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Phoenix Weatherization And Energy Assistance Presentation


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HUD Phoenix Energy Workshop
September 16-17, 2008

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Phoenix Weatherization And Energy Assistance Presentation

  1. 1. APS Energy Wise Low Income Weatherization Program Working together to help our most vulnerable customers Jerry Mendoza HUD – Energy Efficiency, Renewables, and Green Building in Housing Program September 16, 2008
  2. 2. APS Energy Wise Low Income Weatherization Program Weatherization Bill Assistance E-3 Low Income Discount Rate Partnerships and Projects
  3. 3. APS Overview • APS has the 5th Largest Service Territory in US & over 1M customers • Arizona is the fastest growing state • Energy demand will double in 20 yrs (3.6% yearly increase) Phoenix • Our customer growth is 3 times U.S. Average • 5,039 miles of transmission lines in APS territory APS Retail Service Territory
  4. 4. Energy Wise Low Income Weatherization Program • Program has been in place since 1996 • Eligibility tied to 150% of Federal Low Income Guidelines • Program Components: – Weatherization – Health and Safety – Repair and Replace – Bill Assistance
  5. 5. Weatherization Key Components • Includes renters – Owners must agree to not increase rent for 12 months • Increased per home funding from $1,500 to $6,000 for weatherization, health and safety, and repair and replace combined • Refrigerator replacement • Multifamily housing can be included on a case by case basis
  6. 6. LIW Program Components • Repair and Replace of existing appliances – Case worker can identify need – doesn’t require an energy audit – Covers A/C, Heat Pumps, Evaporative Coolers, Electric Water Heaters, Refrigerators – Appliances must meet energy efficiency guidelines • Health and Safety – With an order from a medical doctor, a window Air conditioner or heat pump may be installed
  7. 7. LIW Program Components • Follows Federal WAP Guidelines • AZ Department of Commerce Energy Office does Monitoring and Evaluation – Pre and Post Audit – Analysis of Data • Leveraged with other funding sources such as federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), City, State, and County Funds
  8. 8. Bill Assistance • Increased to $400 from $300/year • Service provided by community action agencies for customers in “crisis” situations as defined by DES • Partnered with the Arizona Community Action Association Home Energy Assistance Fund • APS Funds were leveraged by ACAA to obtain $500,000 from El Paso Natural Gas Settlement
  9. 9. Energy Wise Partners • Arizona Community Action Association • Community Action Human Resources Agency • Coconino County Community Services Department • Gila County Community Action Agency • Maricopa County Human Services Department • Northern Arizona Council of Government • City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services • Southeastern Arizona Community Action Program • Western Arizona Council of Governments • Inter Tribal Council of Arizona (20 tribes) • Navajo Weatherization Assistance Program • Foundation for Senior Living • Arizona Energy Office
  10. 10. Activities • Lobbying for LIHEAP • Partnerships with City of Phoenix – Zip Code Project • Joint Project with Housing Authority of Maricopa County • Working with Pinal County Housing Authority and Community Action Human Resources Agency • Developing a program in conjunction with the Valley of the Sun and City of Phoenix FireStar Program
  11. 11. What is the APS Energy Support (E-3) Program? • Special electric rate for our low-income customers • Household Income – 150% of Federal Poverty Guideline • E-3 rate offers a discount up to 40% off the cost of electricity • E-3 customers do not pay the Power Supply Adjustor (PSA)
  12. 12. Monthly Income Guidelines # of People Maximum # of People Maximum 1 Person $1,301 6 People $3,551 2 People $1,751 7 People $4,001 3 People $2,201 8 People $4,451 4 People $2,651 9 People $4,901 5 People $3,101 10 People $5,351 For each additional household member, add $450. Income is defined as total income (before taxes) for all household members. Effective July 1, 2008
  13. 13. APS Energy Support (E-3) Program Discounts Monthly Discount Energy Use Amount 400 kWh or less 40 percent 401 kWh – 800 kWh 26 percent 801 kWh – 1,200 kWh 14 percent Over 1,200 kWh $13 Discount could add up to $156 per year!
  14. 14. How To Enroll in E-3 Program • Fill out an application • Applications are available in English and Spanish at: – APS Customer Offices (also listed on APS.COM) – Community Action Program Offices • A printable version at • Call statewide toll free at 1-800-253-9405 • Send completed application to DES
  15. 15. So What Can We Do? • We can help APS’ Low Income customers by... – Increasing enrollment in E-3 – Supporting weatherization services – Providing crisis bill assistance • Find other ways to communicate and integrate with other programs that meet our guidelines • Identify opportunities to partner with a local Community Action Agency to… – Deliver weatherization services – Combine Rehab with Weatherization • Integrate E-3 enrollment into your housing application processes – Provide the one to one contact needed – Sign-up at intake, and during renewal
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