Taking a Bite-Sized Approach to Marketing Automation


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This webinar will present new research as well as case study examples showing the phased approach many companies are taking to rolling out marketing automation systems.

The new study conducted by DemandGen Report will highlight the success companies are having with building block tools such as email marketing, web forms and landing pages, it will also demonstrate the building block approach companies are taking to graduate to more sophisticated functionality such as lead nurturing and lead scoring.

A sample of research to be discussed during the webinar includes:
➢ The % of features and functionality current users say they are effectively using;
➢ The correlation between the length of time a system has been in place and the functionality being utilized
➢ The biggest hurdles companies face to utilize more of the tools and functionality

Featured Speakers:
Andrew Gaffney, Editor, DemandGen Report
Matt West, Director of Marketing, Genius.com

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Taking a Bite-Sized Approach to Marketing Automation

  1. 1. Taking a Bite-Sized Approach to Marketing Automation Featuring New Survey Data from DemandGen Report
  2. 2. Welcome Webinar Attendees Your GoToWebinar Attendee Viewer is made of 2 parts: 1. Viewer Window 2. Control Panel Type your question here
  3. 3. SpeakersAndrew GaffneyEditorDemandGen ReportMatt WestDirector of MarketingGenius.com
  4. 4. About DemandGen Report•  Over 25k subscribers to our weekly newsletter•  Source for: •  White Papers •  E-books •  Web Seminars •  Podcasts •  Daily BtoB Marketing insights
  5. 5. New Executive Briefing:Measured Approach To MarketingAutomation Shows Biggest Payoff Available to All Attendees
  6. 6. Marketing Automation is a process
  7. 7. Rate the level of priority given to each functional area PRIOR to selecting/ deploying a marketing automation solution. 82.1% Email Marketing 14.3% 3.6% 43.7% Drip Email Marketing 34.5% 21.8% 60.7% Lead Nurturing 23.2% 16.1% Very Important 35.7% Lead Scoring 41.1% 23.2% SomewhatAnonymous Visitor Tracking 27.8% 46.3% Important 25.9% Not Prioritized 63.6% Web Forms 21.8% 14.5% 58.2% Landing Pages 34.5% 7.3%
  8. 8. Which of the following features/functionality would you cite as being effectively used by your team after you deployed? 1.8% Email Marketing 9.1% 89.1% 19.2% Drip Email Marketing 42.3% 38.5% 14.5% Lead Nurturing 54.5% 30.9% Not Using 38.9% Using Somewhat Lead Scoring 29.6% 31.5% Effectively Using 28.3% Anonymous Visitor Tracking 37.7% 34.0% 7.3% Web Forms 27.3% 65.5% 9.1% Landing Pages 30.9% 60.0%
  9. 9. Email MarketingPrior to selecting/deploying marketingautomation……after selecting/deploying marketingautomation
  10. 10. Web FormsPrior to selecting/deploying marketingautomation……after selecting/deploying marketingautomation
  11. 11. Landing PagesPrior to selecting/deploying marketingautomation……after selecting/deploying marketingautomation
  12. 12. Lead NurturingPrior to selecting/deploying marketingautomation……after selecting/deploying marketingautomation
  13. 13. How long have you had the system in place? 17.9%26.8% Less Than 3 Months 3-6 Months 10.7% 6-12 Months 1-2 Years Over 2 Years23.2% 21.4%
  14. 14. What percentage of your marketing automation solution’s full features and functionality would you say your team is currently utilizing today? 42.9% 21.4% 14.3% 14.3% 7.1% 10-20% 20-30% 30-40% 40-50% More than 50%
  15. 15. Growth Curve: System Utilization Over Time
  16. 16. Growth Curve: Performance Payoffs Over Time
  17. 17. Lead Scoring…after selecting/deploying marketing automation
  18. 18. What is the biggest hurdle your organization sees as the reason for not getting more out of your Marketing Automation System Lack of Internal 11.7% Resources (Need someone to run it) Lack of Knowledge 12.8% 35.1% Lack of Integration with 12.8% Other Systems System is Limited 27.7%
  19. 19. In hindsight, would you have preferred to rollout a system that allowed you to grow into the features, vs. paying for every feature out of the gate? 46.4% Yes 53.6% No
  20. 20. How to Get a Free $20k Marketing Automation SystemCompany: Networking Company1.  Dec ’09: Signed up with 2 users for Email Marketing (This is now free)2.  Took advantage of the free training, saw immediate success3.  May ’10: With the ROI generated, added new features: track anonymous visitors and host web forms4.  Sept ‘10: With additional ROI achieved, Upgraded to Full Automation Product: Began Nurturing and Scoring.5.  Since Then, have added dozens of users and every feature possible.6.  Now have a $20k Marketing Automation Solution--with no Cash Out!
  21. 21. Baby Steps to Marketing Automation SuccessMarketing Prospect Sales Opens Email Visits Web Site Sends Email Sees Instant Ad or Web Link Chats Fills Out W2Lead
  22. 22. Baby Steps to Marketing Automation Success TwitterGoogle Ads MarketerLinkedInCompany blog Prospect Sales
  23. 23. What were the business objectives that you were looking to address when you decided to deploy a marketing automation solution? Increasing Flow of Qualified Sales 27.0% Opportunities Generating More Leads 26.4% Personalizing Communication With 16.7% Prospects Re-engaging Inactive Leads 13.9% Learning More About Interests of 11.1% Prospects Other 4.9%
  24. 24. Lead/Revenue Contribution of 25.0% Marketing Drip Marketing Capabilities 21.5% Marketing ROI Measurement 21.5%Solutions Ease of Use/Simplicity 17.5% Improved Email Deliverability 12.8% to you in adopting marketing automation? What were the key functions that were attractive Other 1.7%
  25. 25. Lead/Revenue Cpmtribution of 34.0% Marketing Marketing ROI Measurement 21.2% Drip Marketing Capabilities 20.4% Improved Email Deliverability 18.6%Solutions Ease of 8.8% Use/Simplicity beneficial since adopting marketing automation? Which key functions have you utilized most and found to be most Other 0.9%
  26. 26. Ques%ons  1. Viewer Window 2. Control Panel Type your question here
  27. 27. Thank you for attending today’s webinar!Webinar Offer:  Attendees will be provided access to a free Genius account, with access to a full suite of email marketing and demand generation tools.  GO TO WWW.GENIUS.COM/LP/FREE For more information on these topics, please visit: www.demandgenreport.com www.Genius.com www.theconnectedmarketer.com