Socrative and related map apps


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A useful sheet provided by Danny O' Callaghan and colleagues for using iPad apps along with Socrative to test global core knowledge.

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Socrative and related map apps

  1. 1. Ipad Maps and Apps - South AmericaLearning ObjectivesKNOW the difference between a continent and a countryRECOGNISE the countries in South AmericaBE ABLE to find information using appsBE ABLE to use the Ipad to research informationLearning outcomesCompleted questions from the Globe App, Maps APP and the Socrative taskPrior to the lessonMake sure that1. You have downloaded the Globe App.2. Download the Flags and Capitals App.3. Download Stack the Countries Lite App4. The Maps App is accessible (Tip: Put all 3 Apps in one folder)4. You have created a Socrative account You have the unique Classroom number at the top of your Socrative account page. This has to be sharedwith the students.6. You have created your quiz. LessonIntroduction - setting up the Ipads1. Turn on Ipads ensure they have enough power for the lesson.2. Open the 3 Apps3. Explain how to switch between the 3 apps (Tip: Double click the Home button to reveal the Apps that are open)4. Using SAFARI students need to go to m.socrative.com5. They have to enter the room number and then join the room.Tasks 1. Globe App Answer the Questions set on sheet provided 3. Whilst students are finding the answers to these questions, the 10 Socrative 2, Maps App questions can be released as and when the Answer the Questions set on sheet provided teacher decides.4. Having answered the questions the students should have enough information to nowuse the Stack the Countries App On the introduction page above the GET THE FULL VERSION bar should be a map of one of the continents and a ? Tap the continent map – spin the continents and then tap on South America Choose select Tap play game
  2. 2. Ipad Maps and Apps - South America Ensure students READ the instructions this explains the task. If they get a FLAG question refer them to the Flags and Capitals App. When they have achieved the correct stack height they will get a Level completed screen. They can then choose the country they have earned. Tap on My countries and the country will be added to the continentPlenaryAsk the students 1 fact that they have learnt from the lesson. Record using the camera app. This canbe used as a starter in the next lesson.Danny O’Callaghan and Simon HarrisonGeography DepartmentKingdown SchoolWarminsterWiltshireBa12