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Same Content More Leads


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A DemandGen Report custom white paper for Brainshark

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Same Content More Leads

  1. 1. Presented by Same Content More Leads An inside look at how progressive BtoB organizations are jumping off the treadmill of traditional, underperforming marketing channels and improving the efficiency of their sales and marketing by repurposing existing content and publishing it in new formats. Sponsored by
  2. 2. Every day some 247 billion emails are sent. “The variety of formats now That’s some 90 trillion per year. And the available for marketers to use reality of the flooded inbox is that traditional media channels, such as email, only generate is expanding fast. We can response rates in the 1% to 3% range. now easily create and share According to SiriusDecisions data, the number video, podcasts, slide decks, of campaigns received per week for the average widgets and more.” buyer has increased 32% since 2006, with the - Ardath Albee, author of eMarketing average buyer now receiving 20.3 campaigns Strategies for the Complex Sale weekly. Sale.” “We can now easily create and share So how do you ensure that your company’s video, podcasts, slide decks, widgets and message is heard? How do you create more.” compelling and timely marketing content that can stand out in the inbox and rise above the In an interview with DemandGen Report, clutter and competition? The old batch and Albee said that some sectors are likely to blast mentality of email marketing has clearly see increased open rates and click-thru rates passed its prime, and the overcrowding and low by delivering content in a variety of formats, turnout for webinars has made it harder to truly which is becoming the obvious preference of a engage prospects in that format. growing number of executives. “Embrace the interactive opportunities and make sure your To successfully get prospects to raise their keywords and titles help your content get found hands and engage with offers, BtoB marketers by those searching,” Albee said. “Your web site need to provide content that is targeted, is not the only place for your content to live. engaging and delivered in a compelling Spread it around and watch who participates multimedia format, via multiple channels and with it. You may be surprised by new market accessible on multiple types of devices. insights you wouldn’t have otherwise thought to consider.” Many progressive companies are refreshing content that has grown stale sitting on the shelf This white paper will provide an inside look by updating the messaging and putting it into at how leading marketers are reaching more new, more interactive formats. “The variety of prospects by repurposing existing content formats now available for marketers to use is and delivering it in a creative, targeted and expanding fast” said Ardath Albee, author of the measurable format that fuels successful lead book “eMarketing Strategies for the Complex generation—while also saving time and money. 2 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER
  3. 3. THE CAMPAIGN REFRESH “Every prospect has a different The reality for most marketers today is that way they like to absorb content. they are being asked to do more with less. Some people prefer traditional They typically need to feed more leads—as well white papers and webinars, as better qualified leads—to their sales team, but others are looking for more while working with budgets that are leaner interactive formats that they can than in past years. In order to succeed in this turn on at their leisure.” challenging climate, marketers need to have at their disposal a pool of sales and marketing - Brian Kardon, CMO of Eloqua content that they can glean from and craft customized campaigns to reach prospects campaigns, provide no real engagement metrics at any time—quickly—throughout the buying after a prospect downloads. “As a marketer, cycle. And that means continually refreshing you have no real idea if they read the paper or if campaign content from multiple sources that they passed it along to members of their team,” can be repurposed in creative ways that focus Kardon said. “Tools like Brainshark give us on the specific areas of interest of your target intelligence into when they viewed the content audiences. and how long they stayed engaged.” Brian Kardon, CMO of Eloqua, one of the In addition to seeing increased “absorption” top marketing automation providers, said and improved engagement metrics, Kardon Eloqua, as well as many of his clients, are now said multimedia platforms are helping BtoB incorporating more on-demand multimedia marketers stretch their marketing dollars by platforms like Brainshark into their demand migrating existing content messages into new generation campaigns. “Every prospect has formats. a different way they like to absorb content,” To engage prospects in their preferred medium, Kardon said. “Some people prefer traditional progressive marketers have learned it is critical white papers and webinars, but others are to deliver their message in a customized, looking for more interactive formats that they targeted presentation that is short, to-the-point can turn on at their leisure.” and utilizes multimedia tools. To be heard above Although webinars are typically offered on- the noise and clutter of email for example, demand, Kardon pointed out that they are utilizing video, audio and tracking tools offer somewhat “time-locked,” which can limit a better response rate coupled with a better their effectiveness. And white papers, which return on investment than traditional benign are still a staple of many demand generation email blasts and bulky attachments. 3 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER
  4. 4. MAPPING CONTENT “In order to get attention, The reality of engaging prospects across marketers must develop different mediums with different messages valuable, relevant, compelling requires a coordinated library of content where and consistent messages so you can cherry-pick the message, data and that prospects actually ‘opt-in’ information that you need to reach specific to receive the marketing. It’s the customers or a database of prospects. And, ultimate non-sell. Tomorrow’s working with budget constraints, most marketing is all about publishing.” marketers need to accomplish this at a - Joe Pulizzi, Chief Content Officer of Junta42 reasonable cost. Albee advises marketers to create an editorial/content calendar to help are all fueled by content. Lots of it,” Albee said. identify how content development efficiencies “That puts a lot of pressure on limited marketing can be achieved. resources to churn out not only volume, but also quality content that delivers a consistent Albee is an advocate of the “Rule of Five” when storyline to a variety of target markets and it comes to content. The Rule of Five simply customers.” states that each and every content development undertaking should produce content assets For example, one white paper can help you that can be used five different ways in order create five ancillary pieces of content: to increase the efficiency of your spend and • A series of articles or blog posts; engage prospects in their preferred medium. • Several articles and a few blog posts; “Lead nurturing, inbound pull, social networks, • Several scripts for multimedia slidecasts blogs, email and other e-marketing activities (slides plus audio); • A webinar on the same topic (give the white paper away as a bonus); • Targeted, multimedia emails; Further, the Rule of Five is designed to help marketers provide targeted content all along the purchasing cycle—quickly and efficiently. But the trick today is to take that content and deliver it via formats that resonate with the target 4 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER
  5. 5. audience. This approach greatly increases the “By eliminating the need for odds that it will be opened and ideally tracked registration in order to gain to facilitate a targeted sales call designed to personally engage a prospect. access to your white papers, eBooks, and other valuable THINKING LIKE A PUBLISHER content, you remove the According to Joe Pulizzi, co-author of the initial barriers to building book “Get Content, Get Customers” and Chief Content Officer of Junta42, a web site relationships with prospects.” that focuses on custom content strategies, - Jon Miller, VP of Marketing of Marketo marketers should view themselves as publishers Pulizzi said marketers need to create consistent and their customers and prospects as readers. and compelling content like any publisher. The increased focus on feeding social media, And in today’s world, that requires utilizing search engine optimization and lead generation multiple channels. It’s also important to get has led to what Pulizzi has called the “perfect more mileage out of your content by slicing storm of content.” and dicing it to target prospects all along the Recent research from Junta42 supports the discovery through purchasing cycle. premise that content continues to be king, as Another key point marketers need to more and more marketers shift their spending remember—in thinking as publishers—is that to conversational messages. The 2010 Content their content must be more attractive and Marketing Survey found 59% of marketing compelling than the other offers arriving on a professionals plan to increase their spending reader’s desk or landing in their inbox. That on content marketing this year. The marketing includes the delivery vehicle too. Sending out professionals polled in the survey indicated a broad benign email coupled with a 50-slide they are planning to allocate an all-time high of PowerPoint attachment is guaranteed to end 33% of their overall budget to custom efforts. up in the trash bin. “You have to examine the “Customers are finding more ways to block analytics and see what works and what does unwanted messages,” Pulizzi said. “In order to not, so you can adjust and deliver messaging get attention, marketers must develop valuable, that is on target and engaging,” Pulizzi said. relevant, compelling and consistent messages so that prospects actually ‘opt-in’ to receive the Further, it’s important to create within your marketing. It’s the ultimate non-sell. Tomorrow’s company—like any publisher worth his/her marketing is all about publishing.” salt—analytic tools to gain deep knowledge of 5 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER
  6. 6. your customers/readers. And that entails having to give up on measurement. It is now more real-time tools in place to capture data in order important than ever that content messaging to push out targeted and engaging content to be measured, analyzed and repurposed in increase product interest, lead generation and, multiple formats and media to continually target ultimately, sales. prospects throughout the purchasing cycle. REMOVING THE GATES IMPACTING THE SELLING PROCESS While the traditional strategy to marry content Tim Riesterer, a 20-year marketing veteran marketing with lead generation was built with a diverse sales, marketing and advertising around putting offers such as white papers and corporate portfolio, and co-author of webinars out through gated registration forms— “Customer Message Management: Increase requiring prospects to supply their contact Marketing’s Impact on Selling,” has become an information in exchange for the content—the evangelist for on-demand presentations, stating explosion of social media has rewritten the rules that they are the best sales tool marketing has on content distribution. ever created. David Meerman Scott, author of “New Rules “What we discovered is that a very brief email of Marketing & PR,” recently estimates content that compels somebody to click on a link to from white papers and eBooks would be watch something with the promise that it will downloaded between 20 times to 50 times more be brief, hard hitting and insightful, is way more if they were offered without a registration gate in powerful than email alone,” he said. front of the download. As CMO of Corporate Visions, a Nevada-based In a recent blog post titled “Seed Nurturing and company that helps clients create, deliver and the Future of Lead Nurturing,” Jon Miller, VP sustain messages that offer a differentiated of marketing at marketing automation vendor customer experience at the point of sale, Marketo, agrees that social media is changing Riesterer knows about compressing complex the rules of communicating with prospects. “By sales messages. The firm helps companies eliminating the need for registration in order translate the 30,000-foot company message to gain access to your white papers, eBooks, into a three-foot customer conversation in a and other valuable content, you remove the way that sets them apart from competitors, initial barriers to building relationships with communicates value and wins more profitable prospects,” Miller wrote. business. However, shifting to ungated delivery models Riesterer explains that his company doesn’t doesn’t mean sales and marketing can afford send out a single email without a Brainshark 6 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER
  7. 7. link to it. Riesterer uses Brainshark email a 70% improvement in the ability to get hold campaigns to launch new products, notify of someone following a Brainshark email, customers of events, and share industry compared to when we just sent out a regular research and thought-leadership content. email in the past,” notes Riesterer. “Basically the email contains one sentence and Riesterer also says people have tuned-out three bullet points that compel a reader to click regular email solicitations—and the low the link to watch a two-minute presentation,” response rates reflect that downward spiral. Riesterer explains, adding: “We drive people With spam filters and firewalls blocking emails quickly to the online presentation—which is with attachments, the odds further decrease trackable—and then we can follow up with a that your email will ever being opened. “Even phone call.” click-through or open rates have been a poor judge to determine if a person has any qualified Knowing the analytics of what recipients viewed interest ... because you can’t tell how serious and how long they viewed a presentation, that person is about your product, which provides immediate feedback to the sales team. can burn a lot of marketing cycles on poorly Sales can then tailor a follow-up call based on qualified interest leads,” he says. the touch points of the recipient captured from the analytics. Utilizing Brainshark, Riesterer can respond to serious prospects fast because the And because the sales team is armed with sophisticated tracking mechanism allows him exact knowledge of a prospect’s interest, the to know what the prospect is focused on. For odds increase dramatically to reach prospects example, he points to a webcast sent out to with a follow-up phone call because the sales prospects and found that it quickly went viral team can strike a chord with the viewer’s and was passed around to 100 different people top-of-mind interest. “I’d say we have seen who viewed the presentation. “This was spurred from one original viewer who passed it along, and we tracked it, which enabled us to track the behavior of as it went around the inside of our prospect’s company,” he said. Because Brainshark is used for all lead- generation digital marketing initiatives, Riesterer says 45% of his qualified leads in the sales 7 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER
  8. 8. pipeline were generated from utilizing the data captured from a Brainshark marketing initiative. “I can tell you the source,” he explains, “and that basically is the fabric of our demand- generation promotional campaigns, event promotions, and sales follow-up. Every product we have has a Brainshark, so when somebody asks me about our products, we don’t send a two-page overview, we send a Brainshark,” he the investigative and purchasing cycle. Further, adds. the company knows that its technical product information has to reach numerous people Riesterer stresses that Brainshark puts his sales involved in purchasing decisions. And, that and marketing team in a position to guide and information needs to be direct in order to stave- facilitate their messaging throughout the buying off distortion that can occur when information is cycle—with real analytical knowledge—rather passed from one person to another—especially than just “hoping that they watched or read when targeting a diverse global technical something,” he said. community. CASE IN POINT: A NEW WAY TO A tall order, indeed. But Malvern’s marketing DELIVER YOUR MESSAGE — team discovered a strategy that allows it to AND INCREASE RESPONSE craft—and repurpose—its library of print, digital As a leading supplier of analytical solutions and and event marketing materials to increase lead instruments that measure the complexities of generation and response rates, and to better macro molecules and nanomaterials, Malvern communicate with its existing customer base. Instruments serves a global—and highly “Scientists thirst for good information, and technical—customer base. Headquartered in because they live on the web, they want it the United Kingdom, Malvern constantly strives now,” says Randy Byrne, VP of Marketing, at to engage highly technical decision-makers with Malvern’s U.S. headquarters in Westborough, need-to-know-now data, specifications and MA. “But many people in our industry information—fast. (marketing) still approach marketing like they And that requires Malvern to utilize an array did 20 years ago … information today has to be of digital marketing tools that can be quickly targeted, delivered fast and measured,” he said. crafted—and delivered—during every stage of 8 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER
  9. 9. To that end, Malvern initiated an email strategy “Information today has to using the Brainshark application that delivers targeted, engaging, and most importantly, be targeted, delivered fast measurable marketing and sales information and measured.” that increases response rates to the point where - Randy Byrne, VP of Marketing of Malvern they don’t even measure ROI anymore. can examine the analytics and follow-up with a “We call it switching on the light,” explained phone call—knowing that the prospect already Byrne. The “light” he refers to is the lead- has expressed interest in a specific product or generation response rate attained by sending solution. out targeted emails powered by Brainshark. “When we send out an email blast, we’ll say Here’s how it works: Byrne will generally up front how long the presentation is so the email out audio/video presentations to a recipient can either view it immediately or set targeted audience gleaned from its customer/ aside time to view the presentation later,” Byrne prospect database. The key is to keep the said. He adds that because the Brainshark email introduction short and move the recipient emails capture the recipient’s data, “we can to click to the presentation. Here again, the continue to send that person very specific recipient is informed that the presentation emails because we already know they have will only take a few minutes of his/her time. expressed interest in a specific product.” When the prospect opens the email and clicks the link to the presentation, the prospect’s information is captured and the marketing team 9 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER
  10. 10. CONCLUSION By graduating from a one-and-done approach to content marketing, leading BtoB organizations are optimizing their offers by transforming stale content into more immersive, interactive mediums. Since executives are more comfortable accessing content in digital formats, they are able to measure and track prospect engagement beyond simple open rates to get detailed analytical data. “Marketers need to consider that every touch point leaves an impression,” Albee said. “When consistent, the cumulative effect of these impressions builds credibility through the delivery of information and insights considered valuable from the prospect’s perspective. This is why one-off touches don’t work well. They tend to be all over the board based on whatever the company thinks is important at the time. This tells a disjointed story in the eyes of your audience.” Rather than living with the low response rates of traditional email marketing or settling for less than half of webinar registrants actually showing up for the event, many marketers are taking steps to stop pouring their budgets into the same old channels. As a successful alternative, many progressive companies are breaking out of the traditional e-mail blast and webinar cycle and attracting qualified prospects with more desirable and differentiated offers utilizing interactive and measurable platforms. 10 • A DEMANDGEN REPORT WHITE PAPER
  11. 11. ABOUT BRAINSHARK Brainshark is the leader in on-demand multimedia for business. The company’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform enables businesspeople to create relevant, timely, measurable content that their audiences can access anytime, anywhere, on almost any type of device. Marketers use Brainshark to drive demand, launch new products, and increase mindshare with their prospects, customers, employees and partners. ABOUT DEMANDGEN REPORT DemandGen Report is a targeted e-media publication spotlighting the strategies and solutions that help companies better align their sales and marketing organizations, and ultimately, drive growth. A key component of our coverage focuses on the sales and marketing automation tools that enable companies to better measure and manage their multi-channel demand generation efforts.