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HCC Community Forums 2012


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Be part of the ongoing dialogue on the higher education opportunities in our community.

Houston Community College plays a vital role in providing access to quality education and in significantly impacting our region’s economy. HCC leadership will present its Long-Range Facilities and Finance Plan to enhance programs and services.

We welcome your input on the plan for our community as we work together to fulfill our vision for the future.

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HCC Community Forums 2012

  1. 1. HCC Provides Opportunityand Education for the Community 1
  2. 2. Steps We Have Taken to Develop the Long-Range Plan 1. Conducted a comprehensive inventory of all campus buildings and facilities and area research 2. Gathered recommendations for improvements of existing buildings from the Board and Administration 3. Created an implementation plan for the immediate needs of the HCC District 4. Developed an overview of improvements to include in the first phase of the project 2
  3. 3. HCC’s Mission & VisionOUR MISSION: HCC is an open-admission, public institution of highereducation offering a high-quality, affordable education for academic advancement,workforce training, career development, and lifelong learning to prepare individualsin our diverse communities for life and work in a global and technological society.OUR VISION: To become the nation’smost relevant community college by providingopportunity and ensuring we are essential toour community’s success. 3
  4. 4. College Growth and ImportanceHCC is leading the way for change in education and progress in Houston:• HCC is #1 in Texas and #5 in the nation in granting Associate Degrees• Educating more than 75,000 students a semester, a 40% increase in the past five years• #1 Texas community college for placing students in jobs when they graduate• 1st in transfers to U of H & 2nd in transfers to UT and A&M 4
  5. 5. College Growth and Importance• Total economic impact on the region is $2 billion annually• Every $1 tax invested in HCC returns $6.60 to the community in economic benefits.• Partnering with the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses initiative, along with the City of Houston, to help local small businesses• 95% of HCC alums remain in Texas and contribute to its economic growth.• Record increase in donations including largest single gift of $5 million 5
  6. 6. HCC is a Fiscally Responsible Stewardof Resources• HCC’s financial strength was evaluated by Standard & Poors, and its bond rating was improved from AA to AA+. The bond rating denotes a very substantial level of confidence in HCC’s financial and operational excellence.• Saved over $1.8 million in electricity costs through operational efficiencies and an environmental energy performance project• HCC is one of the most efficient producers of learning, having reduced the average cost per student from $4,100 in 2006 to $3,325 in 2011. Today we are educating more students at a reduced average cost per student of $550 with far greater outcomes.• HCC instituted a revenue generating program, which has realized a total of $100.7 million in additional dollars over the past three years 6
  7. 7. Trends and Today’s Realities• 80% of all new jobs require at least 2 years of postsecondary education and training to create a living wage• Economics and increases in 4-year tuition/fees have made a college education unaffordable for many• HCC remains accessible to all with affordable tuition• HCC is #1 developer in Houston of workforce-ready candidates 7
  8. 8. Texas Ranks Among the Lowest in EducationStatistics Compared to Other States• Texas is ranked last in the nation in the percentage of adults with High School Diplomas• Texas ranks 37th in the nation in the percent of students enrolled in degree-granting institutions• Texas ranks 35th among states in academic research and development• Texas ranks 45th in the nation in science and engineering degrees• Dropouts cost Texas $9.6 Billion* Cite: 8
  9. 9. Texas Ranks Among the Lowest in EducationStatistics Compared to Other States• Only 15% of HISD freshmen graduate from college• Six of the ten fastest growing occupations listed by the US Department of labor in its employment projections through 2012 require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree• 3.8 million people in Texas need the services of an adult education program, but only 100,000 are being served• 85% of all juveniles who interface with the juvenile court system are functionally illiterate* Cite: 9
  10. 10. Education is the Key to Our Future“The most importantinstitute of higher educationin Houston is HCC. I have adeep admiration for thecommunity college becausethe college is important toconnecting people to jobs inthe 21st century.” Dr. Stephen Klineberg Rice University 10
  11. 11. Houston Population GrowthHouston is the 4th most populous city in the nation (trailing only NY, L.A.and Chicago) and largest in the southern U.S. and TX. 11
  12. 12. College at Capacity:Needs Outpace College GrowthOver the past 5 yearsHCC has served40% more studentsand the college is currentlyat 92% capacity. 12
  13. 13. Community College Enrollment GrowthToday 75% of all freshman andsophomores in college are enrolled incommunity colleges across the nation. 13
  14. 14. Our Current Long-Range Look• We are at 92% capacity and unable to offer more classes• HCC is below college best practices in terms of square footage/student in a classroom• Unable to meet student’s preferred scheduling demands• Need to upgrade classrooms and labs with latest technology• Need to ensure that campuses are as conducive to student learning as possible• State funding has decreased by $64 million over the last biennium, and further decreases are expected 14
  15. 15. Central College BlueprintSouth CampusNeeds• The community does not have access to a workforce training center• Growth in the area, including new Methodist Hospital facility, the new Dynamo Soccer Practice Fields and the HISD Early College, will bring expanded needs to the areaBlueprint• Enhanced workforce programming• New science labs• Facility to train students in sports medicine 15
  16. 16. Central College BlueprintCentral CampusNeeds• HCC’s original structure is outdated• Campus at capacityBlueprint• New classrooms and labs equipped with 21st century technology 16
  17. 17. Coleman College BlueprintColeman CollegeNeeds• Nursing shortage in Houston• Coleman was built to hold 1,500 students, and currently serves 3,500 students• Coleman turns away 10 applicants for every 1 acceptanceBlueprint• New medical center building 17
  18. 18. Northeast College BlueprintNorthline CampusNeeds• Campus is landlocked and Metro’s rail line has created parking challenges and increased demand• Most popular workforce training programs as well as STEM programs are at capacityBlueprint• Multi-use facility to provide added classroom space and parking facility• Opportunity to explore partnership with METRO and Northline Mall 18
  19. 19. Northeast College BlueprintNorth ForestNeeds• The North Forest ISD area is 99.9% economically challenged• Recently annexed area has developed increased demand in the communityBlueprint• New academic center with a small business component• Expanded student services 19
  20. 20. Northeast College BlueprintNew Northeast CampusNeeds• Significant community needs for training and education• Pinemont Facility is currently leased and needs to be replacedBlueprint• Revenue savings to replace existing facility with new facility• Location to be determined based on community input 20
  21. 21. Northwest College BlueprintWestside CampusNeeds• Significant growth in West Houston has created increased demand• Energy corridor is requiring more demand for STEM related fields• Critical science and technology classes are being offered at 1:00 a.m. to meet demandBlueprint• Developed STEM Center• Campus improvements to enhance technology and classrooms 21
  22. 22. Northwest College BlueprintAlief CampusesNeeds• Recent Alief annexation has created increased demand in the area• Growth in West Houston will continue to increase the need for higher education and trainingBlueprint• Complete building improvements• Complete remaining ¾ of Alief campus• Enhance workforce training center 22
  23. 23. Southeast College BlueprintFelix Fraga and Southeast CampusesNeeds• More than half of Southeast college students are forced to take classes online due to full classes on campuses• Students would prefer to take classes on campus instead of onlineBlueprint• Complete Felix Fraga Campus• Expand Southeast Campus to enhance academic and workforce programs such as advanced manufacturing to meet community needs 23
  24. 24. Southwest College BlueprintStafford CampusNeeds• No workforce building in the area• Significant need for training in HVAC and other manufacturing tradesBlueprint• Develop workforce training center to meet community needsWest Loop CampusNeeds• One of HCC’s most popular campuses due to proximity to downtown, Galleria and easy access to campus is at capacityBlueprint• Campus wide improvements to meet student demand 24
  25. 25. Southwest College BlueprintSienna Plantation CampusNeeds• Community has expressed needs in areas of entrepreneurship and small business trainingBlueprint• Develop entrepreneurship and small business training center 25
  26. 26. ProposedTotal Phase I Facilities andFinancing Needs 26
  27. 27. We welcome your questions,suggestions and input. 27
  28. 28. Visit learn about our Long-Range Planand provide input. 28