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Environment Friendly Tissues


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Pudumjee hygiene offers 100% safe, eco friendly, GREEN tissues - recycled tissues, ISO certified quality

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Environment Friendly Tissues

  1. 1. Go green!
  2. 2. Conserve your 5 life linesReduce, Reuse, Recycle • Air • Water • Land • Energy (Fire) • Space (Life)
  3. 3. Simple Ideas to Go - Green– Save Energy – Do not turn on the AC immediately on entering the car or room; switch off engines on red light– Save Oil / Gas Walk more, Car - Pool– Generate Energy and Improve health – energy from riding a bicycle can run your TV– Save Paper Print less– Save Water Only 3% of water on Earth is consumable water ......your small steps can make a big Difference!
  4. 4. Go-GREEN with Technology– Cloud Computing - Energy efficient data saving– Use Bio Energy and Fuels– Eco Architecture – Sensor / LED lights and gadgets, Solar heaters– Rain Water harvesting– Carbon Savings– Use Recycled products….initial thoughtful contributions make for a better future!
  5. 5. One ton of Recycled Paper saves • 17 trees • 26281 liters of water • 1752 liters of oil • 264 kilograms of air pollution • 4077 KW hours of energy • 82.62 cubic feet of landfill space HEAL the EARTH! Use Recycled paper Prevent Deforestation
  6. 6. fu tu re g re e nWhat is Future Green ?Future Green is a Pudumjee Initiative to encourage andpromote the usage of recycled tissues among corporate. Theobjective is to help reduce the world’s dependency on forestsas a source of pulp required to manufacture tissues.
  7. 7. Need for Future GreenGrowing Awareness and Concern regarding• Use of environmental friendly products & technologies• Harmful effects of unfriendly products on the environment. future green Recycling tissues to protect the Earth
  8. 8. Why your organization needs to be a partof Future Green!Many large organizations consume vast amounts of tissuesfor their hygiene requirements to provide comfort andsanitation to employees, customers and other generalvisitors. If the pulp for making the tissues continues to besourced from forests, we will soon have no green cover leftto support the life function on earth.Use of Re-cycled tissues fulfills your moral and socialobligations towards the environment. future green Recycling tissues to protect the Earth
  9. 9. A tree saved is a tree planted.Every time you use Greenlime Eco-friendly Tissues, you help prevent green cover being reduced from the face of the Earth. These tissues offer a highly convenient and effective way to corporate citizens to fulfill their social andmoral obligations towards the environment by making responsible purchasing decisions.
  10. 10. Greenlime Eco Friendly Tissues Greenlime eco-friendly tissues are made from 100% recycled fiber withoutendangering the forest cover. The tissues are derived from high quality waste paper grades sourced mainly from USA and Europe. The waste papers are processed in a sophisticated recycling plant using environment friendly Hydrogen Peroxide for pulp bleaching.
  11. 11. Salient features of Greenlime Eco Friendly Tissues• ISO certified for Quality, Environment and Food Safety Management systems – ISO 9000, 14000 and 22000 certified• In the process to achieve Green Seal (LEED) certification and FSC (Forest Stewardship Certificate)• Paper contains minimum 40% post consumer waste paper content• Waste paper is not de-inked using solvents containing chlorine or any other environmentally damaging chemicals• Paper products do not contain any oil based colors or fragrances• Product is manufactured in accordance with higher than expected industry norms and laws• Core in the roll products and packaging material like inner sleeves and outer cartons are also made from 100% recycled materials• Packaging material do not contain lead, cadmium and mercury in excess of 100 parts per million (above trace levels)
  12. 12. Step forward to Recycled Tissues Please visit www.pudumjeehygiene.comemail: