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Trip in Kopavogur


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The children went to a trip in the center of Kopavogur

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Trip in Kopavogur

  1. 1. Etwinning Project nr. 2 Sigríður Rut Indriðadóttir Furugrund, Iceland
  2. 2. Alfasteinn took a Bus <ul><li>Four children and two emplyees from Furugrund (Alfasteinn) took a bus from the kindergarden to Hamraborg </li></ul>
  3. 3. Everybody waiting for the bus
  4. 4. In the bus
  5. 5. In the bus
  6. 6. Hamraborg, Kopavogur <ul><li>In Hamraborg are many companies and public institutions </li></ul>
  7. 7. We went to a squre called Halsatorg. There was bank called Landsbankinn and a big Christmas tree with a lot of lights on
  8. 8. Better picture of the tree 
  9. 9. In Halsatorg we found the logo of Kopavogur
  10. 10. We saw art
  11. 11. Greta (teacher) and the kids by the Library and the Natural History Museum of Kopavogur
  12. 12. Library and the Natural History Museum
  13. 13. In Natural History Museum we saw skeleton of a dinosaur
  14. 14. Better picture of the skeleton 
  15. 15. In Natural History Museum we saw down disciplined log, who can tell us the main event in Iceland, fx. settlement, volcanic.
  16. 16. National Gallery of Kopavogur, it is called Gerdarsafn
  17. 17. In the snow
  18. 18. Our Church
  19. 19. Greta and the kids going in the bus
  20. 20. Here we are going home in the bus