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Geoff Thompson, Synergistic Life Bulletproof Wealth Strategy


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Chicago-based Synergistic Life Services presents an outline of a turnkey wealth building strategy that is combined with fortress fund.

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Geoff Thompson, Synergistic Life Bulletproof Wealth Strategy

  1. 1. SYNERGISTIC LIFE Combined With Fortress Fund
  2. 2. THE STRATEGY • Life Insurance Premium Accumulation Is Non-Taxable • Loans Against Accrued Premiums Including Returns Can Be Taken From The Policy In A Zero-Sum Strategy • Death Benefits Can Be Transferred To Heirs On A Non-Taxable Basis • The Fund Is Designed As A Profit Center • The Fund Creates Earnings Through The Assets That It Manages • The Life Insurance Carrier Operates To Create A Tax- Favorable Vehicle To Attract Assets To The Fund • This Model Is Referred To As An IDF AKA “Insurance Dedicated Fund”
  3. 3. SYNERGISTIC LIFE STRUCTURE Structural Overview Life Insurance Carrier License Off Shore Multi- Strategy Mirror Fund U.S. Based Multi- Strategy Hedge Fund Bermuda
  4. 4. THE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY • The Company Is Formed In Bermuda • The Company Receives a 20 Year Tax Exemption On Corporate Profits • Bermuda Is The Largest Off-Shore Insurance Licensing Jurisdiction In The World • The Company Creates Insurance Treaties With Swiss RE And Munich RE To Off-Set The Mortality Risk And Issues Its Own Policies • These Policies Are Known As Private Placed Life Insurance And Private Placed Variable Annuities
  5. 5. LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY PRODUCT STRUCTURE Life Insurance Company Private Placed Life Insurance Private Placed Variable Annuity GAC AKA Group Annuity Contract Captive Insurance Policy Re-Insurance Wrap
  6. 6. THE FUND • The Fund Is Designed To Be a Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund To Re-Invest Insurance Company Premiums • The Fund Will Enter Into A Management Agreement With The Insurance Company To Control The Premiums A AUM (Assets Under Management) • The Fee Structure will Range From A Traditional 1% To 2/20% Which Is The Traditional Hedge Fund Structure Dependent Upon Fund Allocations • The Fund IS Mirrored Off-Shore In Bermuda To Attract The European And Asian Market Sectors That Will Not Invest In The U.S.
  7. 7. STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS Insurance Company Issues PPLI/PPVA • Clients Premiums Become Non- Taxable On Growth • Clients Can Access Growth Through Loans Non-Taxable • Re-Insurance Mitigates Risk Of Death Through Policy Wrap for .70 Basis Point Extracted Annually From Clients Net Of Fees Growth U.S. Based Multi- Strategy Fund • 5 Investment Buckets To Diversify The Investments and Qualify The Fund Under IRS Guidelines As Non-Taxable To The Client • Fund Management Receives 2/20% on Assets Under Management Through Contract With Insurance Carrier Bermuda Based Mirror Fund • U.S. Fund Structure Is Duplicated In Bermuda Through A “B” Class Securities Filing • The Fund Is Designed To Attract Foreign Investments That Like The Design Structure But Chose Not To Invest Within The U.S. Based Upon Unfavorable Tax Consequences
  8. 8. TWO SIDED FUND STRUCTURE The Fund Structure Private Equity FX Fixed Income MACRO Real Estate U.S. Based Fund Bermuda Based Mirror Fund