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Pudumjee hygiene is the only Tissue paper company with 3 ISO certifications providing 100% safe tissue products and complete washroom and enterprise hygiene solutions in India and neighbouring countries.

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Pudumjee hygiene Tissues Business For B2 C

  1. 1. Pudumjee Hygiene Products Limited
  2. 2. Pudumjee Hygiene Products Limited• Incorporated in December 2004 with an aim to convert and market quality bundle of Integrated Hygiene Solutions• Have commercialized 50,000 sq ft converting plant in Pune• Installed volume capacity of converting over 5000 tons p.a.• We have adopted a holistic approach to hygiene, laying strong emphasis on complete hygiene systems rather than isolated off the shelf products• Our business is broadly classified into two main sections–Institutional and Retail. While the products are largely the same in both markets, we are uniquely structured to meet the diverse and specific requirements of both markets separately• Our products meet the best international Quality standards with chlorine free pulp and processes, FDA compliant raw materials and 3 ISO certifications for our systems – (ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 22000:2005); soon to get Green Seal and FSC certification
  3. 3. Brand Portfolio• “Greenlime” - Stylish and colorful Range of Super Soft Tissues, dispensers and other hygiene solutions• Ecoline – Our 100% Natural ‘Green’ products• “Lush” - Value for money brand to meet high volume demands of wholesale markets• “Olive” - Eco-friendly tissues made from 100% recycled Fibers• “Fosilvra” - Fashionable futuristic Steel range of tissue dispensers• “Wave” - Advanced technology automatic touchless dispensers
  4. 4. Key product offerings• Toilet rolls • Virtual Janitor• Kitchen rolls • Tissue Dispensers• Facial Tissues • Liquid Handwash• Napkins • Body and Shower Gel• Toilet seat cover • Hand Sanitiser• Wet wipes • Toilet cleaner• Anti bacterial hand • Glass Cleaner sanitising wipes • Multipurpose cleaner• Menthol wet wipes • Floor cleaner• Industrial Wipers • Utensil cleaner• Non woven Fabric• Automatic De-odoriser
  5. 5. International Tie-upsWe have Exclusive Distributorship Arrangement for Marketing of World’s leading brands; complimenting our Hygiene range: (the revenue model is Commission based)• Automatic Odor Control products• Disposable Wipers• High end, premium tissue dispensers
  6. 6. Our StrategyOUR STRATEGY is to aggressively:• Anticipate our customers’ needs• Research global trends to find ways to meet these needs• Introduce products that are innovative from our customers’ viewpoint• Ensure best products at the best price• Provide wide product range with consistent quality and availability• Set trends through our products, marketing, sales & distribution approach
  7. 7. Market Segmentation Tissue market Private Retail / Small and Wholesale Institutional Medium Business Label Consumer Trade Manufacturing• Hotel and Food Service • In-Home • Lifestyle product showrooms • for Institutions• Airlines and Flight Kitchens • Out of home • Healthcare • for Retail stores• Office Buildings • Educational institutions• Hospital & Healthcare • Professionals• Promotional • ITES• Education and Entertainment • Banks
  8. 8. Sales Approach• PHPL products are sold at an ex pune price to all the customers (at cost plus)• The Institutional and retail Products are sold via CFA and distributor network and also direct to large volume customers• The sales are made to: – Our Authorised distributors – Some Direct Key clients like large offices hotels, retail chains that have a central HO contract and multiple location delivery – Wholesaler / Resellers
  9. 9. Our Institutional Business• Regional offices in 7 key cities• Distribution presence across all key cities / commercial centers of India• In a short span we enjoy 50%-55% market share in the metros Our Consumer / Retail Segment • Only branded player in India with a comprehensive range of tissue products and hygiene solutions • Within 1 year post launch Greenlime enjoys a 25% market share within the stores • Our Consumer Education programmes at the stores and test measures printed on the packs, have resulted in a major shift of consumers from Local products to Branded products
  10. 10. INDIAN Total Market Segmentation• Retail Segment 45-50%• Institutional Segment 50-55%Un-organized sector account for 60-65% oftotal market
  11. 11. Converters• Few large converters market with own brand names form 60-70% of total Market share• Large converters are regional market leaders: – West – Jackson / Pilot Group ; Paper Kraft – North – Wintex, S R Industries, BILT, Origamy – South – Premier, Origamy – Premier is the only converter with 10-20% MS in other regions in India Rest of the market is catered to by small local converters
  12. 12. Plans for Growth• Promotional spends on developing the need for the category – upgrading consumer knowledge about the products and its need towards healthier lifestyle• Tie ups with related product categories to build up the total hygiene products portfolio and service with a bigger basket of products• Strengthening the team size and segmenting the team as per the customer profiles – Healthcare, Office buildings, Hotels, Government offices
  13. 13. Tissue Business: Value ChainDistribution network Raw Material Supplier(supply RM to converters) (Tissue Paper Jumbo Roll) Institutional Imported Segment Tissue Product Converters (convert tissue in Jumbo Rolls to products) Marketing Companies / Distributors Imported RM Tissue Paper Retail Segment
  14. 14. PUDUMJEE HYGIENE PRODUCTS LIMITED ORGANISATION CHART CEO Piyush Jindal Gen. Manager HR / Customer Care Finance Manager Marketing Manager National Sales Manager Commercial Manager Sudhir Duppaliwar Seema Agrawal Rajesh Mahajan Shekhar Dadheech VACANT Commercial Manager Sr. Accounts Admin Ulhas Shetty Executive Asst. Mktg Manager All sales team: Executive Anagha Joshi Vacant 4 regions Vaishali 2 AccountsWarehouse Manager Executives Santosh Kadlag Credit & Sales Support Manager Hemant Kadam 2 Warehouse 2 Sales support Executives executives
  15. 15. KMP Profile• Commercial: Shekhar Dadheech – BCom; 16 years experience in Commercial and logistics – Experience across FMCG & Paper Industry• Finance: Sudhir Duppaliwar – BCom, AICWA; 30 years experience in Finance & Accounts Management – Experience across leading manufacturing and marketing companies• Marketing: Seema Agrawal – MCom, MBA: 10 years experience in Brand Management and Business development – Experience across FMCG companies; Oral care, Beverage, Fabrics, Tissues
  16. 16. Hygiene Awareness Campaign• A campaign to educate the end users on HYGIENE and tissue use and disposal• Target the corporate offices, malls, hotels, schools, entertainment centers• Helps portray Greenlime in a LEADERSHIP position; educating and growing the market• ADDS to Company goodwill• A mission in action; “on a mission of hygiene”
  17. 17. Social Campaign for HygienePreventing the spread of Swine flu virus in India
  18. 18. Press Advertisements• Pune our Works office – is the Swine Flu capital of India• Greenlime being the hygiene solutions provider to many enterprises was the first to• spread awareness on the solutions available to prevent Swine flu• This was a knee jerk reaction at short notice; when the media was just spreading Panic and no solutions• Advertisements taken in front page of Eco times, TOI-Pune and Pune times and many insertions in NIE – a paper circulated in 100 schools in Pune
  19. 19. Posters / Solution Kits• Greenlime Swine Flu prevention kit launched and offered at subsidised rates to school and offices• Mass Postering facilitiated all over India in association with CII / Ficci / MCCIA / hotel associations• Chain stores, Medical stores, and regular Retailers asked to put up these posters and make the hand hygiene solutions accessible
  20. 20. Hygiene awareness campaign for Institutions A Washroom Etiquette Kit Designed to share a few pointers with the Institutionalconsumers about the dangers in their washroom and How to make their washroom visits happier
  21. 21. InnovationProviding innovative pack offerings to consumers to make their tissue use a friendly experience • Kitchen towel dispensers to assist convenient dispensing and increase consumption • • Facial tissues in user friendly shapes and sizes • Car tissue packs for fitting In the car door pockets; accessible to the driver • Pocket packs of Personal Toilet seat covers for hygiene in public toilets • Pocket sanitiser packs for infection free hands anywhere
  22. 22. Promoting Future Green• Corporate buyers were approached with several rounds of messages via direct mail and emails to make them switch to Greenlime OLIVE –Ecofriendly tissues• Objective: – Recycled Eco-friendly tissues take away the ‘harming the environment’ guilt factor from non users – Provides them an opportunity to fulfill their social obligations easily• Task – Develop a unique GREEN color tissue range with a sub branding OLIVE – Provide samples to all key clients and non users with innovative messgaes like : – ”Tissues made from trees that were never cut”; – “Wipe your hands and not the trees” – “Use Tissue to grow forests”
  23. 23. Washroom Etiquette kit• Companies do face washroom problems due to the employees lack of awareness on modern day washrooms usage.• Greenlime presents a solution kit for this problem - Value addition for our Institutional clients.• Educating them in the best way – “how to use and dispose Tissue products in their washroom”.• This kit is given to the corporate customers in order to educate their employees about washroom wisdom.• Kit contents: 8 min AV film on a CD and some washroom wisdom posters for their office washrooms