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The 20 Point Linkedin Marketing Checklist

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile to increase your visibility, generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness with the Ultimate LinkedIn Marketing Checklist. Get to know how to target professionals and reach decision-makers. Marketers invest a lot of time and resources in building brands.

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The 20 Point Linkedin Marketing Checklist

  1. 1. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : For many years, a lot of people have had a common misconception in mind that LinkedIn is a platform for desperate people seeking to gain employment. But today, it has become the center of attraction for marketers, top salespersons, brand influencers, and freelancers who serve the B2B market. LinkedIn is also a platform that promises more than job creation, as it presents numerous opportunities for generations to come. It equally encourages the promotion of sales, audience building, and networking. The truth remains that for you to make a significant amount of progress on this platform, a lot of work is required to yield the desired results. Also, one must have a good strategy and be ready to commit and put in the required effort. If your main objective is to repost whatever you’ve shared on other social media platforms on LinkedIn, then you should know you have little chances of thriving on this platform as LinkedIn has a culture of its own. For you to fit into this culture and see results, the following 20 things are vital to make your LinkedIn Profile stand out. Endeavor to check each one of them off your to-do list.
  2. 2. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 1.GET A GOOD PROFILE PHOTO: For you to do B2B marketing on LinkedIn, you will need to have a good headshot photograph. You may also be required to invest between $200 to $600 for a quality and professional business headshot that you can use both on your profile and across other platforms. But if you can’t afford to spend such a huge amount of money on a photograph, you can have a friend take a good headshot photo of you. Please note that it should be less than seven years old. Another thing you should bear in mind at all times is that LinkedIn headshots are different from the kind of headshots you would use on a regular dating platform. A good posture in your photograph is required to make your profile prominent and not poses like you’re trying to show off how sexy you are. In case you can’t tell if your photo is professional enough, there is a photo tool that is called Photo feeler. This application will give you feedback on what other people think about your profile picture. This tool equally analyzes how your photo can fit into other social media purposes. If you intend to use it for strictly business, then your photograph will be rated based on how competent, likable, and influential it appears to other users.
  3. 3. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 2. WRITE A KEYWORD OPTIMIZED HEADLINE: This generally follows all the basic rules of headlines. And one of the fundamental rules is not to confuse people (target audience). A confused person will quickly skip your profile and proceed to the next one on their list. Another common mistake that people make is using your current title and company name as a headline. For example, “Marketing Manager, or CFO Strategies.” While this may be a good and clear keyword to use, the chances of creating an opportunity for you to thrive on this ever-competitive platform are slim. Using your title or company name alone doesn’t fully utilize the 120 available characters. Instead, you can try using a headline such as “Marketing Manager, CFO Strategies | Award-Winning Social Media and PPC Expert in B2B SaaS Marketing.” Despite having only 103 characters, you can be assured that it will draw more attention and get more clicks than just a title headline.
  4. 4. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 3. PERSONALIZE YOUR LINKEDIN URL: Rather than use this type of URL:, You could use something like or a keyword like: recruiting-service - network. Luckily, this can be easily fixed with the following steps; Click the “Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. Click View profile. Click Edit public profile & URL in the right rail. Change your URL to whatever you want it to be. Click Save.
  5. 5. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 4. COMPOSE A GREAT ‘ABOUT’ SECTION. One top-secret about LinkedIn’s About sections is that they’re not necessarily about you, but your clients, customers, or even the next organization that will hire you. The need may arise for you to talk a little about yourself in this section, but you should mainly talk about how you can be of great benefit to your target audience and the things you can help them achieve. Proving to them that you can make this possible should be your key goal in this area. Because of how lengthy this section is, you might also decide to include line breaks to create various segments as well as use capital letters for the section headers. To make your profile more visible to people, you can sprinkle a few keywords and keyword variations. Most users also try closing their summary with a call to action plus their contact information. Others may include a couple of emoji to serve as bullet points or to highlight their email address.
  6. 6. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 5. SPRINKLE A FEW KEYWORDS WHEN COMPLETING THE EXPERIENCE SECTION. When completing your LinkedIn profile, this is the area where you get to pull vital information from your resume. Endeavor to utilize the available space and consider the terms that your prospective client or boss would use when searching for someone like you.
  7. 7. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 6. FILL IN THE SKILLS SECTION: In the skills section, you can decide to add as many as 50 areas of specialty, but it’s advisable to reserve some skills in your arsenal that can be of use to you later on. The reason is that some people may choose to endorse you for some skills that you possess. If you don’t thoroughly think through what you include in this section, you may be required to delete some skills and its associated endorsements in the future.
  8. 8. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 7. COMPLETE THE EDUCATION SECTION: The educational section doesn’t necessarily have to be all the details of your four-year degree. You can equally decide to add any other license or certification in this category. The reason is that it will give you the leverage to include more keywords that shows you’re advancing in your career.
  9. 9. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 8. RESEARCH THE KEYWORDS IN YOUR PROFILE: Find time to do a couple of researches to discover the related terms that other people use when looking for someone like you. You have one primary keyword that you can use through your entire profile and about 5 to 7 related keyword variations that you can also use if they are more reasonable, sound better, or address various areas of your business skills.
  10. 10. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 9. CHECK YOUR LINKEDIN SOCIAL SELLING INDEX SCORE: In case you need a quick and free way to know how your profile ranks to others in your field, visit LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index tool, and get your score. This index tool makes B2B marketing on LinkedIn a lot easier.
  11. 11. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 10. DO CREATE A COMPANY PAGE: Mark Williams, a LinkedIn expert, says that your company page alone is incapable of getting you the desired engagement that you seek. Nonetheless, it’s still a vital element of your B2B marketing on LinkedIn. It is also an essential element in advertising, so get that company page up and running today.
  12. 12. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 11. POST ORIGINAL CONTENT: The main objective of LinkedIn posts is to inspire a conversation between people. And with this in mind at the back of your mind, you should start creating appealing posts. It will cause people to respond faster. But you should be careful when opting for the “shock factor.” The reason is that it doesn’t project your brand in good light if an argument or series of arguments emanates from the post that you made. Also, you can target at least two or three posts a week. Again, you can choose to do as many as seven or more blog posts if you have the time. You can also add a variety of articles to what you publish. And while doing so, don’t omit the poll. It might not work every day, but a Friday poll could be an exciting means of boosting the engagement on your profile. Over time you can create a schedule that your target audience anticipates.
  13. 13. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 12. ENGAGE WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S CONTENT: When it comes to engagement on LinkedIn, the saying “Do unto others what you want them to do unto you” says it all. So if you want people to actively react, comment, and share your posts, you will need to do the same for theirs. Luckily, this is a not difficult task, and it doesn’t require a lot of time too
  14. 14. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 13. JOIN A FEW GROUPS: Groups aren’t as efficient as they used to be, but for you to have that perfect LinkedIn profile that is admired by all, you may be required to join a few groups. The number of groups doesn’t matter, as long as you select the ones that you will genuinely participate in.
  15. 15. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 14. CREATE AND SHARE VIDEOS: Your video doesn’t need to be lengthy to drive traffic to your profile. One or two minutes is enough. Just try to record a few segments for your profile, and you’re good to go. Make it worthy!
  16. 16. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 15. GET A FEW RECOMMENDATIONS: Similar to the rules of engagement, you can get some recommendations from other users by simply leaving a few for other people. There’s no specific number of recommendations that you must give, but at least three is a good start. Also, recommendations work better over the weekend.
  17. 17. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 16. UPLOAD YOUR “PUBLICATIONS”: Publicizing your written blog posts is a great start as it avails you the opportunity to showcase your work and expertise which could be helpful to your prospective clients, customers, or even your employers.
  18. 18. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 17. PUBLISH A FEW ARTICLES: Publishing your blog posts on your LinkedIn articles will not only help your content become more visible. It will also serve as a means for you to express yourself and showcase your area of specialty. This will help you get more out of LinkedIn.
  19. 19. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 18. DO NOT OVER AUTOMATE: Some fascinating tools will allow you to automate most of your networking activities on LinkedIn, and while this might be very tempting, you should not overdo this. Be cautious at all times because, without any form of a warning from LinkedIn, your account could be deactivated if you are spotted using these sorts of automated tools. And all the years of your hard work will be thrown in the waste bin. The next question that might come across your mind may be, can one use tools like Buffer for automated posts? Yes, you can! LinkedIn experts say you won’t get a lot of engagements from automated posts, but you can be sure they won’t get you banned. But what will get you banned is sending a thousand connection requests in one hour.
  20. 20. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 19. DO NOT SEND SALES MESSAGES RIGHT AFTER YOU’VE CONNECTED WITH SOMEONE: Now and then, most people get the feeling to pitch a sale after meeting someone new, but the fact remains that people hate them. It is advisable to hold back a little longer to avoid souring the connection. Instead, you can solidify the friendship by sending them something else you know might be of interest to them.
  21. 21. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : 20. IT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE REST: Always remember that LinkedIn is a unique platform and not Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This will help you be a little bit more professional in the things that you do when you log in.
  22. 22. LINKEDIN B2B MARKETING: THE 20-POINT CHECK LIST : IN CONCLUSION: B2B video marketing is arguably one of the most recent changes in the world of social media, and because LinkedIn has a culture of its own, this feature helps it stand out from the rest. Posting the same content across all social media platforms has never been and will never be a good idea. This move is particularly bad for a sensitive platform like LinkedIn. But while a high level of professionalism is required on LinkedIn, it doesn’t mean you should come across to people as a serious and unapproachable person. People like to partner with other people whose content comes across as genuine, direct, engaging, and exciting.