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Placer County Prefab Housing - EE in HOME Workshop


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Placer County Prefab Housing - EE in HOME Workshop

  1. 1. Green Rehab Placer County’s Enhanced Green Rehab Program D. Michael O’Haver, Sr. Redevelopment Specialist with Placer Co. Redevelopment Agency – 530/745-3167
  2. 2. The Wave of the Future is Green Placer County’s Green Rehab Program Manufactured Homes Placer County’s Rehab Funding Sources: HOME (F) CDBG (F) CalHFA (California Housing Finance Agency) (S) Infill Infrastructure Grant (S) Prop 1-C 2006 Housing Trust Fund Act TI (Tax Increment) (C) PI (Program Income) (F/C) Housing Trust Fund (C)
  3. 3. Placer County
  4. 4. Placer County’s Tahoe Manufactured Homes
  5. 5. Foresthill Rehabs
  6. 6. Obstacles to Green Rehab: Learning curve Payback period Getting the most bang for your buck Utility Relief Responsible recycling of demolitions
  7. 7. Green Rehab of Multifamily Rental Properties Source: Bay Area LISC Local Initiative Support Corporation National organization founded in 1979 using a Ford Foundation Grant /publications_8392/green_10365/index.shtml
  8. 8. Cost Effective Rating Simplified Cost Benefit Analysis Initial Cost Low Medium High Energy Efficiency Low Medium High
  9. 9. Payback Period Definition: The time period that it takes to save the extra cost for a particular rehab item or procedure. Example: The low e-coating on windows cost around 50 cents/square foot but the savings in energy costs pays for this in 3 years.
  10. 10. Utility Relief Definition: RELIEF Those rehab items or procedures that give the most significant savings on utility – gas, electric, and water bills
  11. 11. Rehab Items to Concentrate on: RELIEF • Cool Roofs with Radiant Barrier -90% • Energy Star Bathroom & Kitchen Fans (with Light) -65% • High Efficiency Toilets (Dual-Flush) •Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) 3-months
  12. 12. Rehab Items with Utility Relief: • Cool Site Measures – light concrete, pervious concrete, & paving grids paving •Insulation – Fiberglass (with no added formaldehyde) & RELIEF recycled content •Energy Star Washing Machine •Solar Water Heater •Low Water-Use Fixtures – showerheads, faucets
  13. 13. Catching that Green Wave Paddles Provided: Cost Efficiency Rating Payback Period Utility Relief Build it Green –,, 510/845-0472 Extension 111