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The information herein is collected from many on-line materials and was presented as internal assessment work in the class of "Strategic management"


  1. 1. PresenterSuraj Ghimire Presented to Subash Sir
  2. 2. Time lineStarted with “Sanders Court & Cafe” at a gas station 1930
  3. 3. 1935 1937The title of honorary”Kentucky Colonel” “Sanders Court & Cafe” expands the restaurant
  4. 4. 1939Altered the cooking process to reduced cooking time
  5. 5. 1940• Devised what came to be known as his “Original Recipe”• Contain 11 herbs and spices is still a trade secret
  6. 6. 1950• Shut down Sanders Cafe and Restaurant 1952• Travels the U.S. to sell his chicken to restaurant owners• First to take franchise offer was Pete Harman
  7. 7. • Number of franchised 19641960 outlets 600 • Sold the entire1964 KFC franchising operation • KFC went public1966 • Listed on the NYSE1969 First KFC outside North America
  8. 8. 1971KFC was acquired by 1980 Colonel Harland Sanders Passes away
  9. 9. • Heublein & KFC Inc. was 19851982 acquired by RJ Reynolds • Nabisco was bought by R.J.1985 Reynolds, forming RJR Nabisco • PepsiCo, Inc. acquires KFC from1986 RJR Nabisco, Inc Chicken Little Sandwich
  10. 10. 199019871995 Entered Canada with brand name as “Poulet Frit Kentucky” Entry in India
  11. 11. 1997 PepsiCo, Inc. announces the spin-off of its quick service restaurants KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut into Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc.2002• Tricon changed its corporation name to Yum! Brands, Inc
  12. 12. 2003 2007 Start Marketing PETA Protest Chicken as Extra Crispy
  13. 13. 2009 Enters Nepal, its first restaurant in Durbar marga.
  14. 14. Products Of K.F.C
  15. 15. Logo LOGO Changes: Red color to make it more vibrant, a Smiling face and a apron
  16. 16. Goals Of K.F.CBuild an organization dedicated to excellence Deliver superior quality and Mission statement value in our products and services. “To be the leader in western style quick Maintain a commitment to service restaurants innovation through friendly service, good quality food and cleanGenerate consistently superior atmosphere ”financial returns and benefits our owner and employees.
  17. 17. Internal Factors SW • Multi branding Strategy • Conflicting Corporate Cultures • Name recognition and Reputation • Secret recipe • No defined target marketStrengths • Employee Loyalty Weaknesses • Franchisee disputes • Global Expansion • Time it takes to market new • Targeting Non- Traditional Outlets products
  18. 18. External Factors OT • International Appeal • Competition to American • Consumer health products food trend • Economies of Scale • Saturated fast food and Scope industry • New market • PETA • The downturn of the US economy
  19. 19. About the Secret K.F.C recipe Written in pencil on a single sheet of notebook paper and signed by Sanders Kept locked away at the KFC headquarters in Louisville Only two executives have the key Company uses different suppliers for their ingredients to keep their recipe a secret
  20. 20. Strategic Management Market • KFC will introduce their present and new products and services into new Development geographic/demographic areas. Product • Bring back rotisserie chicken Development Concentric • Add more to KFC product & service Diversification variety to the patients
  21. 21. Implementations Market Meals will be Expand menu Research sold at cost • Determine • Healthier • Determine area’s choices effects on demand to budget determine boundaries
  22. 22. Training & Development TD intuitive interface makes it easy to organize, schedule, deliver, track and report all the information necessary to support your e-learning strategy. BENEFITS Easily manage course administration, class scheduling, curriculum & course dependency controls and scheduled classes notification. Proactively notify employees, supervisors and administrators of training needs Get proactive notification before training expires.
  23. 23. Good Quality Food Cook their products well above theminimum temperature recommended by WHO Follow standard procedure to minimize risk ofcross contamination between raw and ready-to- eat products Use of non-hydrogenated palm oil that contains insignificant amount of trans fat and it is 100% free Team of food technologists constantly experimentingwith new flavors and creative concepts to provide morevalues, choices and healthy options for their customers
  24. 24. Supplier Quality The STAR KFC use Conduct an Suppliers quality raw AUDIT Food annual performances materials comprises two technologistssupplier audit are constantly from versions:- conduct namely the monitored reputable STAR AUDIT •The Food through quarterly QA suppliers which is a Safety regular evaluations such as YUM •Quality submission of on in-house NESTLE, UBF, Systems Audits suppliers proprietary quality McCain & programme. reports Jomalina
  25. 25. Kitchen Operations Different Different Different Cooking Crew utensils Area
  26. 26. Contd…• The main attributes for KFC excellence are CHAMPS
  27. 27. Mystery Customer Program KFC has Mystery Customer Program known as CHAMPSCHECK which evaluates customers experience in their restaurants. They have appointed a reputable surveillance company to check against the CHAMPS concept Every restaurant is subjected to a visit by a Mystery Customer and the dine-in/take away experience is evaluated and scored KFC sets a minimum standard of 90% as passing score for this evaluation
  28. 28. Creative MarketingFilling potholes and stamping the fresh pavementwith "Re-freshed by KFC”
  29. 29. UNFRIED, UNTHINKIntroduced their new UNFried menu item on April 27, 2009;Kentucky Grilled Chicken (KGC) Provides the consumer an option to choose between the fried or grilled chicken. April 27th was “UNFry Day” KFC offered 2 free pieces of Kentucky Grilled Chicken to all consumersThis pseudo-event received nationwide publicity
  30. 30. Change in Punch linesOld Punch line:‘Taste youll just love to EAT‘ As ‘Finger licking’ isHave to drop the word “EAT” considered as unhygienic
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