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James Rizzi

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James rizzi

  1. 1. James Rizzi, modern pop artist, became famousfor the 3D paper sculptures he invented. Alsoloved were the playful and childlike forms andbright colors which became his artistic trademark.
  2. 2. Another claim to famecame through theapplication of hisdistinctive style to alarge variety ofeveryday objects –from stamps to theRizzi house, frompuzzles to the Rizzi jetplane, from chinawareto Rizzi cars andtrains.
  3. 3. The Rizzi House in Germany
  4. 4. Many of his paintings and sculptures were ofpeople and buildings, both found in largequantities in New York, where he spent his life.
  5. 5. His style is a fun one to imitate. Simple eyes (almond shaped with a circle and center black dot) Simple noses (shaped like a 6 or upside down 7) Used bright, contrasting colors
  6. 6. His buildings were full of character and composed ofsimple shapes and lines.
  7. 7. To create your own Rizzi inspired work, draw a picturewith bold lines using an oil pastel and then use brightwatercolors to paint! Choose either faces orbuildings.