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Rethinking performance conversations


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We all know it needs to happen, and we at Fuel50 may have been sitting on the fence for a little too long while the debate rages around us. This slideshare rethinks performance conversations, comparing current practices to what needs to happen!

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Rethinking performance conversations

  1. 1.  @CareerEngager #fuel50 Current practices versus Fuel50 Rethinking performance
  2. 2. 81%of employees feel their skills aren’t being fully utilized at work CareerAgility&EngagementResearch,Fuel50(2015)
  3. 3. The 9-box model is not delivering agility.
  4. 4.  @CareerEngager #fuel50 A newmodel for succession planning. Performance
  5. 5.  @CareerEngager #fuel50 It’s time for a philosophical shift on howwe address these issues, one that more fully engages our employees.
  6. 6.  @CareerEngager #fuel50 Current practice Traditionaltalent management Fuel50 vs Top-down process automation Employee-driven, personal and aspirational
  7. 7.  @CareerEngager #fuel50 Current practice Traditionaltalent management Fuel50 vs Focus backwards: Evaluating what has already been done Focus forward: Capabilities, Capacity Growth and What’s Next For Me
  8. 8.  @CareerEngager #fuel50 Current practice Traditionaltalent management Fuel50 vs Promotes vertical growth thinking Promotes exploration and multi- directional growth
  9. 9.  @CareerEngager #fuel50 What our clients are saying Testimonials
  10. 10.  @CareerEngager #fuel50 We surveyed our employees last year asking: What was the best thing HR has done for you this year? We were delighted to see Fuel50 was at the top of our employees’ best things we’d done list. JoanMather,HeadofOrganizationalDevelopment FletcherBuildingFTE’s43,000
  11. 11.  @CareerEngager #fuel50 We launched Fuel50 to 22 countries in 3 languages within only 6 weeks of signing with Fuel50. Engagement rose from 84% to 87% across the region! VPTalentManagement GlobalTop10Bank
  12. 12.  @CareerEngager #fuel50