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Later loop


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Later loop

  1. 1. What is laterloop ? Devices that can use laterloop Laterloop web page Advantages of laterloop Disadvantage of laterloop Quiz BibliographyMariam Saif Al Hammadi 201005815 COL 270 - 005
  2. 2. What is LaterLoop ?Laterloop is a new free bookmarking tool. It allows its users to readWebPages later on phone or web. Whether you opt for the web or mobileversion you will always be able to read your bookmarks instantly whereverand whenever you want. What is even great about this tool is that it allowsyou to read your bookmarks offline..
  3. 3. Devices that can use laterloop
  4. 4. LaterLoop web page Regestration Extention feedback
  5. 5. RegistrationThere are two ways to sign up inlaterloop:- Google account- Sign directly in laterloop
  6. 6. Extension You will be asked to download the extension for the browser you are currently using whether it was Firefox or Internet Explorer. It can also be used by Safari and other browsers.
  7. 7. Firefox“Click the LaterLoop icon or tap ...CTRL + SPACE (save)CTRL + SPACE + SPACE (save & close the page)”(LaterLoop, n.d.)
  8. 8. Internet Explorer“Save for Later « Drag this link to your Bookmarkstoolbar if you prefer not to install the extension”(LaterLoop, n.d.)
  9. 9. Feedback“LaterLoop uses Get Satisfaction where you can easily share feedbackand get your questions answered”. (LaterLoop, n.d.)-Report a problem-Ask question-Start discussion-Share ideas
  10. 10. Advantages of LaterLoop-Its free-Easy to use and safe-Read it later-Read offline-Read anywhere and anytime-Access web sites in any location-Send e-mails to your self-It works both on the web and mobile interfaces
  11. 11. Read it later “users can click “Save For Later ” whenever they come across an interesting site that they don’t have time to read”. (kincaid, 30 May, 2008)
  12. 12. Read offlineLaterLoop is introducing a feature:Download a ZIP file of your links and read them when you’re offline Download as ZIP fileWhat do you want to download?•30 Newest links•30 Shuffled links•30 Oldest links•What you get:•30 links, downloaded entirely and packaged as one zip file
  13. 13. Sending e-mailsThere is also an option which allows users to sendthemselves an email from your phone after reading aspecific page. A great option if something catchesyour attention and you want to jot down a note toyourself.
  14. 14. Disadvantage of LaterLoop Does not include images to save
  15. 15. LaterLoop quiz………..….is a disadvantage of laterloop Does not include images to Read offline save Send e-mails Read later
  16. 16. Well done!Lets move to the next question
  17. 17. Oops!That’s wrong. Try again? Yes No
  18. 18. LaterLoop quizLaterloop is not free bookmarking tool True False
  19. 19. Well done!Lets move to the next question
  20. 20. Oops!That’s wrong. Try again? Yes No
  21. 21. LaterLoop quiz Save for later is a drag link for the Firefox extension True False
  22. 22. Well done!Lets move to the next question
  23. 23. Oops!That’s wrong. Try again? Yes No
  24. 24. LaterLoop quiz …………….. Is not a feedback Ask Question Start discussion Share ideas Sending e-mails
  25. 25. Well done!Lets move to the next question
  26. 26. Oops!That’s wrong. Try again? Yes No
  27. 27. LaterLoop quiz Laterloop supports blogs True False
  28. 28. Well done! Finish
  29. 29. Oops!That’s wrong. Try again? Yes No
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