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Companies Aware, but Not Prepared for GDPR


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The slideshow lists the results of a survey on the current state of company preparedness for the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The survey of 170 security professionals was taken at RSA 2017, the world’s largest security conference.

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Companies Aware, but Not Prepared for GDPR

  1. 1. Survey: Companies Aware, but not Prepared for GDPR
  2. 2. Imperva surveyed 170 security professionals at RSA 2017, the world’s largest gathering of cyber security professionals, to gather their readiness for GDPR. Here are the results.
  3. 3. Does GDPR Impact Your Company? Yes51% Not Sure11% No33% What’s GDPR?5%
  4. 4. Do You Process EU Citizens’ Data? 51% Yes 40% No 9% Don’t Know
  5. 5. Is Your Company Implementing Changes to Accommodate GDPR?
  6. 6. Who’s Pushing GDPR Preparation? No one49% In businesses that are preparing, responsibility lies with: Legal Department 29% Management 14% IT 8%
  7. 7. “Companies should be evaluating the impact GDPR will have on their data practices, given the major fines, €20 million or 4% of global revenue per infraction, for non-compliance.” Terry Ray, Chief Product Strategist, Imperva
  8. 8. Get Going With Your GDPR Plan Learn More
  9. 9. Imperva® is a leading provider of cyber security solutions that protect business- critical data and applications