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20 Tips to Attract Followers to Your LinkedIn Company Page


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20 Tips to Attract Followers to Your LinkedIn Company Page

  2. 2. The first step is to ensure that the LinkedIn page of your company is complete and clearly appeals to the types of members that you want to attract - your "ideal client". According to LinekdIn pages with complete information earn 30 % more share and if the content of your company page is obviously useful to people in your target audience, those visiting will of course be more likely to click 'Follow.'
  3. 3. TIP # 1: MAKE YOUR PAGE OPTIMAL FOR SEO It’s important that your company LinkedIn Page can easily be found to make the most of your presence on LinkedIn. Through completing the entire LinkedIn Page of your company, including specific keywords in the description of your business and adding compelling photos to your profile and shared content, your LinkedIn Page will be positioned higher in valuable search rankings
  4. 4. TIP # 2: Employee Power The members of your team will be your strongest allies to expand your following. Encourage them to spread the word to friends and colleagues who want to know what you are doing. This is a crucial step to get off the ground for new pages. When workers update your page and share the benefits of your page with their networks, this can be a major boost. Be sure that your staff is accurately mapped to your page (this is correctly referenced in their work experience), as the new connection must keep up with your page every time your employee connects on LinkedIn.
  5. 5. TIP # 3: INSERT FOLLOW BUTTON TO YOUR WEBSITE This simple addition can help your visitors to the website become followers of the LinkedIn page. To force action, you could include messages such as, "If you are enjoying our content here, you’ll love the posts we share on our LinkedIn page.”
  6. 6. TIP # 4: ADD A LINK TO YOUR SIGNATURE EMAIL PAGE Another trick that can pay big dividends, "set it and forget it." Edit the signature of your work email to include a connection that guides recipients to the LinkedIn Page of your company and invite them to follow it. If you correspond professionally with someone, there is a good chance that they might be interested in your Page.
  7. 7. TIP # 5: LINK A PAGE TO YOUR PERSONAL PROFILE OF LINKEDIN Your LinkedIn personal profile offers another chance to capture and refer related members to your network portal. Consider adding a shortlink in your profile, or even in your headline, to your LinkedIn Page in the "Website URL" field. You may invite other employees to do the same according to Tip #2. Like other employees, it is necessary to align your profile with the LinkedIn Profile of your company, so that new connections will be encouraged to join.
  8. 8. TIP # 6: REGULARLY POST CONTENT TO YOUR PAGE Having a steady flow of fresh content on your page can make it more noticeable on member feeds (pages that post at least weekly see a 2x engagement boost, which in turn leads to increased organic reach) and make it more appealing to potential followers. If you are short on ideas, tap the Content Suggestions feature.
  9. 9. TIP # 7: JOIN TOPICAL HASHTAGS CONVERSATIONS To reach new, relevant communities with your content, use three to five relevant hashtags in your posts. In fact, by associating your LinkedIn Profile with specific hashtags in your Social Hashtags section, you will join a loop and react / comment on discussions from your organization's viewpoint, further introducing your brand name to new, appropriate audiences. Try typing eg. #finances in the search bar to see how many followers it has.
  10. 10. TIP # 8: ENTER CONSUMER SERVICE AND BRAND SUPPORTERS Have you got clients that are loyal to your brand? Or people that are driven to advocate for you in your circle? Let them know that it is a priority to increase your follow-up to LinkedIn and see if they may be willing to help by posting to their networks about your organization.
  11. 11. TIP # 9: ADJUST YOUR CONTENT BASED ON THE ANALYSIS OF YOUR PAGE Page administrators can access a robust set of analytics that provide demographic information about your followers and visitors as well as update engagement data. Use these insights to figure out what resonates versus what does not resonate and align your content with what your visitors want.
  12. 12. TIP # 10: INFLUENCERS AND BUSINESSES THAT YOU ADMIRE IN THE PAGE UPDATES Would you support and want to be associated with influential people in your industry, and non-competing companies? Through including them in your tweets (you can add your twitter account to LinkedIn), you will have a better chance of getting in front of their network as they can share your message with their followers. Just make sure you don't overdo it because in abundance, this tactic can quickly become spammy.
  13. 13. TIP # 11: SHARE A LOT OF CONTENT AND VIDEO To reach new, relevant communities with your content, use three to five relevant hashtags in your posts. In fact, by associating your LinkedIn Profile with specific hashtags in your Social Hashtags section, you will join a loop and react / comment on discussions from your organization's viewpoint, further introducing your brand name to new, appropriate audiences.
  14. 14. ADVANCED TIPS When you establish a core on this platform, it is time to grow and these advanced tips to help your business expand and strengthen the LinkedIn community, so that you can find more supporters on your LinkedIn Page.
  15. 15. TIP # 12: ENCOURAGE EMPLOYEES TO BECOME PART OF LINKEDIN GROUPS Groups feature highly engaged conversations among people with a passion for niche topics. When the subject matter experts of your organization engage as legitimate members of these mini-communities, they will help to create visibility for your brand, while also demonstrating their authority on key topics.
  16. 16. TIP # 13: BEGIN A FOLLOWER AD CAMPAIGN Growth in LinkedIn Page is a common network target for brand advertising. Using Follower Ad Format to run a Dynamic Ad campaign. Through tapping into the powerful targeting capabilities of LinkedIn you can use this approach to attract highly relevant followers.
  17. 17. TIP # 14: ADOPT AN ADVOCACY PROGRAM FOR EMPLOYEES This is Tip #2's next step, building a formal structure around the employee engagement engine of your company. Tools such as LinkedIn Elevate make it easy for members of your team to authentically share content and support your Site.
  18. 18. TIP # 15: ENCOURAGE SENIOR EXECUTIVES AND MEMBERS TO @MENTION YOUR PAGE The most prominent figures in your industry act as critical voices, and often have large networks of professionals. This helps drive traffic and followers when they often speak about and connect to your company's LinkedIn page.
  19. 19. TIP # 16: ENCOURAGE YOUR PARTICIPATION ENGAGEMENT Here are other ideas to help you write an engaging comment: • Tag the author and explain why you agree • Add additional perspectives • Expand on a topic in the article • Tag other people you know who may have helpful input • Add data or links to relevant resources (not your own) • Ask a clarifying question • Explain your success applying the advice from the article
  20. 20. TIP # 17: ANALYSE THE CONTENT OF YOUR COMPETITORS In all aspects of digital marketing competitor analysis is important and it does not differ. You should check what other people do on LinkedIn, not to replicate these practices, but the contrary: you can identify the white space and give members something elsewhere.
  21. 21. TIP # 18: CREATE AND MAINTAIN PAGES FOR SHOWCASE A Showcase Page is an associated LinkedIn Page extension of your organisation, designed to highlight a specific sub-brand, business unit, or initiative. Building them creates multiple exploration and entry points for your main Page when necessary. An example an be found here:
  22. 22. TIP # 19: ANSWER ALL COMMENTS ON YOUR POSTS Not each comment deserves an answer, but to answer some question or to make a thoughtful contribution to posts on your page is a good idea. It helps not only increase the visibility of the posts, but also will encourage members to support a page that engages their culture.
  23. 23. TIP # 20: SHARE JOB POSTS ON YOUR PAGE Of course, LinkedIn is a very popular job hunting destination. Take advantage of this service which you can also boost with paid promotion