Enter Camp Outline By C Vexperts


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This is the promo outline for a project of www.cvexperts.gr for a Training Camp for new enterpreneurs.

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Enter Camp Outline By C Vexperts

  1. 1. Young Entrepreneurs of the Future Business Camp Outline
  2. 2. Young Entrepreneurs of the Future Business Camp Vision To Develop the Future Talents* for the Society * The Essential Characteristics of the Future Talents Integrity Entrepreneurship Global Vision International Competitiveness Continuous Learning Team Work Empathy Responsibility
  3. 3. Young Entrepreneurs of the Future Business Camp Targeting Target Participants: Potential entrepreneurs mostly among universities and graduate schools. Duration: 10 hours
  4. 4. Young Entrepreneurs of the Future Business Camp Objective Camp Objective To train the students through the BUSINESS CAMP, including team building, mentor coaching, business plan development, entrepreneurial workshops, and business games.
  5. 5. Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs are in our Camp TODAY!! You can either work for an entrepreneur or be an entrepreneur. Which will it be?
  6. 6. Bill Gates b. 1955 • By linking his Microsoft software to IBM's first PCs, he dominated the industry • He developed a two- prong strategy of expanding the market while maintaining a strong hold on competitors
  7. 7. Jeff Bezos b. 1964 • Founded Amazon.com, in 1994 • Bezos pioneered techniques that have become staples of online sales.
  8. 8. Tom Anderson & Chris DeWolfe • Founders of MySpace.com • Registering 160,000 people per day with no marketing
  9. 9. Chad Hurley, 29; Steve Chen, 28 & Jawed Karim, 27 • Founders of YouTube • Broadcasts 100 million short videos daily on myriad subjects • Sold to Google
  10. 10. Pierre Omidyar b. 1967 • Founder of EBay, which made the promise of the Internet a reality by connecting far-flung customers with the goods they wanted to buy
  11. 11. Mitch Cohen, 20 • Started his latest company, ClixConnect, to help online retailers improve customer service on their Web sites • Started his first business when he was 16 • The six-employee business, has landed about 70 clients so far
  12. 12. Go Out and DO IT
  13. 13. Pre-paired by www.cvexperts.gr / gzouni@cvexperts.gr