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Service mesh in action with onap


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Service mesh in action with onap

  1. 1. Service Mesh in Action with ONAP Huabing Zhao, ONAP MSB Project PTL, Istio Contributor
  2. 2. 2 ONAP Amsterdam Architecture Retrospect A&AI/ESR DCAE Correlation Engine Policy Framework Service Orchestration SDNC APPC “SOA like” Components VFC VFC -MS1 VFC -MS2 VFC -MS3 VFC -MSN Multi-Cloud MC-MS1 MC-MS2 MC-MS3 MC-MSN Holmes HM-MS1 HM-MS2 HM-MS3 HM-MSN “Microservice” Components ONAP was a “SOA like” and “Microservice” combined architecture, and it's evolving towards a “pure Microservice” architecture
  3. 3. 3 “SOA like” Components Communication Approach:  Services find each other via DNS lookup  Services IPs are put into hosts file by scripts or manually Challenge:  Hard to maintain the Hosts files across multiple hosts  No consistent way across system to handle communication policies and failures (Rate limiting, LB, Timeout, Circuit Breaker, etc.)  Difficult to scale out Client DNS Lookup Service 1 Service 2 Service 3 Update Hosts Hosts Service Request
  4. 4. 4 MSB Solution Microservices Bus(MSB) is an ONAP common service component providing a reliable, resilient and scalable communication and governance infrastructure to support ONAP Microservice Architecture. MSB Component: Service Registry  External API gateway  Internal API gateway  JAVA Client SDK  Pluggable architecture  Service Portal MSB Features:  Pluggable architecture  Transparent service registration  Transparent service access proxy  Reliable service communication(LB, Retry, Failover, Health check) MSB MSB Discovery External service Internal service External Gateway Internal Gateway Registry ONAP Microservices Microservice A Microservice B Microservice C MSB SDK 1 Service discovery 2 Service request 1 Service request 2 Route request to service provider Desktop External SystemsMobile External service request MSB Discovery External Gateway Internal Gateway
  5. 5. 5 Transparent Service Registration  Kubernetes deploy/start/stop ONAP components.  Registrator watches the kubernetes pod event .  Registrator registers service endpoint info to MSB. It also updates the service info to MSB when ONAP components are stopped/restarted/scaled.  Flexible: A signle component can register multiple REST APIs, which is a common situation for “SOA like” components MSB MSB Discovery External service Internal service External Gateway Internal Gateway Registry ONAP Operations Manager ONAP A&AI Kube2msb registrator Pod Even (Start, Stop etc.) Policy SDC SO VF-CVF-C Register Service Update Service k8s deployment specs (annotation) Kube2msb registrator can register service endpoints for the microservices deployed by K8s
  6. 6. 6 Trasparent Service Communication MSB Discovery External services Internal services External Gateway Internal Gateway Registry ONAP System Microservice A Microservice C Microservice B MSB Discovery External Gateway Internal Gateway internal request External request Service Information Desktop OtherSystems Mobile Service Request Route Request to C  API Gatway can be deployed as Internal or External API Gateway.  Internal services are pushed to InternalAPI Gateway and external services are pushed to External API Gateway  Client just sends a request to API Gateway, API Gateway handles the details such as service discovery/LB/rate limiting/retry and route the request to the destination. MSB API Gatway provide transparent, reliable communication for ONAP microservices
  7. 7. 7 What's Next -> Service Mesh A service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer for handling service-to-service communication. It's responsible for the reliable delivery of requests through the complex topology of services that comprise a modern, cloud native application. In practice, the service mesh is typically implemented as an array of lightweight network proxies that are deployed alongside application code, without the application needing to be aware. -- Willian Morgan client server registry 1. register2. lookup 3. call client server registry 1. register 3. lookup 2. call Proxy 4. forward Separation of Concers: • The remote communication logic is moved into the proxy and deployed as “sidecar” • Service developers only need to take care of the business logic • With sidecar approach, there're much more possibilities to seperate the Microservice Infrastructure from business logic Service Mesh sidecar is an evolved version of MSB API Gateway approach
  8. 8. 8 Istio service mesh  Stability and Reliability: Reliable communication with retries and circuit breaker  Security : Secured communication with TLS  Observability: Metrics measurement and distributed tracing without instrumenting application  Manageability: Routing rule , rate limiting enforcement, canary deployment  Testability: Fault injection to test resilience of the services Istio is an open source service mesh project. Istio features: Istio Architecture
  9. 9. 9 Why Istio? The main advantage of Istio is introducing a centralized Control Plane to manage the distributed sidecars across the mesh, Control plane is a set of centralized management utilities including: • Pilot: routing tables, service discovery, and load balancing pools • Mixer: Policy enforcement and telemetry collection • Citadel: TLS mutual service authentication and fine-grained RBAC The Istio control plane is highly extendable by design.  Multiple adapters can be plugged into Pilot to populate the services: Kubernetes, Consul, Mesos...  Different backends can be connected to Mixer without modification at the application side: Prometheus, Heapster,AWS CloudWatch...  Standard API between Pilot and data plane for service discovery, LB pool and routing tables which decouples the sidecar implementation and Pilot: Envoy, Linkerd, Nginmesh are all support Istio now and can work along with Istio as sidecar Standard API Kubernetes Consul Mesos Logging Metrics Quota Data Plane Control Plane
  10. 10. Casablanca Istio Tryout MSB Service Portal Distributed Tracing Service Graph Metrics Visibility  Integrate Istio with Multi-Cloud and VFC microservices  Integrate with CNCF projects  jaeger to provide distributed tracing  prometheus and grafana for metrics collection and display  Add MSB Portal to control plane to provide service Catalog ,swagger UI of Restful API How to setup Istio with ONAP:  Without Mutual TLS: stio+Service+Mesh  With Mutal TLS: stio+Service+Mesh-Mutual+TLS+Authentication+Enabled
  11. 11. How to Support Multiple Network Interfaces? Istio only support service deployments with a single network interface. But in production, deployment with multiple network interfaces is a very common senario. Pilot Service Registry Register service (IP : Envoy Service A Host/Pod xDS Request (Node: Sevice A as Outboud Listener service A (IP : Infinite Loop Request to Service A Crash! No Service A instance whose ip is 192.168.63 --> Service A is not located on this Node This is an outbound request, it should be send out to
  12. 12. How to Support Multiple Network Interfaces? Enhance Istio to support multiple network interfaces. Pilot Service Registry Envoy Service A Register service (IP : Host/Pod xDS Request Node: Sevice A as InBound Listener service A (IP : Request to Service A There is a Service A instance whose ip is --> Service A is colocated on this Node This is an intbound request, it should be send to
  13. 13. How to Support “Coarse Grained” Service? Kubernetes and Istio assumes that one progress/container is a service. While this assumption is fine with “pure” Microservices architecture, it does have problems supporting “Coarse Grained” Service. Process Service-A Service-B Service-C Coarse grained Service Application Process Process Service B Process (Service-E) Process (Service-F) Fine grained Service (Service-D) An example application: Combination of “fine Grained” and “Coarse Grained“ Services How to map multiple logic services inside one process to Istio service?
  14. 14. How to Support “Coarse Grained” Service? Process Service-A Service-B Service-C Sidecar Process Process Service B Process Service-E Fine grained Service (Service-D) Coarse grained Service Sidecar Sidecar MSB Service Registry Registration Registration Pilot Pull Services xDS Transparent Service Registration via K8S Annotation Client Request Client Request Client Request
  15. 15. K8S Ingress, Istio Gateway and API Gateway K8S Ingress Load balancing SSL termination Virtual hosting Istio Gateway Load balancing SSL termination Virtual hosting Advanced traffic routing Fault injection Other benifits brought by Istio API Gateway Load balancing SSL termination Virtual hosting Traffic routing API lifecycle management API Operation Monitoring API access authorization API key management API transformation API Billing and Rate limiting
  16. 16. Istio Ingress and API Gateway should work together MSB API Gateway Sidecar ServerSidecarSidecarClient External request Service Mesh API Management Service Discovery & Traffic Management Service Mesh Control Plane
  17. 17. Service Mesh The Missing Part: Async Messaging Server (V2) Sidecar SidecarClient Server (V1) Sidecar Partition 0 Partition 1 90% 10% 90% 10% Microservice has two communication approaches : Sync RPC and Async Messaging Kafaka Topic A possible use of service mesh with Kafka in canary deployment Control PlaneOperation Rules
  18. 18. Network Latency Brought by Sidecar It doesn't make sense for local traffics to go through TCP/IP and Ethernet
  19. 19. Cilium: Transparent acceleration on datapath Direct communication between sockets, bypass the TCP/IP Stack Works like unix domain socket, but behaviour stays the same with network socket Based on BPF sockmap
  20. 20. 20 Service Mesh as Part of Infrastructure PaaS Servers Virtualization O/S Container Orchestration Application Fuction Network Storage PaaS Servers Virtualization O/S Container Orchestration Service Mesh Application Fuction Network Storage FaaS Servers Virtualization O/S Container Orchestration Service Mesh Serverless Fuction Network Storage Leave all the others to the platform except business logic
  21. 21. 21 Thank You Blog Github

Editor's Notes

  • Hi guys, My name is Huabing Zhao, the PTL of Microservice bus project. First, I'd like to say Congratulation to the community and all the ONAP projects for the big success we achieved in Beijing. More and more operators and vendors are joining the ONAP ecosystem and leverage ONAP for commercial products. It's so exciting for me to see what's happening in the community. Today, I'm gonna talk about how ONAP Architecture evolves towards Casablanca.
  • Backend Abstraction. Mixer insulates the rest of Istio from the implementation details of individual infrastructure backends.

    Citadel [ˈsɪtədəl]
    Prometheus[prəu'mi:θju:s; -θiəs]