Crossing the Chasm with Marketing Automation Webinar with ActOn and Gleanster


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Crossing the Chasm with Marketing Automation Webinar with ActOn and Gleanster

  1. 1. SMBs: Crossing the Chasm with Marketing AutomationIs it time to move from email marketing to marketing automation? Ian Michiels Gleanster @InsightFanatic 1
  2. 2. Agenda for Today…• Emerging requirements for competitive parity• Email vs. Marketing Automation for SMB• Key Considerations• Recommendations #AOWEB 2
  3. 3. About the Research Findings REPORT STATS COMPANY SIZE INDUSTRIES Total survey responses: 670 Qualified survey responses: 549 Small >$1B <$1M Business 12% 6% (1-250 Emp.), 134 $100M- $1-10M $1B 30% 39% Email MarketingPersonalization Automation Gleansight Gleansight $10-100M Everyone (Q2’11) (Q4’11) 28% Else, 536 Top Performers: Respondents that achieved REVENUE Top Quartile performance in key KPI’s AVG CLICK-THROUGH AVG OPEN RATE Everyone Else: Everyone Else LEAD-TO-SALES CONVERSION #AOWEB 3
  4. 4. Challenges for Small Business Marketers• Lack of resources to develop content• Lack of skilled staff• Fragmented sales and marketing processes• Disparate data• Poor marketing processes Source: Q2’11 Email Personalization Survey, n= 367 Survey Respondents #AOWEB 4
  5. 5. Crossing the Chasm with Marketing Automation• Are there tradeoff’s between Email and Marketing Automation?• How do we justify the investment?• How will it impact the organization / performance? #AOWEB 5
  6. 6. Top Two Most Profitable Channels are Digital 72% Email 72% 65% Webinars 54% 64% Newsletters 30% 57% Blogs 34% 54% White Papers 27% 45% Thought Leadership Studies 9% 40% Telephone Calls 61% 34% Product Information 6% 33% Case Studies 16% 27% Direct Mail 36% 14% Industry News 3% 6% Third-Party Articles 9% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Top Performers Everyone Else Source: Q2’11 Email Personalization Survey, n= 367 Survey Respondents #AOWEB 6
  7. 7. Technology Adoption Trends Currently Using Tool100% 96% 85%80% 76% 59%60% 43%40% 23%20% 16% 3% 0% Web Analytics Marketing Stand-Alone Email Landing Page Tool Automation Tool Marketing Tool Top Performers Small Business (1-250 Emp.) Source: Q2’11 Email Personalization Survey, n= 367 Survey Respondents & Q4’11 Marketing Automation, n= #AOWEB 7
  8. 8. Technology Adoption Trends for Top Performers Top Performers Use and Planned Use of Technology100% 10% Shift from Email Tools to More80% Comprehensive Marketing Platforms60% 41% 9%40% 85% 9% 59% 16%20% 43% 12% 36% 23% 15% 0% Web Analytics Marketing Email Marketing Open Source CMS Landing Page Tool Recommendation Automation Tool Tool Services Currently Using Planning to Use Source: Q2’11 Email Personalization Survey, n= 367 Survey Respondents #AOWEB 8
  10. 10. Today’s Buyer in a Nutshell Eggshell If it’s not relevant, it’s spam.I expect to have a I do research onlineconsistent customer before I make purchases.experience regardless of I pride myself in makingchannel. informed decisions.“I get hundreds of I’m vocal about theemails in my inbox, why customer experience. Ishould I care about use Twitter andyours?” Facebook, and I have a blog. #AOWEB 10
  11. 11. Today’s Buyer in a Nutshell Eggshell #AOWEB 11
  12. 12. Quick DefinitionMarketing Automation• Tools that automate customer engagement across two or more channels. – Same as: Lead Management, Automated Demand Generation, Revenue Performance Management Platforms• Features include: Email, Landing Page Hosting, Web Analytics, Segmentation, CRM Integration, Lead Scoring, Campaign Execution, Social Media Integration #AOWEB 12
  13. 13. What’s driving adoption? (according to Small Business)Top 3 Reasons to Implement Email Marketing Allows me to Our customers It’s affordable / respond to want / like fits my budget market changes email quickly communicationTop 3 Reasons to Implement Marketing Automation Increase Generate Generate more marketing revenue leads efficiency #AOWEB 13
  14. 14. Critical to Understand the Buyers Journey Customer Buying CycleAttention Interest Desire• Known Problem? • Recognized need • Seek solution to Action need A purchase decision is a series of interactions over one or more channels. #AOWEB 14
  15. 15. Top Performing organizations are 4 timesmore likely than Everyone Else to engage in nurture marketing tactics. #AOWEB 15
  16. 16. Personalization Demands AutomationLead Nurturing is a set of interactions triggered by:1. Time = Drip Marketing2. Behavior / Action = Trigger Marketing Lead Nurturing helps automate the right message, at the right time, in the right place. #AOWEB 16
  17. 17. Use of Lead Nurturing Tactics Tactics: Using Lead Nurturing Percentage using Tactic 100% 80% 60% 40% Top Performer 20% Everyone Else 0% Drip Trigger Lead Campaigns Campaigns Scoring Everyone Else 89% 19% 5% Top Performer 78% 43% 23% #AOWEB 17
  18. 18. What’s the best vehicle for delivering more timely and relevant customer engagement? #AOWEB 18
  19. 19. Let’s Get Ready to Ruuuummmmble! MARKETING AUTOMATION EMAIL MARKETING #AOWEB 19
  20. 20. Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation 20
  21. 21. What’s the difference? Email Marketing Marketing AutomationDrip Marketing Email CommunicationsEvent Based Email CommunicationsCRM IntegrationBusiness Rules to Automate EngagementBusiness Rules to Route LeadsMulti-channel Monitoring and Engagement #AOWEB 21
  22. 22. Disparate Systems = Disparate Customer Experiences Email Marketing WebAnalytics Email Fragmented Customer Data Email Social Media “8 out of 10 Small Business Marketing Mobile marketers use 3 or more marketingCRM List Mgmt. technologies.” Marketing Automation Web Email Business CRM Marketing Analytics & Marketing Rules Integration Automation Forms • One system to manage multiple channels • Automation personalized engagement • Transparency into Marketing and Sales performance #AOWEB 22
  23. 23. How do you create relationships with each prospect? • Gordon • Prospect for Anger Management Software Manual • Doesn’t know it exists… interactions with each prospect isn’t realistic. • Tina • Needs project management software and is comparing A single channel features and functions (Email) also isn’t realistic. #AOWEB 23
  24. 24. How do we create relationships with each prospect?Use technology to automate and track multi-channel engagement Email Clicks on Fills out Product Campaign Link form. Information Call with Sales Resources Fills out on Website Form #AOWEB 24
  25. 25. Marketing Automation Benefits• What can you accomplish with Marketing Automation that you can’t with Email Marketing? – Multi-channel nurture – Centralize all prospect marketing campaigns to activity for improved keep in touch with marketing and forecasting prospects that aren’t ready – CRM integration providing to buy. sales visibility into – Pre-qualify sales marketing activity and opportunities for finite sales customer behavior. resources- focus on short- term opportunities. #AOWEB 25
  26. 26. So…should you run out and adopt Marketing Automation? Not necessarily… #AOWEB 26
  27. 27. It take the right tools… … but, it also takes an Artist with the skill to use them appropriately. #AOWEB 27
  28. 28. Considerations and Recommendations 28
  29. 29. Four Major Considerations for a SMB Resources Content Considerations Sales and Divestiture Marketing Strategy Alignment #AOWEB 29
  30. 30. Resources• Marketing Automation tools will require at the least a part time resource: – Responsibilities: • Manage business rules on an ongoing basis • Configure multi-channel campaigns • Monitor performance and recommend changes• This person will also be required to interface with sales and will likely need to be somewhat analytical to hold sales and marketing accountable for performance.• Mix of Technical Resource & Business Resource #AOWEB 30
  31. 31. Email Personalization ResourcesDo you have dedicated resources that are accountable for managing digital engagement? Top Performers 44% Yes 56% No #AOWEB 31
  32. 32. Content• Content is the fuel that powers Marketing Automation• Don’t get caught up in the features and benefits, these will be useless without quality content: – You can repurpose content – You can chop it up for targeted campaigns• Content needs to map to the customer buying cycle #AOWEB 32
  33. 33. Content• Plan on automating at least 2 lead nurturing campaigns – Set and forget – optimize over time – Top Performing SMB Marketers tend to have fewer lead nurturing campaigns• Targeted content drives targeted leads #AOWEB 33
  34. 34. Traditional Roles will Change #AOWEB 34
  35. 35. How do Top Performers Justify Investments? #AOWEB 35
  36. 36. Divestiture Strategy• SMB’s tend to generate demonstrable return on Marketing Automation because they are quick to adopt and quick to adapt• But, change is hard, so you don’t want to revert to old processes. Force the change.• Plan to divest of redundant systems- email, web analytics, etc. – Factor these licensing costs into the justification for the Marketing Automation investment #AOWEB 36
  37. 37. Final Thoughts• Choosing between Email Marketing and Marketing Automation is a risk/reward thought process. – Time is not on your side• Top Performers outperform Everyone Else by 2-3x in revenue growth and lead-to-sales conversion. – Relevance Drives Revenue• The more you attempt to personalize the greater the demand for automation. #AOWEB 37
  38. 38. Additional Insights:Deep Dive: Measuring the Impact ofLead Nurturing on the Sales Pipeline How Top Performers Justify Lead Nurturing Initiatives #AOWEB 38
  39. 39. Wrap-Up and Q& A 39
  40. 40. Act-On Integrated Marketing Platform World Class E-Mail Complete Set of Tools Approach and Terms Marketing Core and on One Platform that Work Deliverability • Drip, Web Analytics, • Start Simple, Automate• 3rd Generation Email Landing Pages, Forms, at Own Pace Scoring, CRM Integration,• No Extra Cost for Social Media, Reporting • Affordable Pricing; Month- Deliverability and More… to-Month Contracts • Focus Usability, Simplicity • Live Customer Support – and Manageability At No Additional Costs
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