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Hades Info Tech offers Real Time IEEE 2009 Projects in Embedded system, Microcontroller like ARM7, ARM9, DSP, VLSI, FPGA, RFID, wireless, ZIGBEE, Robotics, GSM, GPS/GPRS, Bio-Medical, Bio-Metrics, Finger Print, Access Control, MATLAB, Image Processing, Power Electronics

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Digital Image Processing IEEE 2012 Project @ Hades InfoTech

  1. 1. Hades InfoTech Pvt. LtdCODE YR DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING PROJECTSHDP01 Abrupt Motion Tracking Via Intensively Adaptive Markov-Chain Monte Carlo SamplingHDP02 Adaptive Image Registration via Hierarchical Voronoi SubdivisionHDP03 Automatic Assessment of Macular Edema From Color Retinal Images IEEE Transaction - 2012HDP04 Color Local Texture Features for Color Face RecognitionHDP05 Comment on “Cheating Prevention in Visual Cryptography”HDP06 Comments on “Image Denoising by Sparse 3-D Transform-Domain Collaborative Filtering”HDP07 Depth Discontinuity-Based Cup Segmentation From Multiview Color Retinal ImagesHDP08 Extended SRC: Undersampled Face Recognition via Intra-Class Variant DictionaryHDP09 Learning for Meta-RecognitionHDP10 Outdoor Scene Image Segmentation Based on Background Recognition and Perceptual OrganizationHDP11 Patch-Based Near-Optimal Image Denoising IEEE Transaction - 2012HDP12 Remote-Sensing Image Compression Using Two-Dimensional Oriented Wavelet TransformHDP13 Robust Image Alignment for Tampering DetectionHDP14 Robustness of Offline Signature Verification Based on Gray Level FeaturesHDP15 Simultaneous Nonrigid Registration, Segmentation, and Tumor Detection in MRI Guided Cervical Cancer Radiation TherapyHDP16 Smile Detection by Boosting Pixel DifferencesHDP17 Scalable Coding of Encrypted ImagesHDP18 Image Editing With Spatiograms Transfer IEEE Transaction – 2012HDP19 Visual Event Recognition in Videos by Learning from Web DataHDP20 Spectral Imaging With Scattered Light: From Early Cancer Detection to Cell BiologyHDP21 Holistic Context Models for Visual RecognitionHDP22 A Tree-Based Context Model for Object RecognitionHDP23 On the Use of a Fuzzy Object-Relational Database for Flexible Retrieval of Medical ImagesHDP24 Tracking with Local Spatio-Temporal Motion Patterns in Extremely Crowded Scenes No 68/82, L.D.G Road, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai-15 Ph: 044-43322196, Mobile: 9840989556, 9952050233 Mail:, Page |1
  2. 2. Hades InfoTech Pvt. LtdCODE YR DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING PROJECTSHDP25 Vision-based Cleaning Area Control for Cleaning RobotsHDP26 Vehicle Detection in Aerial Surveillance Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks IEEE Transaction - 2012HDP27 Stereo Visual Tracking Within Structured Environments for Measuring Vehicle SpeedHDP28 Separable Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted ImageHDP29 Using Depth Image Processing and Human Skeleton Identification Methods to Reduce Uncomfortable Light from a Digital ProjectorHDP30 Intelligent Lighting Control for Vision-Based Robotic ManipulationHDP31 Human Identification Using Finger ImagesHDP32 Generation of an Optimum Patrol Course for Mobile Surveillance CameraHDP33 Counting People With Low-Level Features and Bayesian RegressionHDP34 An Image-Based Visual Speech Animation System IEEE Transaction - 2012HDP35 An Autoadaptive Edge-Detection Algorithm for Flame and Fire Image ProcessingHDP36 Activity-Based Person Identification Using Fuzzy Representation and Discriminant LearningHDP37 Video-Based Abnormal Human Behavior Recognition—A ReviewHDP38 Detecting Aircraft With a Low-Resolution Infrared SensorHDP39 Slow Feature Analysis for Human Action RecognitionHDP40 A New Human Identification Method: Sclera RecognitionHDP41 Adaptive Background Generation for Automatic Detection of Initial Object Region in Multiple Color-Filter Aperture Camera-Based Surveillance System IEEE Transaction – 2012HDP42 Applying a Functional Neurofuzzy Network to Real-Time Lane Detection and Front- Vehicle Distance MeasurementHDP43 Automatic Visual Bag-of-Words for Online Robot Navigation and MappingHDP44 Realtime Recognition of Complex Human Daily Activities Using Human Motion and Location DataHDP45 Cross-Domain Human Action RecognitionHDP46 Detection of Sudden Pedestrian Crossings for Driving Assistance SystemsHDP47 Adaptive Multicue Background Subtraction for Robust Vehicle Counting and Classification No 68/82, L.D.G Road, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai-15 Ph: 044-43322196, Mobile: 9840989556, 9952050233 Mail:, Page |2