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  • First look of DettolKitchen Sparklers
  • Turnarounds
  • Dettol Dish Washer

    1. 1. Be germ free stain free!! Dettol Acti Kitchen
    2. 2. Index • History of Dettol • Introduction • Market Study • First look of Dettol Active Kitchen Sparklers • Attributes • Srenght and Threats • STP • 4 P’s • Distribution Channel • Advertisement Budget • Marketing Funda
    3. 3. History • Reckitt Benckiser India Ltd. formerly known as Reckitt & Colman India is one of the fastest growing consumer goods company in South Asia. • In India it has many brands like Dettol, Mortein, Harpic, Lizol, Cherry Blossom, Vanish, Veet, Colin, Disprin, Strepsils, etc. • Dettol is an iconic brand of Reckitt Benckiser worth Rs.300cr. • It was launched in 1993 in India and Dettol has gained trust of millions of Indian. • It has been consistently voted as ‘The most trusted brand’ in India. • Dettol completes 80 years of protecting families from illness causing germs .
    4. 4. Introduction • Idea Generation-The basic determination point to launch a new product arises out of the idea generation . • There are various sources of idea generation like customers, scientists, competition etc. • Dettol advertising are always on a mother’s role in keeping the family healthy.....its time to payback to those mothers who are constantly committed and worrying about familiy health .... • Hereby as a Marketing Head of Dettol, I take the opportunity to launch “Dettol Active Kitchen Sparkler”
    5. 5. 75% 10% 10% 5% Existing Brand Preferance Vim Pril Dettol Others Market Study
    6. 6. Rate of usage Once Twice Thrice More Use/Day
    7. 7. Rate of Purchase (500ml gel) 5% 90% 5% People 2 Weeks Monthly 2 Months
    8. 8. Price customer is willing to pay (500ml) 0 5 10 15 20 80-100 100-120 120 & above People People
    9. 9. Basis of Research Sample Size Number of Respondents-20 Survey done on- Women. Age-15-60 Methodology Primary Data Collection Method by opting Random Sampling through Questionnaire Objectives • To understand the influence of product on consumer’s mind • To analyse Market Potential • To understand the acceptance of the product • To find the rate of the product category usage
    10. 10. Conclusion of Research • Experiment was conducted by collecting response of sample. • Accordingly the product attributes have been designed and packaged, that falls in line with the analysed result obtained from research conducted.
    11. 11. 1. Trusted Dettol Protection for a truly healthy kitchen 2. Kills 99.9% of invisible germs on utensils & kitchen surfaces 3. Cleans & disinfects multiple surfaces like Dishes, Kitchen Sinks & Slabs 4. Leaves utensils sparkling clean 5. Dermatologically tested, safe on hands. 6. Pocket Friendly. Attributes
    12. 12. Strengths & Threats Strength • The Brands germ-kill heritage is seen as strong and adds on the trust worthiness • Brand comes from reputed company Reckitt Benckiser Ltd. • Has other products like antiseptic,sanitizers, hand wash etc. • Dettol has high buyer readiness. Threats • Other emerging players and alternatives available. • Other players in anti bacterial category.
    13. 13. Create Value for Customers Segmentation Divide the total market into smaller segments Targeting Select target customers Positioning Position the market offerings in the minds of target customers STP
    14. 14. Segmentation Demographic Age Sex Gender Income Occupation Education Family Size Family Life Cycle Religion Others Geographic World Region Country Metro (city) Town Village Population density Climate Others Psychographic Social class Life style Personality Behavioural Benefits User status Usage rate Loyalty status Readiness stage Marketing Factors Attitudes towards Product
    15. 15. Demograhic Segmentation- Our product caters to following Demographic segments-  Housewifes and working women  Age 15 onwards  Restaurant kitchens  Office canteens  Colleges and School Canteens  Hostel mess  Hospital Canteens  Defence Mess
    16. 16. Geographic Segmentation-  Metros with high population:  Mumbai  Delhi  Bangaluru  Kolkata  Other 2 tier cities and Tourist Hotspots:  Pune  Chennai  Indore  Lucknow  Hyderabad  Goa  Jammu&Kashmir  Kerela
    17. 17. Psychographic Segmentation- • Caters to people of multiple social class and strata. • Usage does not depend categorically upon lifestyles because it can be used in all kitchens and places of cooking food products.
    18. 18. Behavioural Segmentation- • The user status of the product could be any anything ranging from a housewife to a worker in a mess or a canteen. • Dettol Kitchen Sparkler is a everyday use product. • Hence such products can be termed as a customer loyalty product. • Will appeal to people who are disinfectant freaks.
    19. 19. Targeting • Housewives • Hotels and Restaurants • Other places with c food products are offered viz. canteens &mess. • Appealing to people who are cleanliness freaks.
    20. 20. Positioning • Product Positioning is what comes to mind when your target market thinks about your product as compared to your competitors product. • Product positioning is a crucial ingredient of buying process and should never be left to chance. • It is an opportunity to influence markets perception towards your product.
    21. 21. • Dettol Active Kitchen Sparkler gives you germ free and hygienic kitchen at a reasonable cost. • Ideal for dish wash • Trusted Brand over decades. • Introducing natural essence of Orange, Mint and Fennel (Saunf) in a concentrated liquid containing natural products like vinegar and lime that removes stains and help keep your kitchen germ free .
    22. 22. 4 P’s Product: Dettol Active Orange+ Features:  The powerfu Gel removes grease, food residues and kills germs to leave dishes sparkling new with an essence of fresh orange for lasting a freshning effect.  Available in 2.5 ltr, 1ltr ,500 & 250ml bottle and also pouch.
    23. 23. Dettol Mint with Lemon Extracts Features:  Dettol Active Kitchen ensures that what you cook healthy is also served healthy.  Germ free....Clean for Real.  Feel the Cool effects of MINT on each utensil.  Available in 2.5 ltr, 1ltr ,500 & 250ml bottle and also pouch.
    24. 24. Dettol Acti-Lime with Essence of Fennel Features:  New Dettol Healthy Kitchen Dish & Slab Gel concentrated formula with “Essence of FENNEL (Saunf)” has been developed to effectively cut through nasty kitchen grease and dried on food, while still offering Dettol's trusted germ protection.  Available in 2.5 ltr, 1ltr ,500 & 250ml bottle and also pouch.
    25. 25. Place Metros and Pune, Bengaluru, Ahmedaba d, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kere la, Haryana, Punjab Malls, supermarkets, Retail outlets, kirana stores etc. Tier 2 Cities Tourist Hotspots, Markets, hostels etc Others High terrain areas, defence area kitchens and such other places.
    26. 26. Price Price of Products Price Quality Strategy High Value Product:- High Quality and Medium price. Dettol Product Qty Pack Price Dettol Active Orange+ 2.5ltr 1 ltr 500ml 250ml Bottle 305/- 167/- 88/- 45/- 140ml Pouch 20/- Dettol Mint with Lemon Extracts 2.5ltr 1 ltr 500ml 250ml Bottle 305/- 167/- 88/- 45/- 140ml Pouch 20/- Dettol Acti-Lime with essence of Fennel 2.5ltr 1 ltr 500ml 250ml Bottle 305/- 167/- 88/- 45/-
    27. 27. Penetration Survival Profit Maximize Growth Pricing Strategy
    28. 28. Promotion • Tie up with food joints and restaurants. • Tie up with cookery shows. • Hold exibitions. • Tie up with Food channels like “FOOD FOOD”. • Tie ups with Hospitals and Railways. • Free sample pouches with newspapers and food and health magazines.
    29. 29. DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL Consumer Distributor Sub Distributer Retailer S.K.U or C/F Agent Manufacturing Unit (factory)
    30. 30. RADIO Campaign Cost: 9-11lakhs NEWSPAPERS & MAGAZINE Cost : 60 lakhs TELEVISION National Commercial Channels for 45 days Cost:10-12 crores E-Advertising Cost: 5-6lakh Advertisement Budget
    31. 31. Marketing Funda • My job as a marketer would be “To make people unhappy about what they already have and use and tell them how my product will make them happy and satisfied”.