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HANDI Health - Innovation?

  1. 1. Hello HANDI Apps to support health and care - Supporting the App paradigm -That's HANDI Westminster Health Forum 2012 Rob Dyke – Director HANDIHealth Community Interest Company
  2. 2. HANDI Health CIC • A new not-for-profit Community Enterprise Company • There to support: – Developers – Health and care professionals – Patients, service users and carers
  3. 3. Why HANDI? • Because we believe Apps and the App paradigm can transform health and care
  4. 4. Innovation? Innovation works like a teenagers party. You set boundaries, general direction stand back and let it happen, intervening only if it goes badly wrong – Government creating innovation is a bit like me dressing as Master of Ceremonies at a teenage party. Ewan Davis, Co-Founder HANDI – nhshackday mailing list
  5. 5. Innovation? The NHS clutches to 'innovation' like a drowning man grabs at passing flotsam. There is even the ultimate management oxymoron; The NHS 'Institute of Innovation'. You cannot institutionalise innovation. Words like 'a package of tried and tested products, learning and support' are not in the lexicon of the innovator but they are on the NHSII's website. Roy Lilley –
  6. 6. Innovation? I have not been able to find any regular correlation between well adopted innovation processes and actual innovation outcomes, and I’ve been looking pretty hard. And here at Spigit, we’ve got hundreds of data sets to look through. James Gardner -
  7. 7. Orbiting the Giant Hairball What is the biggest obstacle to creativity? Attachment to outcome. As soon as you become attached to a specific outcome, you feel compelled to control and manipulate what you're doing. And in the process you shut yourself off to other possibilities. Gordon MacKenzie –
  8. 8. Escape velocity! Let Go! Be Agile, Hack things together, Funnel ideas, Forge solutions, Tweet about them, Blog about them; Fail lots, Win some.
  9. 9. @handihealth Handi Health Community Interest Company - limited by guarantee registered in England number 07999302 Registered Office: The Oakley, Kidderminster Rd, Droitwich, Worcestershire. WR9 9AY Correspondence address: PO Box 5309 Leamington Spa, CV31 9GT