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Gesdocument Services (eng)


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Gesdocument Services (eng)

  1. 1. Solutions for your companyConsultant, management and advice specialists for SMEs.Gesdocument is a leading firm providing professional services in Spain, specialising insmall and medium enterprises and with offices in Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid and Valen-cia. We offer you a workforce of 100 professionals, made up of lawyers, labour andsocial security law specialists and economists with extensive experience who receiveon-going training and who are exclusively dedicated to their clients.We offer convenience and specialisation for family-run companies and subsidiaries ofmultinational companies, which enables us to apply a professional methodology andbest practice that leads to greater overall knowledge for the benefit and improve-ment of our clients. As a firm offering professional services with over 25 years’ expe-rience, we help, manage and advise companies within the tax and accounting,commercial and labour field with optimum results.Gesdocument is trusted by over 5,000 national and international companies that valuethe support and added value that we provide in the management and decision makingof their companies. Our size, positioning and experience allow us to always be by theirside, from their establishment and creation to their expansion and development. Give your company freedom to create future.In short, our objective is to ensure that our clients feel free to concentrate on thestrategy and growth of their businesses, and to this end we offer differentiatedconsultancy, compliance, outsourcing, formal obligatory presentation and multidiscipli-nary advisory solutions within the financial area, regarding human and corporateresources. Give us your contact details and we will show you how.
  2. 2. Labour advice Accounting and Tax AdviceOver 10,000 employees trust us. We advise over 1,500 companies just like yours on their accoun- ting and tax operations.Over 10,000 employees and 300 companies in Spain trust Gesdocument. Our teamof over 30 professionals made up of specialist graduates in tax and social security law, We support over 1,000 domestic and foreign companies in the daily operation ofqualified in industrial relations and experts in occupational sciences and in Labour their organisations, helping them with their tax declarations, accounts managementConsultancy and Human Resources Advice deals with all of the above work. and administrative management.As your Labour Consultant, we help your business by providing you with solutions in Supporting our leading position as accounting and tax advisors are over 35 professionalsthe outsourcing of Personnel Administration, through our comprehensive approach. who are graduates in business and corporate studies and who work at Gesdocument,We prepare employment contracts, payrolls, additional payments and cost reports. In using their vast knowledge of taxes and financial accounting experience and therebyshort, we provide a comprehensive Labour Consultancy service that extends to the enabling us to provide solutions in the areas of accounting and finance to our clients.area of Human Resources through the strategic alignment of personnel with theobjectives and needs of your business, including the opportunity to expand our We offer specialised accounting advice and tax management for SMEs through acollaboration through our Personnel Selection and Human Resources Consultancy comprehensive application of the following services:departments. • Tax preparation, advice and management: Corporation Tax and Personal Income Tax and Tax Compliance. • Accounting preparation, advice and management: Balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, statements of changes in financial situations, budgets, projections and financial analysis.
  3. 3. Commercial Advice Global Mobility SolutionsWe have established and supported over 2,000 companies and Over 1,000 foreign directors and professionals have benefitedmanaged more than 50,000 notary documents. from our experience.Our services include all of the procedures and commercial management advice that We are experts in international mobility and immigration. A globalised economya company could ask for, from the drafting of documents and subsequent appearance demands great speed from companies in the transfer of their directors and emplo-before notaries to their presentation and registration. Our lawyers and experts will yees in order to meet client by your side in the: Any mistake in the assignment process of an employee may cause enormous delays• Management, advice and processing of articles of association, dissolution and in the provision of a service, thereby seriously damaging a company’s reputation. liquidation documents, capital increases, powers of attorney, mergers, divisions, real estate purchases, mortgages, mortgage cancellations, freehold divisions, and Established administrative processes for obtaining work and residence permits are any other procedures that you entrust to us, from their granting to their definitive also complex and bureaucratic, needing the advice of experts. entering in the relevant Register, taking on all of the management of these docu- ments and keeping you regularly and punctually informed about the progress of We have professionals in the areas of tax, labour and social security that enable us to each case. offer a comprehensive service (Global Mobility Solutions) in the management of foreign nationals, offering the following services:• Legalisation, maintenance and updating of inoperative companies, private and public limited companies. Commercial updating of companies. • International immigration advice. • Planning of expatriation processes. • Establishment of mobility policies.
  4. 4. Human Resources Advice Corporate adviceWe have selected and supported over 1,500 human resources pro- We help companies achieve their objectives.fessionals and departments. El área de consultoría para PYMES, permite capitalizar la experiencia de nuestroHuman Resources Advice: We work with SMEs in the development of a Human equipo de profesionales en diferentes áreas directivas.Resources Strategic Plan that is in line with the strategic plan of the business. Ourmain projects consist of: Proponemos a nuestros clientes una consultoría inicial consistente en un análisis exhaustivo de la organización, a todos los niveles, a partir del cual poder emitir un• Defining the Mission of the H.R. Department. Diagnóstico de Situación y un Plan de Medidas en el que definiremos las acciones• Defining the Structure of the H.R. Department. necesarias para optimizar el rendimiento de la empresa, algunas de ellas con carácter• Defining the H.R. Management Model. urgente y otras que asienten la empresa pensando en una estrategia de futuro.To do this, we define the necessary consultation actions in human resources for yourcompany.Personnel selection: We carry out the search for candidates for a company’s selectionprocesses. We define the selection, the recruitment of talent and internal promotionstrategies for all levels of the organization.We carry out the detection of needsprocess, the selection methodology for the most suitable people and the mostsuitable selection process for the post to be filled.