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State of In-Store Mobility


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Did you know that close to 40% of your retail peers plan to add Wi-Fi Hotspots for Customer Access within the next 24 months? By giving mobile access to shoppers, innovative retailers are able to wirelessly link shoppers to:

* product descriptions
* reviews and ratings
* video demos

By connecting to consumers mobile devices, these interactive marketing techniques are creating more unique in-store experiences that are helping to drive impulse purchases and keep consumers returning to the store for repeat visits.

Mobile couponing and mobile ordering also are growing in popularity, with more than 30% of retailers reporting plans to add those apps in the next 24 months. These statistics were uncovered in the January 2011 In-Store Mobile Marketing Survey report presented by Aruba Networks, which will be previewed in this upcoming webinar.

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State of In-Store Mobility

  1. 1. The  State  Of     In-­‐Store  Mobility   Based  on  the  In-­‐Store  Mobile   Marke0ng  Survey,  NRF  2011    Sponsored  by   Presented  by  
  2. 2. Welcome  Webinar  A8endees   Your  GoToWebinar  A8endee  Viewer  is  made  of  2  parts:   1.  Viewer  Window   2.  Control  Panel   Type  your  quesHon  here  Sponsored  by   Presented  by  
  3. 3. Follow  this  webinar  on  Twi6er  using  the     #LiveWebinar   hashtag.  Sponsored  by   Presented  by  
  4. 4. About  Retail  TouchPoints   •  Launched  in  2007     •  Over  20,000  subscribers   •  To  provide  execu=ves  with  relevant,   insighAul  content  across  a  variety  of  digital   mediums   Free  subscrip=on  to  our  weekly  newsleFer…  Sponsored  by   Presented  by  
  5. 5. Panelists   Dan  Lowden   VP  of  Marke?ng     Digby   @DigbyMobile   Manish  Rai     Head  of  Retail  Marke?ng     Aruba  Networks   @ArubaNetworks   Moderator:   Debbie  Hauss   Editor-­‐in-­‐Chief   Retail  TouchPoints   @RTouchPoints  Sponsored  by   Presented  by  
  6. 6. Today’s  Agenda   •  Overview  of  Mobility  Survey  Results     •  Mobile  Engagement  and  Challenges     •  Mobile  Implementa=ons     •  Q&A    Sponsored  by   Presented  by  
  7. 7. About  the  Survey   •  Took  place  between    December  16,  2010  and  January  7,  2011   •  Surveyed  4,000  CIOs,  IT  Directors,  and  network  managers   •  54.3%  of  the  respondents  are  running  more  than  250  retail   loca=ons   Top  Results   •  “Wi-­‐Fi  Hotspot  for  Customer  Access”  is  the  top  Wi-­‐Fi  ini=a=ve   •  Interest  in  "Self-­‐shopping"  is  exploding  as  a  use  for  in-­‐store  Wi-­‐Fi     •  Advanced  mobile  applica=on  deployment  is  on  the  rise    Sponsored  by   Presented  by  
  8. 8. Sponsored  by   Presented  by  
  9. 9. Sponsored  by   Presented  by  
  10. 10. Sponsored  by   Presented  by  
  11. 11. DIGBYIn-­‐Store  Mobile  Strategies  for  Retailers  
  12. 12. Digby  Backgrounder  •  Headquartered  in  Aus=n,  TX    •  Singularly  focused  on  building   the  Mobile  Channel  for   Retailers    •  Enabled  45+  brands  with                         90+  storefronts  •  Enterprise  grade  environment   with  PCI  Level  1  Cer=fica=on   and  24/7  support  
  13. 13. DIGBY  MOBILE  COMMERCE   SOFTWARE  PLATFORM  A  single  so^ware  pla_orm  that  enables  catalog  informaHon,  rich  product  images,   transacHonal  informaHon  and  deep  analyHcs  across  mobile  Web  and  rich  Apps     MOBILE  WEB   BLACKBERRY  APP     IPHONE/IPOD  TOUCH  APP     ANDROID  APP     Image     Goes  here   Image     Goes  here  
  14. 14. Digby  Mobile  Commerce  Suite  Mobile  Commerce  Module   In-­‐Store  Mobile  Module  
  15. 15. Mobile  Engagement:  We  are  Just  Geing  Started   Units TOTAL PHONES ACTIVATED4 Billion3 Billion SMARTPHONES2 Billion True  Opportunity  for     Retail  Mobile  Engagement  1 Billion 2009 2010 Time
  16. 16. Mul=-­‐channel  Retailer  Goals  •  Get  consumers  to  buy  more  and  more  ojen  •  Drive  more  consumers  to  the  store  •  Increase  product  discovery  in  store  •  Offer  relevant  and  =mely  promo=ons  •  Track  store  visits  and  gather  business  intelligence  •  Ensure  the  in-­‐store  Wi-­‐Fi  network  can  support  usage  •  Do  all  of  this  through  the  retailer’s  branded  rich  App    
  17. 17. Mul=-­‐Channel  Retailer  Challenges  Consumers:    •  Go  to  the  store  but  do  not  buy  •  Forget  to  bring  promo=on  to  store  •  Comparison  shop  using  compe=tor  apps  and  buy  elsewhere  •  Pick  up  promo=ons  in  store  but  most  are  irrelevant    •  Are  unaware  of  new  products  available  in  store  •  Leave  store  dissa=sfied  and  retailer  never  knows  Retailers:    •  Do  not  know  when  loyal  customers  visit  the  store  •  Want  to  own  the  customer  experience  within  their  branded   App,  not  hand  the  customer  to  a  3rd  party  marketer  
  18. 18. Digby  In-­‐Store  Mobile  Module   Value  to  Retailers  •  Drive  Sales:  Get  people  to  buy,  and  buy  more  by   deploying  powerful  contextual  promo=ons  within  the   retailers  branded  App  •  Enhance  Loyalty:  A  higher  touch  in-­‐store  experience   means  increased  likelihood  to  return,  and  to  bring   friends  •  Gain  Insight:  Retailers  gather  rich  business  intelligence   around  customer  in-­‐store  behavior  through  mul=ple   touch  points  
  19. 19. Digby  In-­‐Store  Module  Use  Cases/Features   P 2)  In-­‐store     u 3)  Demo  Sta=on   1)  Store  Visit                       Product  Research   r 4)  Store  Exit     Product  Ra=ng   Based  Marke=ng   c h a s e! Saturday   1:00pm     1:10pm     1:20pm     1:30pm    
  20. 20. Summary  and  Key  Takeaways  •  Retailers  now  have  the  mobile  tools  to  engage  with  customers  when  at  home,   when  mobile  and  when  in  store,  offering  relevant  and  localized  offers  that  drives   sales  and  measurable  real-­‐=me  business  intelligence  •  Sales  from  the  device  is  only  one  “transac=on”  to  measure  efficacy  of  mobile   strategy:  store  locators,  store  check-­‐ins,  use  of  scanner  in-­‐store,  store  exits,  to   name  a  few  •  Consumers  are  empowered  to  make  more  educated  purchase  decisions,  to  use   their  =me  more  wisely  and  become  a  loyal  customer  •  All  of  this  can  be  done  from  the  retailer’s  branded  rich  App  •  These  in-­‐store  experiences  are  enhanced  by  a  Wi-­‐Fi  network  
  21. 21. Presented by: Manish Rai Director Retail Solutions Aruba Networks Secure  Mobility  for  In-­‐Store   Customer  Engagement CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011. Aruba Networks, Inc.CONFIDENTIAL All Copyright 2011. Aruba Networks, Inc. All rights reserved © rights reserved
  22. 22. Retail Mobility Roadmap Reduce Expense Reduce Risk Increase Revenue Aruba Unified Services for Network, Security & Management Home Store Warehouse Campus Outdoor CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011. Aruba Networks, Inc.22 All rights reserved
  23. 23. Tablet & Phone Application Use-cases Customers Service •  Stock & product info Staff Cross/Up Sell •  Personalized support •  Context-aware •  Location-aware Attract Customers •  Free Wi-Fi •  Competitive Offers CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011. Aruba Networks, Inc.23 All rights reserved
  24. 24. Supporting Staff Tablets & Smartphone Amigopod Provisioning and Secure Access Control Secure and Staff Mobile App Scalable Wireless AirWave Access Management and troubleshooting Aruba Mobile Device Access Control   Automates mobile device provisioning and secure access   Device-specific bandwidth and security policies   Device-level visibility for troubleshooting & usage reports CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011. Aruba Networks, Inc.24 All rights reserved
  25. 25. Customer Smartphone Wi-Fi access Aruba Benefits   Central customer portal scales to >10,000 users   Wi-Fi coverage automatically adjusts for interference & Customer congestion Customer Mobile Apps Wi-Fi Portal   Integrated Firewall maintains PCI Compliance for shared use   Location-aware & personalized content delivery Secure and Scalable Wireless Access CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011. Aruba Networks, Inc.25 All rights reserved
  26. 26. Customer Smartphone Wi-Fi access •  Amigopod Advertising Module –  Capture customer demographics –  Easily create and launch targeted campaigns •  Location Awareness –  Up to three meters with AirWave –  AeroScout, Ekahau & Nearbuy Systems Integration •  Mobile Applications –  Digby partnership for in-store capabilities –  Check-in tied to loyalty programs –  Product information, marketing and concierge services •  Content Security Services CSS –  Filter inappropriate content Cloud –  Gain business intelligence CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011. Aruba Networks, Inc.26 All rights reserved
  27. 27. Simplifying PCI Compliance Aruba PCI Requirements   Scanning for comprehensive security Rogue Scanning   Segment wired from wireless   Eliminate separate firewall Segmentation   Enforce role-based user access Role-based Access CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011. Aruba Networks, Inc.27 All rights reserved
  28. 28. Video Surveillance Solution PoE Mesh 802.11 PoE Indoor Video Wireless Video Outdoor Video Camera Camera Camera Aruba Benefits   Common infrastructure for mobility and video surveillance   Wired like video performance over mesh and Wi-Fi   Increase flexibility and reduce cabling costs CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011. Aruba Networks, Inc.28 All rights reserved
  29. 29. Inventory Management Solution Compatible with Leading Mobile Devices Certified Proven Comprehensive Interoperability Solution Mobility Management 700+ Air Wave customers use Aruba Wi-Fi for inventory scanning CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011. Aruba Networks, Inc.29 All rights reserved
  30. 30. Comprehensive Product Portfolio for Any Size Retailer Small Store Mid-Sized Store Large Store Outdoors AP-175AP-93 Dual RadioVirtual Controller 802.11a/b/g/nSingle Radio NEMA Enclosure802.11a/b/g/n AP-105 AP-105 Dual-radio Dual-radio 802.11a/b/g/n 802.11a/b/g/n WarehouseRAP-2wg2 Secure-Ports AP-105Single Radio Dual-radio802.11b/g 802.11a/b/g/n 600 Series 3000 Series 8 Secure-Ports 32-128 APsRAP-5 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi 3-4Gbps Firewall 3000 Series5 Secure-Ports USB-WAN, NAS/Print 32-128 APsSingle Radio802.11n a/b/g/nUSB-WAN Data Center/Cloud 6000 Series Amigopod AirWave Content Security Service Role-based Policy Customer Wi-Fi Access PCI Compliance URL Filtering CSS Mobile device access Multi-vendor mgmt. Anti-virus/malware Cloud control Mobile device mgmt. Data loss prevention CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011. Aruba Networks, Inc.30 All rights reserved
  31. 31. Why Aruba for In-Store Customer Engagement? Access & Smartphone & Tablet Bandwidth Control ready infrastructure Role-based User, device and app Role-based Policy based access policy Maximizes bandwidth & Self-Optimizing minimizes interference Rightsized Eliminates multiple Content NAC Mobility Security pieces of equipment CONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011. Aruba Networks, Inc.31 All rights reserved
  32. 32. Thank YouCONFIDENTIAL © Copyright 2011. Aruba Networks, Inc. All rights reserved
  33. 33. Q&A   1.  Viewer  Window   2.  Control  Panel   Type  your  quesHon  here  Sponsored  by   Presented  by  
  34. 34. Contact   Dan  Lowden   VP  of  Marke?ng     Digby   @DigbyMobile   Manish  Rai     Head  of  Retail  Marke?ng     Aruba  Networks   @ArubaNetworks   Moderator:   Debbie  Hauss   Editor-­‐in-­‐Chief   Retail  TouchPoints   @RTouchPoints  Sponsored  by   Presented  by