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Instrumentation IEEE 2012 Project @ Hades InfoTech


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Hades Info Tech offers Real Time IEEE 2009 Projects in Embedded system, Microcontroller like ARM7, ARM9, DSP, VLSI, FPGA, RFID, wireless, ZIGBEE, Robotics, GSM, GPS/GPRS, Bio-Medical, Bio-Metrics, Finger Print, Access Control, MATLAB, Image Processing, Power Electronics

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Instrumentation IEEE 2012 Project @ Hades InfoTech

  1. 1. Hades InfoTech Pvt. LtdCODE YR INSTRUMENTATION IEEE 2012 – 13 PROJECTSHIN01 Low-Cost Capacitive Humidity Sensor for Application Within Flexible RFID Labels Based on Microcontroller SystemsHIN02 Hybrid Optoelectronic Sensor for Current and Temperature Monitoring in Overhead Transmission LinesHIN03 High-Accuracy Reference-Free Ultrasonic Location EstimationHIN04 Chemical Sensing in Robotic Applications: A Review IEEE Transaction - 2012HIN05 Accurate and Wide-Field-of-View MEMS-Based Sun Sensor for Industrial ApplicationsHIN06 A Passive Optical Fiber Anemometer for Wind Speed Measurement on High-Voltage Overhead Transmission LinesHIN07 Dew-Based Wireless Mini Module for Respiratory Rate MonitoringHIN08 Optical Device Indicating a Safe Free Path to Blind PeopleHIN09 A Mixed Filtering Approach for Track Condition Monitoring Using Accelerometers on the Axle Box and BogieHIN10 A PC-Based Wattmeter for Accurate Measurements in Sinusoidal and Distorted Conditions: Setup and Experimental CharacterizationHIN11 Estimation of Human Foot Motion During Walking Using Inertial & Magnetic SensorHIN12 Feasibility of Intelligent Monitoring of Construction Workers for CO2 PoisoningHIN13 Ultrasonic Arrays for Localized Presence SensingHIN14 Target Detection and Classification Using Seismic and PIR Sensors IEEE Transaction – 2012HIN15 Smart Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor for Personal Protective EquipmentHIN16 Simple Magnetic Swallowing Detection SystemHIN17 Sensor Network Based Oil well Health Monitoring and Intelligent ControlHIN18 A Flexible Inductive Coil Tag for Household Two-Wire Current Sensing ApplicationsHIN19 A Motion-Tracking Ultrasonic Sensor Array for Behavioral MonitoringHIN20 A New Method for Detecting Leaks in Underground Water PipelinesHIN21 A Passive Radio-Frequency pH-Sensing Tag for Wireless Food-Quality MonitoringHIN22 Numerical Model of a Non-Contact Piezoelectric Energy Harvester for Rotating ObjectsHIN23 Multi-View and Multi-Objective Semi-Supervised Learning for HMM-Based Automatic Speech RecognitionHIN24 Miniaturized One-Point Detectable Electrocardiography Sensor for Portable Physiological Monitoring Systems No 68/82, L.D.G Road, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai-15 Ph: 044-43322196, Mobile: 9840989556, 9952050233 Mail:, Page |1
  2. 2. Hades InfoTech Pvt. LtdCODE YR INSTRUMENTATION IEEE 2012 – 13 PROJECTSHIN25 Autonomous Depth Adjustment for Underwater Sensor Networks: Design and ApplicationsHIN26 Capacitive Pressure Sensing Based Key in PCB Technology for Industrial ApplicationsHIN27 Energy-Aware Pipeline Monitoring System Using Piezoelectric Sensor IEEE Transaction – 2012HIN28 MIMS: A Minimally Invasive Monitoring Sensor PlatformHIN29 Development of Wave Energy Converter Using a Two Chamber Oscillating Water ColumnHIN30 Feasibility of Intelligent Monitoring of Construction Workers for Carbon Monoxide PoisoningHIN31 Coupled Mobile Phone Platform With Peak Flow Meter Enables Real-Time Lung Function AssessmentHIN32 Distance Measurement With Inductive CoilsHIN33 Autonomous Gas Sensitive Micro droneHIN34 Inductive Sensor for Temperature Measurement in Induction Heating ApplicationsHIN35 Development of an In Situ pH Calibrator in Deep Sea EnvironmentsHIN36 Modeling of Fuzzy Logic Control System for Controlling Homogeneity of Light Intensity from Light Emitting DiodeHIN37 Fiber Optic Sensors for Liquid Level MeasurementHIN38 Industrial applications for collecting data from the analysis of gases, intended for embedded touch PCHIN39 Usage of PLC for PCBs drilling IEEE Conference - 2012HIN40 Development of a water flow diverter with dividing body driven by stepping motorHIN41 A design of the wireless detector of temperature, humidity and light intensityHIN42 Wireless temperature & humidity monitor and control systemHIN43 Research on communication between computer and PLC based on VBHIN44 Automation of chlorination process for drinking water treatment plant: Control strategiesHIN45 Design of on-line temperature monitoring system for power cable joints based on supercapacitorHIN46 Complete low cost SCADA system of the intelligent houseHIN47 The Study of Indoor Air Quality in Train CompartmentHIN48 On-line monitoring system based on MODBUS for temperature measurement in smart grid No 68/82, L.D.G Road, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai-15 Ph: 044-43322196, Mobile: 9840989556, 9952050233 Mail:, Page |2