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Max report2003


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Published in: Business, Lifestyle
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Max report2003

  1. 1. Competitive Analysis and Consumer ResearchSubmitted By : Santosh Rajput
  3. 3. INDIAN RETAIL INDUSTRY RETAIL- derived from a French word ‘retaillier’ which means “to break bulk” It includes all the activities involved in selling goods and services to the final consumer. A retail store is a business enterprise whose sale volume comes primarily from retailing.
  4. 4. SIZE OF RETAIL IN INDIA Market size of Indian retail industry is about US $312 billion Organized retail sector is expected to grow to US $ 70 billion by 2010 10 % of the countrys GDP and around 8 % of the employment. Apparel will have a 12-15% growth rate every year.
  5. 5. Organized V/S Unorganized
  8. 8. APPAREL MARKET Apparel retail is the largest segment of retail sector. It accounts for almost 39% of organized retail sector Men’s and women’s apparel market have grown to 12% & 13% respectively over the pervious years in value terms.
  10. 10. Key Players in Apparel Segment1. Madurai Garments ( Peter England)2. Arvind Brands (Arrow, Lee, Flying Machine, Wrangler, Ruf & Tuf, Newport, Excaliber)3. Raymonds4. Reliance( Reliance Trendz, Vimal, Harmony, Coolcots, Casanova, Campus, concept, Right choice)
  11. 11. Landmark, Lifestyle and Max Lifestyle International (P) Ltd. opened its first Lifestyle store in India in 1999 and in a little over a decade has come to be recognized amongst leading retail companies in the country. It is a part of the prestigious USD 3.2 billion Landmark Group (Dubai). Each Lifestyle store brings together five concepts under one roof – Apparel, Footwear, Children Wear & Toys, Household & Furniture and Health & Beauty.
  12. 12. MAX
  13. 13. About Max….. Launched in UAE in May 2004, Max is today the largest value fashion retail chain in the Middle East. Currently have 30 store across India and plans to take it to 60 stores by 2011-12 Catering to the mid market segment, the merchandise is priced in the range of Rs 199-799. A good shopping experience with fashionable products at great value is an assurance that translates into making customers "Look good, Feel good" with Max.
  14. 14. Promises of Max…. Manufacturer’s warranties on all products Secure payment Simple 15-days return policy Prompt customer support
  15. 15. Hierarchy of job profiles in Max
  16. 16. Apparel Sections In Max Store
  17. 17. MARKETING STRATEGY SEGMENTATION: Segmentation involves finding out what kinds of consumers with different needs exist IN terms of income, gender, education, location (rural vs. urban, East vs. West), ethnicity, and family size.
  18. 18. TARGETING: Max targets middle and upper middle class customers. The large and growing young working population is a preferred customer segment.
  19. 19. POSITIONING: Positioning involves implementing our targeting. For example, Max has chosen to position itself as a “products of good quality at affordable price” retailer.
  20. 20. Research Work
  21. 21. Research Work Objectives of research study: >> Market analysis >> Consumer analysis >> competitor’s analysis
  22. 22. Methods Of Research For customer behavior analysis- : Questionnaire : Observation For competitor’s analysis- : Observation Sample Size Taken- : 150 (customers) : 4 (competitors) Time Taken- : 4 weeks
  23. 23. Competitor’s Survey Major competitors of Max: Pantaloons Westside Globus Shopper’s Stop
  24. 24. Pantaloons
  25. 25. Westside
  26. 26. Globus
  27. 27. Shopper’s Stop
  28. 28. Max and Competitors
  29. 29. Max and CompetitorsStore Pantaloon Westside Max Globus Shoppersname s stopFormat Multibrand Exclusive Multibrand Multibrand Multibrand Tata(Trent Landmark group (R Raheja) (K Raheja)Type groupPositioning Family store Style & Family iconic youth family store affordability shopping fashion brand delivering a destination & complete value pricing shopping store experience
  30. 30. Store name Pantaloons Westside Max Globus Shoppers stopCategories Apparel fashionable Foot wear, Stylized clothes, Foot wear, &accessories for apparels,footwear accessories, &accessories for accessories, men, women & & accessories , home furnishing men, women & home furnishing children bags, shoes, children,footwear home décor itemsAverage 1000on weekday 25-45 per hour 450 per day & 25-45 per hour 450 per day & & 1500 to 2000 Weekend 1200 Weekend 1200footfalls on weekends, holidaysMaterial chiffon, cotton, chiffon, cotton, cotton, polyester, chiffon, cotton, chiffon, cotton, polyester, lycra, polyester, lycra, lycra polyester, polyester, lycra,used gorget gorget lycra,gorget gorget, silk
  31. 31. Store name Pantaloons Westside Max Globus Shoppers stopShop In Ajile, akkriti, Nuno, nu blue, Peter Louis Philippe, annablle,honey,R lee,wrangler England Pepe, Arrow,Shop GI,trishaa, Lee killer, levis, BIBA, Gini Cooper,spykar,bl ascot, black &Jony, Carbon, ue,indigonational, berry, richmond Corelle, Magppie, john miller, , Enamor, Gia, Nike, Reebok, UMM,rang Fiorelli LEGO, Mattel, manch, little Kangaroo, Zap, Kashish, Austin Reed, ellize doatein, Wills Lifestyle, Remanika, Park Avenue, Raymond, AND, Sepia, benetton, Playboy, Mustang, Push &Shaw, Numero Uno, Levis, Mufti, Lee Killer, Spykar, Vibe,
  32. 32. Sales promotion
  33. 33. Sales promotionStore Pantaloon Westside Max Globus Shoppersname stop1.End of Yes Yes Yes Yes Yesseason2.Festive Yes Yes Yes Yes YesPromotions(Diwali,Christmasetc)Loyalty Yes Yes Yes Yes YescardProgrammeSpecial Yes (Exchange Yes Yes (lucky Yes Yes offer) draw)Promotion(event)
  34. 34. Store name Pantaloon Westside Max Globus Shoppers stopMedia used Hoardings,print,e Print, electronic, Pamphlets, Print, electronic, Print, electronic, lectronic (SMS, hoardings, In hoardings hoardings, In hoardings, In E-mail),POP store store storePromotion Price off, free Gift vouchers, Lucky draw, free gift vouchers, Lucky draw, free gifts, exchange discount, coupons, combo, coupons coupons,type offer contest,combo, discounts discounts coupons
  35. 35. Price War
  36. 36. Men’s Wear
  37. 37. Men’s Wear Product Pantaloons Westside Max Globus ShoppersName stop(Men’swear)T-Shirts 299 299 199 299 499Denim 1499 699 600 1899 1999Polo neck 329 275 199 299 399Formal 499 799 449 899 ----
  38. 38. Product Pantaloons Westside Max Globus ShoppersName stop(Men’swear)Semi 499 1069 490 899 699formalsEthnic 3999 ----- 499 ------ 6999Business 4000 7000 ---- ----SuitSports wear 299 to 399 299 to 500 200 ----- -------
  39. 39. Ladies Wear
  40. 40. Ladies’ Wear Product Pantaloons Westside Max Globus ShoppersName stop(Ladieswesternwear)Basic 299 199 199 299 499Large Size All Gia --- ----Denim 1499 799 599 1899 1999Cargo --- 899 459 --- ---Formals 499 799 299 --- 650
  41. 41. Product Pantaloons Westside Max Globus ShoppersName stop(LadiesWesternwear)Night wear ---- 650 299 ---- 849Sports wear --- 200 to 500 299 ---- 499Accessories Tribal Zone Tribal Zone Own brand Own brand Tribal Zone and Tribal ZoneBusiness ---- 1499 (Business ---- ---- ----- tunic)Suits
  42. 42. Ethnic Wear
  43. 43. Ethnic Wear Product Pantaloons Westside Max Globus ShoppersName stop( Ethnicwear)SKD (Salwar, 600 to1200 900 1099 1299 1799Kamiz,dupatta)Dupatta 299 300 269 300 349Patiyala 500 500 450 600 699Churidar 299 300 269 300 349
  44. 44. Product Pantaloons Westside Max Globus ShoppersName stop(Ethnicwear)Kurti (short) 299 299 249 699 899Kurta 399 299 269 699 799
  45. 45. Kid’s Wear
  46. 46. Kids wear Product Pantaloons Westside Max Globus ShoppersName stop(Kids wear)Ethnic wear 349 599 300 --- 1999Western 199 249 129 --- 349
  47. 47. Max Consumer’s Research
  48. 48. Frequency of Visit of Customers Conclusion  Footfall is average. Suggestion  Need to promote more to increase the red area and ultimately the blue.
  49. 49. Customer Satisfaction Conclusion  Customer satisfaction is high. Suggestion  We see red area because of lack of sizes (XXL and larger), more color options and varieties.
  50. 50. Customer’s Favourite Section Suggestion  Kids section can improve by keeping kids accessories (belts, hats, purse, soft toys), new born baby set and latest patterns.  Ethnic section can provide more options in color and in patterns.
  51. 51. Purchase Driving Force Conclusion  Price and quality influence middle aged and older customers while visual appeal plays major role in attracting youths. Suggestion  Quality as well as visual merchandising should be taken care of.
  52. 52. Availability Of Merchandise Suggestion  We can see a noticeable red area in the chart because of lack of varieties mainly in ladies western and ethnic.
  53. 53. Staff Attitude Suggestion  Provide motivational programs (best employee of the month, incentives, internal promotion and flexible target) and training for assisting customers.
  54. 54. More Brands Needed Suggestion  Bringing more brands will surely increase the conversion rate and hence enhance the overall performance of the store.
  55. 55. Shopping Experience Suggestion  Customer perceive value for their money but ethnic section needs to lower down its prices for contemporary stock.
  57. 57. Recommendation  Introduce more brands  Quality should be improved.  Can experiment with other areas such as cosmetics and toys.  Introduce more colors.  Introduce in-house brand for larger sizes than available.