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Experis - How we can help you


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Find out more about how Experis can connect your company to the professional talent you need.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Experis - How we can help you

  1. 1. businessGrowth isHumanlyPossibleExperisTM— a different kind of talent companybusinessGrowth isHumanlyPossibleExperisTM— a different kind of talent company
  2. 2. More than ever, business growthdepends on putting the right peoplein place – the professional talent thatsets your organisation apart from thecompetition. That’s why companiesthe world over turn to Experis. We’rea different kind of talent company. Wehave the deep industry knowledge2
  3. 3. to understand the challenges yourbusiness is facing and the access tohighly skilled professionals who canhelp you seize opportunity. At Experis,we connect your company in a varietyof innovative ways, to the professionaltalent you need, so that together youcan reach new heights.3
  4. 4. 4what makesexperisdifferent?
  5. 5. 51 2 43No one matches our breadthand depth. We operate inmore than 50 countries,work with over 80 percentof the Fortune Global 500and deploy 38,000 skilledprofessionals every day. Weknow how to find just theright talented professionalswith the skills you need togrow your business.Businesses perform whenthe right talent is alignedto the right requirements ina company. We dig deepto understand the specificneeds of your organisation.Then we identify theprofessionals whose skillsand experience make themthe best technical and culturalmatch for your organisation.We know from experiencethat every workforcechallenge is unique and thateach company’s challengesevolve. When we puttailored solutions to work ina company, the results areimpressive.Experis is a vast network ofconsultants in local marketsaround the world. Wecombine local knowledgeand personal insight withglobal resources to giveclients an edge in the racefor talent. We help youand your company seizeopportunity whenever andwherever it arises.AcceleratedResultsExperience& ExpertiseIncreasedPrecisionEnhancedPartnerships
  6. 6. 6We’re specialistsin specialisation536The number of hours of professional talentwe deliver to clients around the world.million
  7. 7. 7Our consultants have deep industry knowledge and understandthe challenges you’re facing. We will help you find professionalswith the right skills and the experience you’re looking for – throughthe ranks up to executive level. We can work with you locally,nationally, globally or virtually to provide you with short-termcontractors, permanent employees or experienced consultants, asyour needs require.At Experis IT, formerly Elan, we know what drives your company. We knowwhat motivates talent. And with a wide range of project-based solutions andtalent assessment techniques, we know how to bring them together to driveinnovation and business growth.We deliver skilled IT professionals to fit your business, including: ApplicationDevelopers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, CIOs and CTOs.At Experis Finance, formerly Jefferson Wells and Manpower Professional,we’ve built a reputation for providing results-driven solutions andexperienced talent that help companies create competitive advantage.From basic to complex, we customise our services to fit your needs – fromconsulting through to professional talent resourcing.Our qualified consultants will help you access a wide range of skills, including;Project and Programme Managers, experienced Accountants, Risk AdvisoryProfessionals, Internal Auditors, Finance Analysts, Process ImprovementExperts, Regulatory and Compliance Consultants and Tax Specialists.ProfessionalTalent
  8. 8. 8Howwe canhelp you
  9. 9. 91 2ResourcingServicesManagedSolutionsOur recruiting methods and assessmenttechniques identify the right professionaltalent for any position, across a wide varietyof industry and sector specialisations:We balance our best practices with yourbusiness practices and key objectives. Thisincludes on-site management where we assumethe full sourcing burden so you can focus onyour core business.Interim RecruitmentWhether you require 100 software engineers for18 months or a single accountant to help out withmonth-end, we can provide you with the professionaltalent you need, when you need it.Permanent RecruitmentWe make it easier for you to find the rightprofessionals for your permanent positions. We alsooffer a contract-to-permanent placement option toensure we’ve made the right match.Workforce SolutionsWe optimise the efficiency and productivity ofcompanies of all sizes, across multiple borders, tomeet the challenges of today’s changing businessenvironment. Our workforce solutions offer a varietyof tailored service delivery options; from processmanagement, to supply chain management andtechnology and business support services.Project SolutionsWe can deliver a range of resourcing and consultancysolutions for projects where your business may lackthe internal bandwidth or expertise in-house. Eachsolution is bespoke to your requirements; tailored tospecific deliverables; and consists of teams of bothClient and Experis Professional resources. Pricing isgenerally based on time and materials and reflects theadded project management responsibilities assumedby Experis.
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  11. 11. 111111113 4ConsultingServicesCentres ofExpertiseAt Experis our professionals bring significantindustry knowledge, accreditations andexperience to their roles to ensure the solutionsoffered are relevant and practical, delivering high-end results across the IT and Finance Verticals.Our network of specialist recruiters have particularexpertise in a wide range of distinct disciplineswhich we provide as part of our Managed andProject Solutions; or as standalone services intheir own right. Some examples include:Finance and AccountingOur deep understanding of financial processes enableyou to realise cost savings, improve asset managementand resolve process and operational issues.Risk AdvisoryOur approach allows risk to be viewed as a strategicopportunity to drive performance, enhance bottom-lineresults and create sustainable shareholder value.TaxOur gold-standard technology tools and methodsaddress the technical demands, personnel andoperational concerns and the compliance andreporting issues that affect every organisation.ITOur technology specialists have the experienceand skills to help you develop your IT infrastructure,embedding world-class solutions and methodologiesinto your business.• Borderless Talent Solutions• Campaign Management• Career Development and Training• Cost Recovery Solutions• Finance Transformation• Information Security• Media Buying• MI Reporting• Procurement Process Outsourcing• Project and Programme Management• Rate Card Management• Technical and Behavioural Testing• Vetting and Compliance Management• Business Systems Solutions• Internal Audit• IFRS• Legal and Compliance• Mergers and Acquisitions• Transfer Pricing
  12. 12. ManpowerGroup Solutions provides clients with outsourcing services related to humanresources functions, primarily in the areas of large-scale recruiting and workforce-intensive initiatives that are outcome-based, thereby sharing in the risk and reward withour clients. Our solutions offerings include Talent Based Outsourcing, Managed ServicePrograms, Borderless Talent Solutions and Recruitment Process Outsourcing, wherewe are one of the largest providers of permanent and contingent recruitment in theworld.manpowergroup.comManpower®is the global leader in contingent and permanent recruitment workforce solu-tions. We provide the agility businesses need with a continuum of staffing solutions. Byleveraging our trusted brand, we have built a deeper talent pool to provide our clients accessto the people they need, faster. We effectively assess and develop skills, keeping our associ-ates ahead of the curve, so they can get the job done each time, every time.manpower.comExperis™is the global leader in professional resourcing and project-based workforce solu-tions. We accelerate organisations’ growth by intensely attracting, assessing and placingspecialised expertise in IT, Finance & Accounting, Engineering and Healthcare to preciselydeliver in-demand talent for mission-critical positions, enhancing the competitiveness of theorganisations and people we serve.experis.comRight Management®is the global leader in talent and career management workforce solu-tions. Through our innovative and proprietary process, we leverage our expertise to success-fully increase productivity and optimise business performance. By engaging consultants thatvalue and understand the human side of business, we make a meaningful impact on both thepeople and organisations we serve.right.comAbout ManpowerGroupManpowerGroup™(NYSE: MAN), the worldleader in innovative workforce solutions,creates and delivers high-impact solutions thatenable our clients to achieve their businessgoals and enhance their competitiveness. Withover 60 years of experience, our $19 billioncompany creates unique time to value througha comprehensive suite of innovative solutionsthat help clients win in the Human Age. Thesesolutions cover an entire range of talent-drivenneeds from recruitment and assessment, trainingand development, and career management,to outsourcing and workforce consulting.ManpowerGroup maintains the world’s largestand industry-leading network of nearly 3,900offices in over 80 countries and territories,generating a dynamic mix of an unmatchedglobal footprint with valuable insight and localexpertise to meet the needs of its 400,000clients per year, across all industry sectors,small and medium-sized enterprises, local,multinational and global companies. TheManpowerGroup suite of solutions is offeredthrough ManpowerGroup Solutions, Experis™,Manpower®and Right Management®.Learn more about how the ManpowerGroupcan help you win in the Human Age© 2012 ManpowerGroup. All rights reserved.