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Digital Marketing trends 2011


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Quick overview on digital marketing tactics in 2011

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Digital Marketing trends 2011

  1. 1. Jussi WacklinManaging DirectorOwn. Bought. Earned.
  2. 2.  Marketing Trends Digital Marketing Framework Getting Started in Digital Objectives and Analytics Digital Transformation
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  4. 4.  Advertising spending for traditional (print and broadcast) media has declined by 43.1% in 2010 Digital program execution has grown by 53.2%. in other words, is the "less expensive" digital and social media finally making a dent in the top-line marketing budget number Working through the complexity of multichannel marketing will be high on the list for many CMOs over the next two years Recent shifts in media execution, new process approaches will have to be adopted. Traditional "waterfall" execution and planning approaches are simply not appropriate for the dynamic digital and social media campaignsSource IDC
  5. 5. Social Network usagehas exploded. Now oneout of six person in theworld is involved withsocial networksSource Search Engine Journal
  6. 6. This means thatbrands are alsostarting to gowhere thepeople areSource Search Engine Journal
  7. 7. While B2Bmarketing is still ledby traditionaltactics, like events,the digital isincreasing itsproportioncontinuouslySource Google
  8. 8. More companies are adopting O.B.E. marketing approachMedia Audience Description Touch Points Role Benefits ChallengesOwn Customers Touch point • Product • Inform • Full control • Resource company • Packaging • Educate • Cost-effective intense directly controls • Mobile • Sell online • Longevity • Time to scale • Websites • Engage users • versatility • trustworthyn • microsites • Retain ess customersBought Strangers Traditional • TV & Radio • Build brand • Scale & reach • Investment advertising • Print & OOH and product • Prospect intense media to build • Display Banners awareness targeting • Clutter awareness • Search Engine Marketing • drive new • Lack of trust • Sponsorships audiences to own mediaEarned Participants External touch • Consumer Blogs and posts • Listen and • Cost-effective • No control points where • Non-paid Press articles respond • Authentic • Can be users and media • Viral campaigns • Cultivate • Collaborative negative discuss about • Non-paid retail discussions • Reach • Measurement your offering • Inspire • Emotional is resource intense
  9. 9. Own Bought Earned Web site Display Blogs Mobile site Rich Media Influencers CRM SEM Social sites Apps Affiliate PR Customer care Sponsorships Professional NetworksFirst, you categorize media, then you prioritize touch points
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  11. 11. • Website represents the official destination of a company. Make sure you have always up-to-date content • The more updates you make to refresh the content, the more reasons your customers have to return back. • Blogs, promotion and social media plug-ins all allow your site to become more dynamic • This is the right place to start digital
  12. 12. See if your customers are using mobile to access your website. If yes,customize their mobile experience and make it serve your objectives.This can be done using mobile site, apps or mobile theme to optimizecontent for small screens
  13. 13. Digital space offers elegant CRM system to manage existing customersand sales. It’s always cheaper to retain your customers than to acquirenew ones. If you want light weight solution, try open source service likePHPlist
  14. 14. Social networks are increasingly seeing support Most CRM systems alsopages from brands enable great customer• Discussion boards support• Contact information• Links to downloads• more
  15. 15. By analyzing your website and social site statistics, you can learn whatreally works and what doesn’t. This example is from Google Analytics,which is a free service
  16. 16. Search discussions about your brand. Understand how are the key influencersand what they write about you. Engage with them and comment, answer anddiscuss with them. They may become your advocates
  17. 17. There are hundreds of social networks. Select carefully where you participate as it is long-term commitment that requires
  18. 18. There are many networks where professionals can findsupport, find new contacts and even possible clients. Itwould be foolish not to participate in them
  19. 19. Many networks have tools where you can analyze the audience. DO you know your followers?
  20. 20. Research, analyze, plan, execute, optimize digital campaigns
  21. 21. Plan Execution Optimization Identify task  Produce assets  Review reports Make research  Tagging  Calculate ROI Set Objectives  A-B-C Variants  Redo A-B-C Decide Buy Model  Test Run  Optimization Plan assets  Select best assets Make Media Plan  Select best media
  22. 22. Finding right keywords you just need to key them in
  23. 23. You can also research how much traffic you get with certain investment
  24. 24. You can also viewhow the ads willlook like
  25. 25. Sign-up to advertise on affiliates or sell your own media against commission
  26. 26.
  27. 27. Objective Metrics TacticsReach • Visits Search Engine and social media optimsation; • Followers Advertising, Sponsorships, Public relations, • Fans Advocacy Program • Subscribers • ImpressionsEngagement • Clicks High quality content with frequent updates, • Likes Polls and Questions, Competitions, Online • Posts events, Games and Multimedia • Re-tweets • Comments • Page views • Time spentTransactions • Purchases Good UI experience and design, freebies, social • Orders commerce features • Sign-upsRetentions • Returning users Loyalty programs, newsletters, member-get- • 30-day active users member schemes, check-ins, social commerce • New vs. lost users • Customer loyalty
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  29. 29.  Get Executive Sponsor  Less tools is more  Business driven approach  Less tools, less training  Authority to change things  Integrate reports Consider company culture  Member your task  People, process, attitudes  Objectives matter most Think out of the box  Always learn and improve  Benchmark competitors  Success can be improved ROI in  Network with other companies stead of always increasing sales  Select best projects team  Prepare for mistakes Start small and fast  Review, revise, improve  Milestones & phases  Mistake is OK, failure is BAD  Measurable objectives  Small success results more resources
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