of the leaderboard • Win competitions and prizes • A new dimension of social activity around news 1. Share articles and hot topics with friends 2. Get suggestions of trendy topics (what words are my friend betting on?)
  10. 10. TRACTION / REPETITION • Based on news, the game never stops. Everytime something happens, players open the app. • The game Admin can use notifications to boost community engagement. • All game data are updated on an hourly basis
  11. 11. MONETISATION YES… media Apps are sometime hard to monetise, even though users and advertisers love mobile. http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2012/06/why-mobile-will-dominate-the-future-of-media-and-advertising/258069/
  12. 12. IN APP PURCHASE Player can purchase game boosts and special features to play more efficiently (buying more words and more actions per words) FREEMIUM REVENUE • 0,30€ ARPU • 1€ ARPU by « active user » (daily user for at least 2 weeks) • Quickly addictive : 80% purchase done within the first 2 days
  13. 13. NATIVE MONETISATION In addition of the CPM solutions, Evolutio can be monetised via Native Formats • Competitions can be sponsored by Brands • The « news » section can host Branded Content • Brands and advertisers can reach players at « winning moments » and offer virtual or real life rewards. • Media partners can offer free subscriptions or open their paywall on a performance basis.
  14. 14. WHAT’S NEXT ? • « BIG DATA for the masses »: getting readers familiar with data about the news : keywords, hottest topics, most shared articles. • Daily Newsletter with Scores and ranking + Hottest topics and Agenda of events to come. • Verticalisation : « People », « Politics » : specific apps or contest on most popular verticals. • Facebook Plugin : the App becomes a social game • Getting ubikious : Virtual currency won by watching ads, entering contests, checking in during a live event…
  15. 15. WHAT’S NEXT ? VIDEO Instead of posts, the app could display video as main content.
  16. 16. People love Evolutio Top! (*****) The game is well thought. This great and very addictuve. This app also enable to read articles from various sources. I love it ! Mrspollux Très bonne application(*****) Great app to anticipate the news. This is great for your own knowledge and if u’re the curious type ! Loup47 Newsgames: Les enjeux du jeu d’actualité (…) Prochaine étape, faire de la consommation même d’actualité un jeu. Evolutio, appli lancée en mai sur la plateforme iTunes, permet de suivre l’actu et de miser sur les sujets qui feront la une des grands médias. L’actu mène donc le jeu, et c’est tant mieux. Excellent concept(****) The game is amazingly good, with an enormous potentiel. We’re waiting for new developements on the future. Bruce Misinoff Evolutio est l'appli qui va vous faire aimer l'actu : vous misez sur les mots qui vont faire les gros titres des prochaines heures et vous empochez ensuite le gros lot comme au Loto...
  17. 17. SCREENS Menu News Verticals
  18. 18. SCREENS Search word Buy a word Manage portofolio
  19. 19. SCREENS Stats Stats Propositions of new keywords
  20. 20. SCREENS Friends Facebook Notifications
  21. 21. Ecrans Competitions Competition Leaderboard
  22. 22. Ecrans In app purchase
  23. 23. SCREENS
  24. 24. Amaury Leconte Mobile : +336 77 98 80 71 Mail : amaury@evolutioapp.com