Hygiene at Airports and Malls


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Hygiene at Airports and Malls

  1. 1. Making a difference with
  2. 2. With the travel and tourism ministry strongly advocating for hygiene, comfortand care, Greenlime has been practicing “Clean India” since its inception. WithGreenlime products being a part of a majority of airports, malls, cineplexes - helpin keeping the inflow of tourists from all over the world.
  3. 3. Multiplexes and Malls have washrooms with the highest traffic.Greenlime understands the critical need and challenges in maintaining acrowded common washroom in the same way as the inside shops or the well decorated lobbies of a mall.
  4. 4. In high traffic bathrooms, Greenlime’s personal toilet seat covers help put a stop to spread of infectionsNot only are Greenlime toilet roll dispensers designed to visuallyappeal a wide array of consumerpreferences but is also built with the ideal material for moisture laden bathrooms. It keeps thetoilet rolls safe – moisture proof
  5. 5. And Greenlime toilet rolls ensure 100% hygienic washrooms– as they disintegrate in water and prevent clogged drains!
  6. 6. All modern day washrooms require an odour neutralizer that keeps them smelling fresh and pleasant throughout the day. Greenlime odour neutralizers have refills that can be set to work hard during the high traffic times! This automatic Virtual Janitor, cleans and deodorizes toilets and urinals 24X7, leavesbehind a lingering fragrance and considerably saves housekeeping time and effort.
  7. 7. Soap bars breed bacteria. Liquid hand wash is a more hygienicalternative. Greenlime’s wide range of hand wash dispensers; drip drop resistant ensure that your customers get nothing but the best – in design and functionality.
  8. 8. Cloth towels become moist and breed bacteria. Hence, they are not hygienicenough. Pudumjee Hygienes paper towels ensure 100% hygiene and help dry ones hands in the most hygienic way.
  9. 9. Putting up such posters at Public washrooms will educate people on the correct ways to wash their hands; avoiding wastage
  10. 10. Greenlime products are ISO certified and 100% safe to use. Don’t make compromises with hygiene. Your customers deserve the best.www.pudumjeehygiene.com www.greenlimezone.com
  11. 11. Thank You