Your Guide to Reviews on Goodreads


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This brief slideshow will provide you with information on how to get more reviews for your book on Goodreads, as well as provide you with some helpful pointers on review etiquette.

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  • It is nice to see the positive reviews my first book, 'Between Two Harbors, Reflections of a Catalina Island Harbormaster has received on Amazon Reviews. I'm having a bit of trouble finding the right steps to encourage Goodreads members to post a review. I'm hoping this message will help encourage some new posts. My second book is now with my publisher and should be in print soon.
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  • Your Guide to Reviews on Goodreads

    1. 1. Your Guide to Reviews on Goodreads
    2. 2. Your goal is to get reviews, especially early in the life of your book. Reviews help new readers discover your book Each time a Goodreads member reviews a book or adds a book to their shelves, their friends see that activity in their updates feed. They help readers decide to read your book When someone lands on your book page and sees no reviews, they are less likely to add your book than if they see multiple reviews. Goodreads reviews work harder for you Goodreads syndicates reviews to e-commerce sites and library sites, as well Many Goodreads members post their reviews to Facebook and Twitter.
    3. 3. Every Review Helps The more text reviews you can get—positive or negative—the more people are likely to add your book. 1,500 1,000 Total books added, by numberBooks Added of text reviews 500 0 0 1 5 10 50 100 Text Reviews
    4. 4. Use the Author Program to Get Reviews Run a giveaway The average giveaway attracts about 825 entries. Roughly 60% of giveaway winners review the books they win. Click here to try a giveaway. Use widgets & badges Encourage your fans to review your book on Goodreads by adding a Goodreads badge or widget to your Web site, blog, or Facebook page. To view the available widgets, please see your Author Dashboard. Post an Excerpt Excerpts are a great way to give Goodreads members a chance to sample your work. To post an excerpt of one of your books, go to your Author Dashboard.
    5. 5. Review Guidelines Reviewing your own book Authors are allowed to review their own books on Goodreads. Keep in mind that a review from the author probably won’t sway many readers, though. Instead, consider posting a brief essay about your book’s inspiration in the review space. Commenting on reviews of your bookPlease do not comment on negative reviews of your book, even if it’s just to correct an inaccuracy in the review. Previous experience has shownrepeatedly that the only positive reaction to a negative review is to ignore it. Many studies have shown that a few negative reviews are actually helpful, as they lend validity to the positive reviews on the book’s page. For more on review etiquette, please see our Author Guidelines.