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  1. 1. Hani Ali Al-hanoon Electrical Engineer from Jubail Industrial College, Saudi Arabia Target Job Target Job Title: Electrical Engineer Career Objective: To work on an organization that offering a good experience in Electrical Engineering Technology and I can grow my career and contribute to the success of the organization Personal Information Birth Date: 4 May 1990 Nationality: Saudi Arabia Marital Status: Married National ID Number: 1065985804 Email Address: Mobile Phone: +966.568259162 Country: AL-hasa, Saudi Arabia Experience 2012 Coop Training in Schlumberger as field specialist for 15 weeks. Working in different departments: 1- Drilling and Measurement 2- Maintenance 2014 Coop Training at Royal Commission in Jubail Industrial City as Electrical Engineer for 15 weeks(June 2014 - September 2014). Working in Construction Department. Constructing electric station & substation. Join National Construction Company (NCC) at May 2015 – Now working in Electrical Power Substation  One year completed with GET program in different departments:  1 -design Transmission Line dep. (One Month) 2- 380KV OHTL Site. (Three Months) 3- Design Substation dep. (One Month) 4- 115/13.8 KV 4B Substation Site. (Four Months) 5- Procurement & coordination Departments for SS & TL. (Two Months) 6- Tendering Dep. (One Month)
  2. 2.  Now working on SAOO (Southern Area Oil Operations) Project for upgrading 27 old electrical substation .These substation belonging to SAUDI ARAMCO & NG. Duties & Responsibilities:  Site engineer  Work permit receiver for Saudi Aramco  Work permit receiver for Saudi Electricity Company  Work permit issuer for NCC  Following up & issuing limit of access from Saudi Electricity Company.  Following up & issuing communication access form Saudi Electricity Company.  Coordination with Saudi Aramco  Coordination with Saudi Electricity Company  Coordination with consultant.  Daily progress report Education Bachelor's degree, Electrical Engineering Technology At Jubail Industrial College Location: Saudi Arabia Completion Date: September 2014 Grade:3.17out of 4 Applying the Power Management System on the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology Department as senior project. Associate Degree, Electrical Power Engineering Technology At Jubail Industrial College Location: Jubail, Saudi Arabia Completion Date: June 2012 Grade:3.39 out of 4 Associate Degree of Science in Electrical Power Engineering Technology and obtained a Second Honor. Skills& Training Computer Applications Mat lab, Simulink Work permit receiver courses in SA & NG GET course in NCC Issuer course in NCC
  3. 3. Visual basic C++ Heart saver First Aid CPR AED Course IOSH Excellent Communication, listening and motivating skills. References Available in request