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How to use digital marketing tools to generate sales for B2B technology products. Presentation to InvestNI clients.

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DohertyWhite - Selling Technology Products Online

  1. 1. Selling technology products Driving sales with digital marketing InvestNI SeminarMichael White, 25 May 2011
  2. 2. Agenda How to drive sales, generate leads and increase revenue using web marketing and social media The internet redefines how companies buy goods and services Today when people want to buy something the first place they look is on the web, whether they’re looking for shoes, a car or a 50k technology product Buyers are doing most of their initial research online before initiating conversations with vendors and are better informed at an earlier stage Buyers are also more difficult to reach because of the increasing volume of electronic communications they receive During this presentation you will see how you can use internet marketing, social media marketing and “sales 2.0” techniques to promote your products and services more effectively You should take these “demand generation” processes as seriously as you take product development, finance and quality
  3. 3. Credentials • Co-founder of DohertyWhite Oct 2009 • Enterprise Ireland Marketing Mentor • Ex Head of Marketing at Singularity • Senior Software Product Manager at Siemens • Also roles at Elavon, Deloitte & Touche, Misys Corporation and AIB BankMichael • Trinity College Dublin Computer Science graduate (1990), Post-Grad Dip.White Computing (2004)
  4. 4. Why focus on Digital Marketing?1950s to Sales people find and persuade the buyers1990s Buyers start to search online, find product1997 information from multiple vendors2006 Buyers confer with each other via online networks2009 Sales now use online tools to prospect, generate and qualify leads Marketing Automation 4
  5. 5. Why focus on Digital Marketing? Because this is the way businesses buy technology In a survey of 4000 technology buyers in the US, 80% of these buyers said they found thevendor, not the other way round.Source: B2B Technology Marketing Benchmark Survey 2008
  6. 6. Why focus on Digital Marketing? Because your competitors do B2B technology firms in the US spend an average of 7.9% of revenue on marketing. Source: B2B Technology Marketing Benchmark Survey 2008 (MarketingSherpa)B2B technology firms spend about 33% of that marketing spend on online marketing, increasing by about 3% per year.Source: B2B Technology Marketing Benchmark Survey 2008
  7. 7. What is Digital Marketing?
  8. 8. How to generate leads and sales Generate more leads atthe top of the sales funnel using online marketing – email, Google pay-per- click, social media and PR Use simple techniques to filter and process these leads . ‘Hot’ leads go straight to sales team orpartners/distributors, ‘warm’ leads go to ‘nurturing’ program, ‘cold leads’ arequalified out within 24 hours
  9. 9. How to generate leads and sales Review what you’re selling – its benefits, pricing, why it1 is better than competitors – the value proposition Understand your buyers – who they are, where they are,2 which organisations, what roles, what do they want Create ‘content’ – online information that your3 buyers will want such as buyers’ guides, research papers, case studies, industry surveys, ROI calculators Drive traffic to your company website using Google4 pay-per-click, SEO, email, social media, PR/online PR Capture visitors contact details in exchange for high5 quality, relevant content6 Filter these contacts, sell to the ‘hottest’, generate revenue € $7 Nurture ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ leads until they’re sales-ready ? “”
  10. 10. The tools you use1 Revise website 2 Generate content 3 Launch Google 4 Start Email 5 Generate PR based on buyer to attract visitor pay-per-click Marketing and online PR analysis, add registrations ads campaigns landing pages6 Post to Corporate 7 Launch Search Engine 8 Hardcopy Mail to 9 Telemarketing Blog and Social Optimization selected contacts qualification of Media activities warm leads
  11. 11. Your website1. Your web-site The most important marketing tool you have Your best sales-person 24/7/365 A sales lead generation machine Drive visitors to your site  Home page is the most Get them to take “Most wanted action” important page  Structure, text  Give visitors plenty of things to click on  Make downloads and ‘buy now’ offers prominent  Look at competitor sites for comparison
  12. 12. Drive traffic to the website  Quick way to get traffic to your site  Tell Google which search terms you want to be found for  E.g. show my ad when someone searches for ‘industrial fuel pumps’  Only pay if someone clicks on my ad  Create specific ‘landing’ page for the ad  Avg. 50c per click, can set maximum daily/weekly budget  Can lock down by geography, time, day
  13. 13. Drive traffic to the website  Do not spam Email  But do regularly email contacts who have ‘opted in’ to communications  91% of internet users use email  Cost effective, broad reach Reply  First, build your list  Next, draft your email Visit  Keep it short  “Call to action”  Test every element  From & Subject – determine whether email is deleted orSPAM opened  Certain words will attract spam filters e.g. ‘Free’
  14. 14. Drive traffic to the website First step – keyword analysis Choose words you think people will look for when searching for your kind of product or service Configure your site Seek links to your site
  15. 15. Drive traffic to the website• What? Basically like a website that you can easily edit and update• Why? Draws more traffic to your web-site, leads, sales• Can paste in YouTube videos, SlideShare slides• Can form the basis for your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter marketing• Allows readers to provide feedback Tips • Decide who you’re targeting • Mix of entries – news, opinion, video, photos, informative • Set a schedule e.g. once a week • Use images and video • Basic, medium and rich posts, light & heavy • Strong headlines
  16. 16. Drive traffic to the website
  17. 17. Drive traffic to the website Why? To draw online traffic, and to sell to people 24 hours a day Video yourself talking about your product or service Relate to your business – e.g. “how we used the product” Video a customer talking about themselves and working with you Home-made is good Sign-up on YouTube (2 minutes and its free) Post it on YouTube, and customize your YouTube page Link to YouTube from your website, blog, Twitter ….
  18. 18. Drive traffic to the website What? • Professional network • 250,000 users in Ireland • 75 million worldwide Why? • So people can find you • So you can find prospective customers – ‘ prospecting’ • So you can promote events How • Create your personal profile • Connect to people you know • Join Groups • Get staff to create their profiles and connect • Create company profile • Fill out company product and services
  19. 19. Drive traffic to the website Facebook users by age
  20. 20. Drive traffic to the website1. Set up and fill-in your Personal Profile2. Set up Facebook Business Page (not Group and not Personal page)3. Put links on your website, email signature, press ads4. Encourage people to ‘Like’ you5. Find other pages that have high numbers of your target customers, “Like” them and post to their wall6. Post videos, make offers, upload photos – keep up a steady stream of content on a frequent schedule
  21. 21. Drive traffic to the websiteWhat• Free storage area to put up slide presentations, word documents, PDF documents• Really useful for anyone involved in professional services• (Will post our slides here after the seminar)• Can collect leads from people who download your content• Can place stuff here and link to it from your blog• Can also record voice over on your slides then post it here, then link to your blog or website – good for recording a sales pitch or product demo
  22. 22. Thank YouEmail michael.white@dohertywhite.comMobile +353 86 383 8981Phone +353 7491 16689Twitter