Digital Strategy for your Brand


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Digital Strategy for your Brand

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Digital Strategy for your Brand

  1. 1. Digital Roadmap For Your Brands
  2. 2. DisclaimerThis document contains confidential information about Creative Chaos (Pvt.) Limited, which is provided for the sole purpose of permitting therecipient to evaluate the quote submitted herewith. In consideration of receipt of this document, the recipient agrees to maintain suchinformation in confidence and to not reproduce or otherwise disclose this information to any person outside of the recipients employees directlyresponsible for the evaluation of its contents. There is no obligation to maintain the confidentiality of any information which was known to therecipient prior to the receipt of such information from Creative Chaos (Pvt.) Limited, or becomes publicly known through no fault of recipient, oris received without obligation of confidentiality from a third party owing no obligation of confidentiality to Creative Chaos (Pvt.) Limited.This proposal has been prepared in accordance with the best practices for web-based application development, and Creative Chaos (Pvt.)Limited’s understanding of a state-of-the-art web-based classified system. All timings, flow charts, system designs and related informationcontained in this proposal reflect Creative Chaos (Pvt.) Limited’s best estimates based on the needs identified. However, business and operatingspecifications (including, among other aspects, speed of implementation, personnel, and costs) may differ from those indicated in the proposaldue to variations in requirements, environment, software, programs and other factors. Thus, Creative Chaos (Pvt.) Limited cannot warrant theaccuracy of such estimates.ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  3. 3. Why Digital Media
  4. 4. WHAT YOU MISS IN TRADITIONAL ADVERTISING Print Television • Expensive • Users can switch the channel • Up to PKR 6,00,000 for a front page ad • No track of air time or total number of • 14% of people trust press ads views • Expensive (to make and to run) Mass Messages ROI • The Average consumer is bombarded • No exact cost breakdown with 1500 to 3000 messages a day • No indication of how many people • Targeting isn’t exact read/heard/watched your ad • More carpet bombing rather than • No lead generation tracking precise hits • No conversion tracking
  5. 5. NEW MEDIA ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES Consumers Trust • We know the audience. • 78% of consumers trust other • 25 million internet users in Pakistan consumers online • 6 million+ Facebook users that can be • People believe people and Social Media targeted is what connects them Detailed ROI Real-time Feedbacks • Data on clicks, views, and uploads. • Whether it’s a campaign, or a website, • Detailed demographic data interaction with users is real-time. • In-depth analysis with actionable • You can gauge responses, polls, insights insights.
  6. 6. Digital Strategy
  7. 7. Create a 360˚online strategyTodays online world is complex and values online as much as it doesexciting, and the possibilities just offline.keep growing. The challenge is tochoose the right tactics for the right It is here Creative Chaos offersobjectives for the right audiences. “Web Care Strategy”; a 360It is therefore essential for any degree online methodology to itsbrand online to maintain its clients.reputation that reflects its core
  8. 8. StrategyDeveloping a clear picture aboutthe brand, the audience it catersto and more importantly insurethat it achieves the targets it hasset for itself. The strategy’ssuccess is gauged byperformance metrics based on thetools utilized in implementing themethods.
  9. 9. Content CareWith the explosion of online channels,you need to take a more holistic viewof your online presence. It becomesabsolutely essential to ensure youronline presence reverberates yourbrand’s values. This includesmonitoring your community andfeedback to develop content thatcaters to each and every one of themwhile maintaining your true voice.
  10. 10. QualityOur methods are “modeled forsuccess” that takes compromise onquality out of the equation. Ourdedicated Quality Assurancedepartment monitors each and everyaspect of your digital properties atevery step, performing fixes to ensurea high level of quality is maintainedthroughout the process.
  11. 11. BrandPositioningCreative Chaos Brand positioningstrategy is based on:• Market Segmentation research• Develop understanding of target audience’s needs to discover opportunities for brand positioning via quantitative, qualitative and behavior research of consumers• Identify high potential brand power and deliver brand promise.
  12. 12. MaintenanceProvide clients with MaintenanceServices to ensure their Web Property isfully functional and up to date. OurMaintenance services include but arenot limited to:• Content and/or data updates on multiple sections of a website• Bug fixing, troubleshooting, code inspection & improvement• Database inspection, database optimization and database indexing
  14. 14. DIGITAL ROLL OUT PLAN CMS & Application Development Social Media Presence Campaigns and Promotions Search Engine Support and Optimization Maintenance
  15. 15. How it will Work
  16. 16. BRANDING AND IDENTITY Creating a brand is really about creating a message that you will share with your customers. We’ll work with you to define your message and from there you can use your identity website, logo, and social media. Your Identity Long-term Brand Consistency Recognition Across the Board Customers will develop an opinion of your brand within We like to think long-term. We’ll create a corporate colour the first few seconds of viewing Where will your brand be in the palette that will extend across it. Make it the right impression. next two to five years? What your entire brand. From web to We can help you find the about five to ten years? We can social media to package design precise message to clearly help you develop a brand that and advertising, your clients speak to who you are as a will upscale from a startup to a will recognize your brand by brand. It’s the most important more complete corporate the visual impressions you three seconds of your business identity. make. life.
  17. 17. INNOVATIVE WEBSITE MODEL Emerging concept: Make your website that let people connect with and interact with your organization. Simply you need a social media enabled website.Survey Results onWhat People trustsPeople trust othercustomers more than theytrust advertisements.Specifically, they trust theirfriends’ opinion most. 38 % 68% 30% 27% 20% friends Consumer requested branded advertisem recommend opinions newsletters goods ents ationsSource: Infosys Report on Technology Insights for Financial Service Industry
  18. 18. KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Increase Repeat Visits Create a web property that not only Social Media Following becomes a central point for information but Build a strong and active social media also has the infotainment factor in it. The platform that virally spreads information objective will be to create a web property and creates a digital brand persona. which has repeat visits. Promote the Platform as Setting Standards Main source of Rather than compete with other information brands, let’s set the bar. Rather than The web platform is be designed to chase other’ fans/ costumers, let’s continuously grow and be promoted. All find new ones. Rather than say let’s do information will be presented uniquely in a this better, let’s do something that’s way that helps the visitors find and retain never been done before. Don’t information. compete, set standards.
  19. 19. CORPORATE WEBSITE VISITORS Students & Individual General Customers Public Corporate/ Banks Other Employees International Institutions Visitors Know Your Visitors : Every Visitor is unique and important for you.
  20. 20. WEBSITE MODEL FOR TARGETED SEGMENTS We suggest different micro site that suits your specific target audience so they will feel more comfortable.
  21. 21. TARGET AUDIENCE PLAN Existing Customers Customers Requesting Credit Engage them in different Prospective Card Registration activities that helps in persuading others target Customers Facilitate your future customers audience of their social in registration process through networks. Listen yourGenerate new leads and start digital channel and minimizes customers, help them in solvingengagements with your targeted the processing time of card their problems and inform themaudience as prospects. registrations. about upcoming features and promotions. Target Market 21 to 45 years Businessmen Salaried Professionals
  22. 22. MICRO SITE FEATURE SET CMS based Website Blog/RSS • Admin Panel • This will increase user interaction with the website • Multi user Environment and increase recurrent users to micro site • Will allow creation of new campaigns by customer • Add new content instantly • Update Banners automatically Media Center • Press Release Mobile Version • News Feeds • RSS Feeds • Will allow a user friendly interface for browsing via • YouTube Integration a mobile device. • TVC/Video Archival • Easy Search functionality that could be utilized • Picture Gallery via a mobile device • Events Section • The Latest at Silk Bank
  23. 23. MICRO SITE POWER SET SEO Friendly Analytics and Reports • Sitemap submission on Google, • Detail Report from Google Analytics depicting the • Top results in Google Search number of visits, bounce rate, time spent on site, • Adwords Campaign pages viewed per visit etc. • Adsense Campaign • Optimized Results • Optimal use of Keyword for SEO Browser Support • Firefox 2, 3 and above Web Standards • IE 8 and above • Opera 9 and above • Website Evaluation • Safari • Website Content Optimization • Chrome • Website Components Optimization • Web Accessibility Certification • Website testing on WCAG and Sec 508 • Guidelines and technical report
  24. 24. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – SEO TACTICS Keyword Research Link Citations Keyword Mapping Social Media Integration Defined “Optimized Landing Pages” Analytics Installation On-page Optimization Webmaster Tools Registration Internal Linking Optimization Sitemap Creation and verification Fresh structured Content (Ideas)
  25. 25. EMAIL MARKETING Collection source of Campaigns Dispatch System email addressed with consent to receive emails from brand Select category to reach as required by campaign Social Media Queued Campaigns message Develop Message dispatched & Central Email manage Database reporting Send to dispatch System & Email Schedule Subscribers Dispatch Categorizat ion of Recipients
  26. 26. ROI of EMAIL MARKETING Real time reporting on dispatched emails Based on these reports, we tuned our campaigns and strategies on real time basis to make it more efficient and achieve huge targets..
  27. 27. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT We actively monitor all social media feeds for all mentions of brands. We also recommend using Social Media to address these issues. Somebody who complains today, can be your best customer tomorrow if the situation is handled accordingly.
  28. 28. THE SOCIAL NETWORK There are four popular channels of Social Media in the world and in Pakistan. Largest Social Fastest growing Most watched site Corporate Blog Network in Pak Social Network in the 700,000 visitors from Community world 7200% Pakistan New Campaigns 6 million users + Quickest method of Free airtime CSR & Games/Apps information disbursal No need to change Environmental Great platform for channel aspects public dialogue/education 1.9 million users
  29. 29. SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYSIS Tracking & Analysis Giving you the numbers, quantifying your parameters and KPIs. Also, giving you access to relevant data from your customers.
  30. 30. GLOBAL STATS 640M REGISTERED USERS If Facebook were a country, it would be the third most populated in the world! 200M REGISTERED USERS Heavily populated by opinion leaders and news makers with an average 27M tweets per day! 100M REGISTERED USERS 80% of companies use SM for recruitment 95% of them use LinkedIn
  31. 31. LOCAL STATS 26th Pakistan’s Facebook ranking among 213 countries 6,412,960 Registered Facebook users 31% Females 69% Males 51% Between ages 18-24
  32. 32. SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICES Social Media Tracking & data Crisis Management Management collection Controlling rumors, countering claims and This includes all level of Giving you the numbers, addressing issues. We use interactions with fans and quantifying your our digital PR expertise to brand voice development parameters and KPIs. help you resolve unwanted for our clients. These Also, giving you access publicity. also include status to relevant data from updates and interactions your customers. required by the brand/company.
  33. 33. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT What does Management Include? • Strategy Design • Content Bucket Creation • Page Management and moderation • Community Building • Fan Engagement and interaction • Crisis Management • In-depth Analysis • Design
  34. 34. Application Development Development of unique and custom applications for brands to interact with their fans/customers. These applications are socially driven and have a high viral factor attached to them.
  35. 35. VIRAL CAMPAIGNS Developing a complete 360 Campaign that encapsulate Social Media Applications for Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube. These applications are dependent on their shareability and their content, and can be developed together as a group or in singular aspects.
  36. 36. GAMIFICATION Gamify the entire Silk Bank Credit Card digital experience. Give users rewards for acts like ordering cards, inviting friends and family, registering complaints and sharing their favorite links on the fan page. Rewards don’t have to be gifts or money. Create an environment where users are Entertained, Educated and Engaged.
  37. 37. MOBILE PLATFORM Smart Phone WAP SMS Smartphone based application Web based application Details of points earned development development Banners optimized for Smart Banners optimized for WAP Alerts and notifications phones Find the nearest location Subscriptions based Find the nearest location services Recent Promotions Scoreboard Opinion Polls Card Blocker Social Bookmarking, Sharing Complaints and and commenting Complaints and Feedback Feedbacks SUPPORTED PLATFORMS Transactions Statement Card Blocker Social Media Updates Recent Promotions
  38. 38. ONLINE ADVERTISING – MEDIA BUYING Everything from creative to copy and campaign Planning Execution management to optimization. We provide Creative Planning & Campaign Tracking & Design Reporting the end to end Continuous Campaign consultancy along with Media Planning Optimization media buying. Research Campaign Launch Media Negotiating & Campaign Goals Buying
  39. 39. PROMOTIONS STRATEGY To promote SILK Bank Credit Cards on digital media, Creative Chaos will facilitate in placement of ads and traffic generation to Facebook Page and Website Facebook •Teaser •Pre Launch Google •Post Launch AdWords Facebook Ads Local High Traffic Website Website Post Launch By Google AdWords & Local Websites
  40. 40. ALLOCATIONS Promotional budget will be spend by the following allocation strategy to meet the targets Google Adwords, 25% Facebook Ads, 55% Some High Traffic Local Websites Local Websites, 20% •DAWN NEWS •EXPRESS TRIBUNE •JANG •THE NEWS •GEO.TV •BUSINESS RECORDER •AAJ.TV •FCPAKISTAN •PAKWHEELS.COM •KOOLMUZONE •HAMARIWEB.COM •Some more sites based on target audeince
  41. 41. Quantify your ROI
  42. 42. ROI- Return on Investment We convert the potential of Digital Media into measurable benefits.
  44. 44. Engagement Strategy
  45. 45. HOW WE WORKS…. Prepare Budget Brand Analysis Selected SMS Websites Sign off from client Campaign Objectives Etc. Email Media Issue booking order Mix for web properties Identify primary audience by Search Banners demographics Initiate Campaign LocalWeb Properties Identify secondary audience Monitor Response Identify Media Define KPIs Make Adjustments Vehicles
  46. 46. Thank You
  47. 47. CONTACT HEADQUARTERS INFORMATION: Creative Chaos (Pvt) Ltd. 2nd Floor, Al-Karam Center Plot BC-1, Block 7, Clifton Karachi – Pakistan Phones: +9221-5364065-68 (4 lines) (Pakistan) Phone (US/Canada): +1 (917) 546-0932, (917) 438-0864 Phone (UK): +44 (207) 096-1256 Fax: +9221-5364069