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HCF 2018 Depate introduction: Roger Drew


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DEBATE: Can product stewardship replace regulation? Case nanomaterials
Presentation: Roger Drew, Toxicologist, ToxConsult Ltd, Australia

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HCF 2018 Depate introduction: Roger Drew

  1. 1. Debate: "Can product stewardship replace regulation? Case nanomaterials" Moderator: Roger Drew, Toxicology Consultant, Australia. Debaters: David Azoulay, Managing Attorney, CIEL, Switzerland. David Warheit, Technical Fellow − Toxicology and Risk Assessment, The Chemours Company, US. Helsinki Chemicals Forum June 15th 2018
  2. 2. 2 Nanomaterials (NMs) – here, there and every where. Abound in human environment: • In nature. • Food. • Consumer products. • Therapeutics and diagnostics. • Industrial processes. • Day to day articles.
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  4. 4. 4 Nanomaterials (NMs) – here, there and every where. Potentially as diverse as chemicals with similar challenges for safety management Concern is with manufactured NMs. - Each with unique properties (??). - Very few tested. - How safe? - What’s the exposure? - What’s the risk?
  5. 5. 5 - Chemical regulation has evolved over the last 50+ years. - Predilection towards risk and rule based regulation. - Amount of information required to assess risk tends to be based on the amount of chemical produced/marketed. - Chemical product stewardship = Responsible Care ® - Evolved over 30+ years to build trust and confidence. - A set of Core Principles practiced in 68 global economies. - Has considerably decreased injuries and incidents. In these paradigms can “chemical” be replaced by “nanomaterial” ?
  6. 6. Questions from the forum organiser: • Is chemical legislation robust enough for NM’s? • What’s the role of industry product stewardship? • How can companies show due diligence? 6 • Can workers and consumers [researchers] have confidence in safe use of NM, or should there be explicit testing requirements?
  7. 7. 7 With respect to understanding hazards and safe use, what are the challenges/benefits with product stewardship or regulation for NM’s? David Azoulay: What detracts from product stewardship but is attractive about regulation? David Warheit: What are the benefits of product stewardship and the issues with regulation?