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20121230 about us information

  1. 1. About Us
  2. 2. About UsConnecticut Sports And Fitness Is A Cutting Edge Training Facility Which ProvidesAthletes The Tools To Build Strength, Endurance And Confidence To Realize TheirFull Athletic Potential.More Than Just A Fitness Facility, We Are A Fitness Community In WhichCamaraderie Is Valued And Everyone Feels Included.•For Those Highly Competitive – We Will Stretch Your Limits With InspirationalAnd Motivational Training.•For Those Who Want To Commit To Maximizing Health Or Work On SkillDevelopment – We Are Here To Provide The Support And Expertise You Need.
  3. 3. Mission Statement Our Mission Is To Motivate Athletes To Commit To A Healthy Lifestyle In A Fun And Non-Intimidating Facility. We Emphasize The Importance Of Taking Care Of The Physical Body And Provide Plenty Of Opportunities For Everyone To Do So. Community Is Important To Us, Therefore We Encourage Camaraderie In Team Sports And Throughout The Facility. We Aim To Make Everyone Feel Valued And Right At Home. We Commit To Providing Excellent Services, Top-Notch Programs And Friendly, Professional Staff. It Is Our Goal To Be The Premiere Source Of Health And Fitness Among Athletes And Contribute To Their Success In The Gym, On The Playing Field And Out In The World!
  4. 4. Unique Differentiators Focus On Youth And Young Adult Athletic Development1. Training Approach Is: Constantly Varying, High Intensity, Functional Movements2. Constant Engagement Of The Core And Multiple Muscle Groups Through Combination Movements3. Hands-on Training – Constant Focus On Demand For Uncompromised Form And Technique4. Unique Equipment Vs Traditional Gyms: Vertimax Training System, Multiuse Pull-up Rig, Climbing Ropes, Battle Ropes, Rings, Bands, Tires, Speed Ladders, Jump Ropes, Running Lanes, Rowers, Glute-Ham-Developer (GHD), Rebounders, Olympic Lifting Movements, Sleds, Kettle Bells, Medicine Balls , Slam Balls, Air Runners, Air Squat Explosion And Many Other Unique Mobility, Endurance, And Strength Combinations5. Class Structure - Group Training With Other Elite Athletes6. Training Cadence Structure - Metabolic Conditioning, Strength, Gymnastics, Speed Training7. Workout Tracking Software, Leaderboard, Coach Notes, And Personal Achievement Tracking8. Weekly And Daily Workout Planning, Customized For Sport Specific Readiness9. Daily Skills Development –Focus On Improving Skills Of Complex Movements10. Focus On Maximizing The Potential Of Each Athlete At Their Own Pace
  5. 5. Parent Information1. FORM FIRST – We Will Focus 100% On FORM However, Your Kids Will Not Master The Form Within The First Year And They Will NOT Appear To Have Perfect Form – We Will Correct Form Step-by-step, Move By Move And Attempt To Rein In Form As Often As Possible – BUT They Will Be Working At Less Than 100% Perfection – And We Will Continue To Correct And They Will Make Small Improvements EVERYDAY – Like Participation In Any Other Sport Or Hobby.2. We Will Closely Monitor Form – And We Will Put Off Loading Any Exercise As Form Allows! Together (You, Your Childs Feedback, And Our Training Staff) We Can Manage Your Child‟s Progress - And We Will Do Our Very Best To Monitor And Add Resistance As We Feel Your Child Is Capable.3. The Workouts Will Be Very Hard4. Your Athletes Will Be Pushed To Their Limits And Beyond5. They Will Be Sore The Next Day – And It Is OK For Them To Keep Coming Back EVEN If They Are Sore – Our Workouts Vary And Provide For Recovery6. You Can Track The Progress Of Your Athlete Each Day By Logging Into Our Online Tracking Software Called Wodify – For Information Ask Your Athlete Or See Our Trainers.
  6. 6. Training Programs – Goals1. Continuously Fine Tune Technique And Form – Moves Are Complex And Take Years To Master – Better The Technique The Better Your Overall Performance - Put The Work In Today To Be Better Tomorrow.2. Push Yourself Beyond Your Comfort Level – Find Your Maximum Abilities And Increase Them3. Your Body Is THE Machine – You Take It With You When You Leave The Training Facility – Provide The Proper Fuel And Rest And You Will Perform At Your Best4. Constantly Varied Exercises Train You For The Unknown5. Dropping Your Weight Is Encouraged, Find Your Max, And Keep Pushing – If You Cant Get The Lift – Bail Out And Drop Your Weights6. Work Hard, Replenish, Repeat7. Your Workout Is Your Accountability – Don‟t Waste Your Time – Prepare Yourself To Perform At Your Best, Rest, Hydrate And Feed Your Machine8. Train Hard – Everyone In The Gym Is Here To Get Better – Respect Each Other9. Train To Achieve And Exceed Your Goals – Set Them High And Get To Work10. There Is Someone Just Like You, Warming Up With Your Max - There Is Always Room For Improvement
  7. 7. Training Programs - Overall• Classes Are 60 Minutes Of Constant Moving. • Every Class Will Include A Proper Warm Up, Skill Work And The Workout • A Workout Can Last Anywhere Between 3 Minutes To 30 Minutes Measured By Time, Or Number Of Rounds In A Given Amount Of Time • Workouts Are Tracked And Recorded Against Yourself And Others In The Gym – This Helps Track Improvements Over Time • You Know Your Body Best, So Take Breaks As Needed And Stay Hydrated• The Workouts Are Designed To Be Difficult • We Will Train You To Find Your Max And Push Passed It • You Will Be Conditioned To Recover Faster, Move To The Next Movement, And Push Through • Breaks Are Encouraged, When They Are Absolutely Necessary• Be Prepared To WORK HARD • You Are In Training To Physically And Mentally Overcome What You Believe To Be Too Difficult
  8. 8. Training Programs - Overall• Workouts Are Scaled To Be Equally Difficult For ALL Athletes • A Scaled Workout Does Not Mean An Easy Workout. 100% Effort Is Required – Don‟t Cheat Yourself • A Scaled Workout Can Also Mean Scaling UP – Increase Weight, Increase Reps Per Second. Increase To Your Own Intensity• Maximize Your Own Intensity – Don‟t Cheat Yourself • A 5k Row Should Be As Difficult As 100 Pullups, 200 Pushups, 300 Situps And 400 Air Squats• The Training Facility Is Your Playground • Come Early, Stay Late - Spend Every Minute Working To Improve Some Facet Of Your Sport• The Competition Is Not Your Teammate • Train With Your Team And Your Friends. If You Get Better Together The Whole Team Benefits• 4 Classes A Week Is Recommended To See Results • Commitment, Dedication, Determination Is Required In Order To See Results
  9. 9. Training Programs - Programming• 2 Days A Week Will Be Dedicated To Speed Training • Ladder Drills, Cone Drills, Sled Drills, VertiMax• Saturdays Will Be Team Workouts – Bring A Strong, Fit Friend • Teams Of 2 Work Together To Get Through A Metcon Of Varying Intensity• Sundays Are Open Gym • Come In To Work On Your Strengths Or Weaknesses• The Remainder Of The Week Is Focused On Endurance, Strength And Metabolic Conditioning Where Each Day Will Focus On Each• Our Workouts Are Constantly Varied To Train Yourself To Overcome The Unknowable• Monthly Skill Of Focus Determined At Beginning Of Month And Retested At The End Of The Month• Workouts During The Month Will Be Customized To Continue To Improve The Monthly Focus
  10. 10. Training Programs – Flexibility & Mobility Stretching improves Flexibility and Strength• Stretching Improves And Maintains Range Of Motion, Reduces Stiffness In Your Joints, Reduces Soreness, Reduces The Risk Of Injury, Improves Mobility, And Performance.• Pre-Workout Dynamic Warm Up Increases Blood Flow, Heart Rate, And Body Temperature. Examples Of Exercises In A Dynamic Warm Up Are: Butt Kicks, Skips, Frankenstein Kicks, Lateral Lunges, Lunge And Reach, Carioca, Shuffles, Figure 4 Hold.• Post Workout Slow Static Stretching Decreases Heart Rate And Body Temperature, Increases Joint Mobility, And Breaks Down Lactic Acid Allowing Our Body To Recover From The Workout And Calm Down. Examples Of Static Stretches Are: Pigeon Pose, Downward Dog, Hamstring, Quadriceps, Figure Four, Hip Flexor, Etc.• We Will Also Teach The Benefits Of Foam Rolling, Lacrosse Ball Rolling, And Body Work
  11. 11. Training Programs - Strength Increase Strength = Increase Power• Increase Overall Total Strength By Constantly Measuring 1, 3 & 5 Rep Max Lift• Form Is KEY – No One Touches An Olympic Bar Until Proper Form Is Demonstrated On Weightless PVC Training Pipe. Both The Trainer And The Athlete Will Collaborate On Timing For Transition To Weights• Proper Release Or „Dumping „Of The Bar Will Be Taught And Encouraged• Increased Weight Increments Suggested And Monitored With Each And Every Athlete• Workouts Are „Scaled By Weight‟ To The Capability Of Each Athlete• Strength Moves (And Variations) Front Squat, Back Squat, Overhead Squat, Deadlift, Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Bench Press, Clean, Power Clean, Hang Clean, Thruster, Snatch
  12. 12. Training Programs – Metabolic Conditioning Greater Metabolic Conditioning = Increase Aerobic Capacity• Metabolic Conditioning Is Intended To Increase The Storage And Delivery Of Energy For Any Activity – Increasing Your Aerobic Activity Capacity• Workouts May Include Weightlifting, Gymnastic Movements, And Cardiovascular Exercises• Scaled Options Are ALWAYS Available And Required Where Necessary
  13. 13. Training Programs – Speed Strong Legs = More Speed• Speed Comes Down To Horsepower And The Nervous System• Focus Is To Increase The Horsepower, The Brakes, And The Accelerator Which Requires Lower Body Strength And Lower Body Power• Focus On “Agility” Ladder Drills Which Provide Excellent Multi-Planar Dynamic Warm-up, Developing Brain-To-Muscle Connection For Eccentric Strength And Stability - The Neural Perspective.• Exercises Are Timed And Performance Is Measured Over Periods Of Time
  14. 14. Training Programs – Team Workouts Better Teams = Better Results• Groups Workouts (Teams), Motivate Athletes To Perform At Higher Levels• Strategizes About Workouts According To The Team Members Strengths And Weaknesses• Workout Last Anywhere Between 20-40 Minutes Long Strengthening The Aspect Of Teamwork Happens Well Before The Team Takes The Field
  15. 15. Training Programs – Skill Work Greater Skill = Better Performance• Jump Rope (Single And Double Unders)• Pulls Ups• Chest To Bar• Toes To Bar• Knees To Elbows• Muscle Ups• Push Ups• Hand Stand Pushups• Rope Ascends• Ring Dips• Ladder Drills• Cone Drills
  16. 16. Training Programs – Benchmark FitnessExercise Approach ResultPullups UnbrokenPushups UnbrokenVertical jump – 3 attempts 3 Leap AttemptsPlank hold Time in PositionRow 500m Time to Row 500 MetersJump Rope Unbroken Long Term Skill Set WorkExercise Approach ResultHandstand pushups UnbrokenRing dips UnbrokenWall walks # Complete in 1 MinuteAscends up the rope Total Ascends Unbroken
  17. 17. Specialized EquipmentVertimax • Incorporates A Low Load, High Velocity Specific Resistance Training Philosophy That Allows Athletes To Rapidly Accelerate And Obtain Maximal Velocity On Every Repetition. • Specifically Recruits The Type B Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers Responsible For Explosive Power & Speed. • Provides Sport Specific Functional Training That Incorporates Various Locatable Cords. This Allows For Precise Replicable Resistance Vectors Involving Multiple Muscle Groups For Any Sports Movement. • Enhances The Rate Of Low Body Reactive Power – A Fundamental Requirement For Explosion Out Of The Blocks, Superior Vertical Jumping Ability & Dominant First Step Quickness.Air Pressure Squat • Revolutionary "Air" Resistance For Safe, Smooth Exercises At Any Speed • Uses The Main Muscles Quadriceps & Hamstrings, And Glute Group & Calf Group
  18. 18. Specialized EquipmentAir Runner • Revolutionary "Air" Resistance For Safe, Smooth Exercises At Any Speed • Train The Lower Body For Power By Using The Components Of Speed And Resistance • Developed Specifically For Sports Teams To Improve Acceleration And Explosive PowerBattle Ropes • Improves Grip Endurance, Muscular Strength, Endurance, Cardiovascular Conditioning • Provides for Substantial Fat Burning • Increases Aerobic And Anaerobic CapacityKettleBells • Kettlebell Handles Are Much Thicker Than Dumbbells And Will Give You A Vice Grip In No Time. • The Off Centered Weight Of A Kettlebell Will Force You To Use More Stabilizer Muscles And Work The Targeted Muscles Through A Longer Range Of Motion. • The Ballistic Shock Of Kettlebells Teaches You How To Absorb Shock Efficiently Which Is Critical For Combat Sports Such As: Wrestling, MMA, Football, And Hockey.
  19. 19. Our FacilitySquare Feet: 2,400 square feetCeiling: 27 feet clearFlooring: Synthetic grass surface with cushioned paddingExpansion: Ability to expand to 6,000 square feetEquipment: Vertimax Training System, Multiuse Pull-up Rig, Climbing Ropes, Rings, Bands, Tires, Speed Ladders, Jump Ropes, Lanes for Sprints, Rowers, Glute-Ham-Developer (GHD), Rebounders, Olympic Lifting Movements, Sleds, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, Vibra Pro 7000