A sample report on tourist destination.


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Sometimes, we might have all the content but might not necessarily know how to put it up to make a good report. This report can be Helpful for making any kind of Report / Project work/ vacation assignments on any tourist destination.

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A sample report on tourist destination.

  1. 1. Detail Report on the state of tourism near my Home town. [An assignment provided as a partial requirement for the course of Hospitality Management Seventh semester, Kings College ] DAMAN (THE TOWN OF VIEWS)Submitted by Submitted toSuraj Ghimire Kings CollegeBBA VII(Marketing) Bijuli Bajar, Kathmandu
  2. 2. Introduction of the placeDaman is a small village in the central part of Nepal, situated at an altitude of 2320 metres and100 kilometres southwest of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. It is halfway betweenKathmandu and Hetauda at 2320m in the district of Makwanpur. The village lies on theTribhuvan Highway, one of the adventurous highways in Nepal, offers the only unimpeded viewof the entire Himalayan range – roughly 400 km of Himalayan panorama extending on a goodday from Dhaulagiri in the west to Everest in the east. Viewpoints such as Tiger Hill inDarjeeling, Nagarkot or Poon Hill on the Annapurna Trek pale by comparison. As with mostdestinations in Nepal, it is located in a region that is surrounded with natural splendor andcharacteristics that are unique to the village.Fifty million year ago, while dinosaurs wandered the steamy earth, unimaginable forces wererearranging the continents from beneath. Indian and Asian landmasses collided like two slow-motion freight trains shoving twisted layers of rock nearly nine kilometers into the air. Thus theHimalaya was born, and is still growing today. Unimaginable forces created one of the Worldsmost awesome sights, the highest mountains on earth - the Himalaya. Alluring summits andjagged ranges entice adventures, climbers, explorers and travelers alike to gaze in wonder atthese giants. Nepal, a land of warm, friendly exotic peoples is the synonymous with theHimalaya. Eight of the world‟s ten highest mountains lie along its northern border. And Damanis the place to view it all.A walk around the surrounding area or a lounging on the one of the resort here is just a differentexperience in itself. Rock climbing, cycling, hiking are few of the many activities possible here.There are couple of accommodation option for a comfortable stay. Panoramas from the viewingtower or hill station can be enjoyed with the naked eye, or through the mounted telescope. Fromthis sightseeing point visitors will be able to look upon the unchallenged beauty of theHimalayas. The most well-known peaks and hiking destinations in Nepal can be seen from here.They include Phurbi Chyachu, Choba Bhamre, Annapurna and Mount Everest. Around thetower, visitors will be mesmerized by the abundant variety of flowers and wild orchids thatdecorate the dense forests.SWOT ANALYSIS  STRENGTH o Location, view and altitude
  3. 3. It is located in a region that is surrounded with natural splendor and characteristics that are unique to the village at an altitude of 2320m from the sea level. This secluded village does not have much to offer in regard to late night restaurants, cafés and nightlife, but opens a gateway to the world of nature and breathtaking landscapes. Hiking trails like Phurbi Chyachu, Choba Bhamre and major peaks like Kanchanjunga, Mount Everest, Cho yu, Lhotse, Annapurna, Makalu, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Dorjelakpa, Dhaulagiri, Gaurishankar, etc are seen from here at an almost 3600 angle. Daman is recognized for its majestic sunsets and unforgettable moments of beauty.o Distance from major town Daman is 80 kilometers southwest of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, along the Tribhuvan Highway. It takes about three hours from Kathmandu, four hours from Hetauda, four hours from Chitwan National Park, and 7 hours from Pokhara. Due to its closeness to Kathmandu, Tourist can even return back for the night stay there. This has put together Daman in more favorable position.o Facilities Due to its proximity to urban areas like Kathmandu, Hetauda, Birgunj; Daman has relatively more facilities available than other places in similar settings. Besides road, electricity, communication facilities are also well developed. Local health post are also nearby and drinking water is also not much a problem here. It is a destination for all seasons, and is a perfect place for Honeymoon Couples, or any other visitors with short stay in Nepal, Family Holidays, Meditation, Seminars and place to unwind or undertake more Adventurous Outdoor Activities.o Price To make a nice cozy day trip from Kathmandu to come here by car for the day, it costs around $95. The price can be even low if we choose to stay and eat out at small hotels or local dwelling as a home stay. The charge of viewing through telescope in the view tower is also very cheap. But in the downside some tourists complain that the room fare of well recalled hotels like Daman view and Everest Panorama is not worth the money.o Cultural setting Daman is a melting pot of Hinduism and Buddhism. This two religion and various ethnic communities have blended here with a mutual reverence and appreciation for each other. There is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery that is approximately a thirty- minute leisurely walk away from the village. The Indra Sarobor and Rishikeshwor Mahadev Temple are also extremely interesting sights to visit. Just one hour away lies the ancient Rikheshor Mahadevsthan Shrine and the Local Buddhist Monastery. The
  4. 4. walk is through century worn trails through the Lush forest of Oak, Pine and Rhododendron and the Mahabharata and Sivalik hills beckon the hiker. Pilgrims come to worships at Rikheshor Mahadev, a Hindu shrine, and at a nearby Buddhists monastery meditating monks find peaceful sanctuary. o Place for Botanical and anthropological studies Many visitors come here to study and make research on different generas of plant species, floras and faunas as well as the anthropological studies of local Tamang and Chhetris as well the indigenous Chepangs. There are plenty of medicinal and ornamental herbs and orchids. Due to this visitors will be mesmerized by the abundant variety of flowers and wild orchids that decorate the dense forests. In spring, the rhododendron forest comes alive with color and forest animals and is a very fascinating part of the Daman area to explore. Shady forests resonate with the bird calls, an orchid sanctuary cascades down the hillsides, and a replica village demonstrates traditional farming techniques. Beyond The hill, lush forests of Rhododendron and Pine harbor some 250 types of Orchids, healthy ferns and Spring flowers such as Iris, Primula, and the sweetest smelling Daphne. A rainbow variety of Rhododendrons, Nepal‟s national flower, burst into crimson, rose, ivory, lavender and apricot from mid-March through April. Visiting botanical groups marvel at the plant diversity, and plant hunters and nature questers collect seeds for research. Sages from India and Tibet have long visited here in search of medicinal herbs and the coveted orchids. Horticulture farms take advantage of the ideal climate, growing herbs and seedlings for reforestation. Activities Lots and lots of activities aimed towards the recreation and entertainment of the tourists are available here. The activities available here are hiking, cycling, rock climbing, fishing trip to Kulekhani, pony ride Bird Watching and much more are available. Mountain bikers and hikers will thoroughly enjoy the trails and walks that are located around the village. They can capture a mountain trout for dinner, these activities can make anyone feel alive; explore a country trail, relax on a pony ride, challenge a switchback on mountain bike, master the ascent of a high cliff in safety or plunge over the edge of a sheer drop. Pony ride can be enjoyed and have fun riding to the nearby villages or to the Palung valley.Some popular activities available here are as follows:- o Hiking Daman is situated 80 kilometers south- west of Kathmandu at an altitude of about 2100 meters located on the Tribhuvan Highway , in between Kathmandu and the town to Birgunj. Daman is known for its it‟s vantage location in viewing the Himalayan peaks such as Mt. Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Dorjelakpa, Gaurishankar, Cho yu etc. There is a view tower from where one can have a panoramic view of 300 miles of the Himalayan range. To see a breath
  5. 5. taking view of the worlds highest peak Mt. Everest Daman is one of the best places in Nepal . There is a view tower fitted with long range telescopes to see the 360 degree Himalayas view. Mountain Biking Mountain bike excursions are also offered by travel agencies to or from Kathmandu. Tourists can also take their own bike and can challenge their skills against the mighty Himalayas or just coast down 2000+ metres of majestic Himalayan views into the jungles of Chitwan or the rich fertile Kathmandu valley. Either way he goes to its an unforgettable roller-coaster ride. Customs trip can also be arranged for individual needs. A “Support Coach” following close behind accompanies each trips if they get tired and all food, camping equipment and guides are provided o Bird Watching One can experience the life time oppertunity to see birds in the forests of Daman. Different species of wild and exotic birds can be watched here. Birds like Cuckoo, Mynah, Parrot, Eagles, vulture, Cranes, Bulbul, and many more migratory birds can be seen in their dwellings or flying in their flocks. o Boating / Fishing Indra Sarobar lake, 7km long and 75 m deep, is stocked with lots of varieties of fish including delicious catfish. The lake offers boating and fishing as well. Wind gusting up the corridor from the Kulekhani dam to the Palung valley can provide anyone a heavenly pleasure. Whether one prefers fishing in streams or angling in a lake, The streams of nearby Palaung valley are renowned for their trout fishing, and if one is caught then there are cooks available to show their culinary magic with the frying pan. These fish can also be enjoyed as baked in the camp fire. o Sunrise / Sunset Walk Sunrise and Sunset from the Daman resort are unmatched anywhere in the Himalaya, even by such famous view spots as Tiger Hill in Darjeeling, Nagarkot near Kathmandu or Ghorepani on the Annapurna. WEAKNESS o Quality of service Quality of service provided by the Hotels and resorts are not upto the par with minimum required standard. The services provided by staffs are not satisfactory which can be demonstrated by these testimonials from the visitors at the local hotels. “I was booked in here for two nights but only stayed one as I found there wasnt much
  6. 6. to do, unless you wanted long, hilly walks to the village and local attractions. Also the place does not have car access and you have to walk and negotiate flights of steps from the road which takes a few minutes. My room was OK except the steam heater attached to the wall didnt work and when I enquired I was told the room should have had an electric heater. They then gave me one and I found it wasnt very effective, but when I returned to the room from dinner I found two hot water bottles in the bed. Mattress was very uncomfortable, the bathroom a bit gritty and the reception area was too cold to stay for a while.” o Lack of variety in content and presentation There is not much choice for the visitors inbound to stay late night in Daman. There is only one star hotel which is also not well suited to present standard. Among the three hotels available, the price is too much and might charge even more looking at the desperate needs of the tourists. They don‟t have much to offer and there is nothing new activities available for those who want to come back. Due to this many tourists don‟t want to stay here for night instead they want to return to Kathmandu for a safe and agreeable sleepover. o Lack of promotional activities In spite of being so close to Kathmandu Daman is almost obscured from the eyes of tourists. It has not been able to be among the first choice to visit by them. It has mostly been visited as last minute hurried visit or as filler by the travel agency in their holiday packages. If we can have enough promotional activities related to Daman, tourist can readily and willingly come to visit this place. OPPURTUNITY o Increasing arrival of tourist As the insurgency period has gone and more positive news of Nepal has been flowing around the world, the number of tourist visiting Nepal is sure to grow leaps and fold. Recently we had celebrated Nepal tourism Year 2011 and Visit Lumbini year is running now. The lonely planet index has also listed Nepal 6th best place to visit for the value of money. So, infra structures and facilities in Daman can be upgraded with this positive expectation about the increase in number of tourists in coming days. o Under utilization of assets
  7. 7. Our locally available resources are not utilized to its full potential. If we can optimally utilize our natural resources like rivers, lake, mountain, minerals, forests, medicinal herbs and the human resources, we have enough room to expand. This under utilization of assets can be taken as an opportunity for the planned and sustainable approach in developing tourism in the areas like Daman. o Local tourism Recent data shows us that the travelling pattern and behavior of Nepali people is changing. We are spending more of our time visiting to new places greater than ever before. Many people planning to travel in foreign countries for recreation don‟t know that there are places like Daman in Nepal. If we can attract more local tourists to Daman then the local people can also get an opportunity to pursue a better life and can survive during off season for foreign tourists. o Other tourism hot spots As new and new tourist‟s hotspots are being built in and around Daman, the number of tourist coming to this place has also been increasing. These tourist attractions have a symbiotic effect by which they mutually act as a catalyst for each other. Places like Shahid Smarak in Hetauda, Kulekhani reservoir and Kulekhani hydroelectricity tunnel serve as the additional places to visit. The proposed channel way between Kathmandu and Hetauda can also serve as boost up for development of tourism in Daman by reduction of the physical distance between Daman and these places. o Easy road access Tribhuwan highway is the oldest highway of Nepal. Being in the side ways of the highway, Daman has got an opportunity to flourish. The highway is one of the most peaceful and pleasant one to ride, not-withstanding its helical bends around the hills. Many other link roads have also been opened around Daman which has made the place more accessible to tourists. THREAT o Competition for the limited time of tourists Daman has to compete with various other tourist locations for the limited number of tourists and their precious but limited stay in Nepal. Not all tourists coming to Nepal know about Daman and they hesitate to take risk which can otherwise ruin their Holidays and many other happy moments of life. So, Daman has to overcome this threat by conducting different promotional activities and by building other attractions in and around Daman.
  8. 8. o Climate change Climate change has caused irregularity in the climate pattern all over the world. Being located in the mountainous region, the impact of this climate change is tenfold. Snow line is climbing up year by year and there is no distinct and predictability in this phenomenon. Winter season during snowfall is the peak season in Daman when lots of local and foreign tourist come there to play with snow as snow fall is also not regular these days, number of tourists is not satisfactory. o Pollution Pollution of all form, may it be air pollution, water pollution, land pollution or noise pollution has an adverse effect in the life of locals, tourists, wildlife and plant and vegetation. It is also detrimental for the quality of environment required for serene, tranquil and a panoramic atmosphere. o Destruction of trekking routes With advent of roads and motor able tracks, the number of trails available for foot walk and hiking is decreasing day by day. There is a tradeoff between overall well being of the locals and pleasurable and authentic experience for the tourists. Government and local bodies are not much serious in this issue and has become a threat for destination like Daman.Study of the condition 4 As of tourism at Daman1: Attractions (Natural, man-made, cultural, festivals/events) Ultimate panoramic Himalayan view is the major grounds for tourists attraction. The most well-known peaks and hiking destinations in Nepal can be seen from here. They include Phurbi Chyachu, Choba Bhamre, Annapurna and Mount Everest. The view of Sunrise and sunset is also out of bounds. Rhododendron forest comes alive with color and forest animals and is a very fascinating part of the Daman area to explore. Tibetan Buddhist monastery that is approximately a thirty-minute leisurely walk away from the village The cultural lifestyle that is practiced by villagers and the diverse natural wildlife that is located here offers a truly amazing adventure to embark on Also, during winter snowfall occurs in the hills which augment the beauty of the village to inexplicable point.
  9. 9. 2: Accommodation There are a couple of very basic guesthouses with rooms for rent, and one place renting out safari style semi-permanent tents. The only star hotel in Daman is Everest Panorama Resort which is approx 2.5 kms away from the city. Where to Stay and Eat Hotel Sherpa is a friendly place with double rooms for Rs 250. They don‟t serve much here except dal bhat. Daman Mountain Resort has tent that are set around a viewing tower for Rs 800. It is over-priced. Everest Panorama Resort, about 3km up the high, is a resort that has duluxe room Cottage & tent camp also. Tents cost about Rs 1100 per person. It is over-priced.3: Accessibility (ease of access regarding transportation facilities) Maximum 3 Hrs by Car/Minibus from Kathmandu along the Tribhuvan Rajpath Highway. 07 minutes by Helicopter. The village also contains a resort - Panorama Resort, which also has a helipad in its premises. 3 1/2 Hrs from Chitwan National Park. 7 Hrs from Pokhara. Only 4 Hrs from the Indian Border Town of Raxaul(100 Km). Private Tourist Car/ Van/ Coaster to or from Kathmandu and Pokhara are also arranged by the hotels or travel agencies. An individual can also make an excellent bike ride to here, but it is a really tough ride. 4. Amenities (infrastructure and Additional/supplementary service that efficiently and sufficiently enhance the tourist ) Local health post stationed at Palung is only about half an hour down the hill and some high fledged hospitals are very close in Bharatpur, Hetauda and Kathmandu. Drinking water is not much a problem as there are quite a number of downstream rivers flowing nearby having fresh and pure mountain water. As an example „The Everest Panorama Resort‟ claims of providing following facilities to the tourists. Daman in Nepal is a destination for all seasons, and is a perfect place for Honeymoon Couples, or any other visitors with short stay in Nepal, Family Holidays, Meditation, Seminars and place to unwind or undertake more Adventurous Outdoor Activities.
  10. 10. As in every Nepalese home, a Guest at The Everest Panorama Resort is treated asa God (Athithi Devo Bhava). Conforming nothing to comfort, this unique resortfeatures modern amenities in a charming traditional design.Base Camp Bar:Our well stocked Base Camp Bar, fitted with intimate and private area, allowsyou to relax after dinner with one of our special cocktails or local and importedbeverages.Private View Tower:Our Private View Tower is fitted with very powerful German made outdoorbinoculars (only one in Nepal so far) brings the mountains 120 times closer.Honeymoon Cottages:Tucked into a blissful corner in a natural recluse are 20 deluxe honeymooncottages, ideal for those just starting out. Each unit is self- contained with attachedbathroom and the comforts. Our discreet staff promises unobtrusive services witha special smile. Kathmandu residents: escape from the city commotion. Spend aweekend here amidst fresh air basking in a carefree, naturally beautifulenvironment.Multi Purpose Hall:This Multi Purpose Hall have Conference Room facilities for up to 50 people withDiscotheque and Home Theater to watch your favorite movie during the evening.Recreational building:Discotheque / Open Campfire, Spa facilities, Jacuzzi and dry/hot sauna areavailable in the Recreational building.