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What is a boot camp?

Boot camps are a great way to get fit with a group of like mined people. View our Bootcamp presentation.

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What is a boot camp?

  1. 1. What is a Boot Camp Fuel Your Training Northbrook, Il
  2. 2. Bootcamp workouts combine an intense non-stop workout that includes: running weight training flexibility agility core strength
  3. 3. Boot camps are: affordable – scalable – diverse - create camaraderie
  4. 4. We also include lifestyle issues such as nutrition and self-motivation.
  5. 5. It’s a intense hour that burns calories and
  6. 6. workouts the entire body
  7. 7. Boot camps can revive and energize your own workout routines.
  8. 8. They create sense camaraderie and makes you work harder because of our highly motivated and certified personal trainers
  9. 9. The end result is a leaner, meaner and healthier looking body along with a sense of accomplishment and having fun while you’re doing it.
  10. 10. We’re located in Northbrook at 1430 Paddock Dr. inside the LifeStyle Fitness building. X Fuel Your Training
  11. 11. We service Chicago’s NorthShore • Northbrook • Glenview • Park Ridge • Northfield • Wilmette • Winnetka
  12. 12. Our training facility latest equipment – showers – massage area - parking
  13. 13. Call today to enlist into our boot camp class. 1430 Paddock Dr. Northbrook, IL 60062