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10 tools every startup should use by @Frontapp


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Here's a list curated by Edouard Rosenblum, founder of (, on the 10 tools he uses in his startup to make the day-to-day work life easier for him and his team!

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10 tools every startup should use by @Frontapp

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  2. 1 Moc flow Easily wireframe your product or app.
  3. Communicate with your team and integrate all the services you’re using to get instant notifications within the chat. SLACK2
  4. ASANA3 Asana makes your interactions with your teams more efficient. It’s a task management system with a clear UX and UI to make sure you’re always staying organized.
  5. MENTION4 mention is an incredibly powerful application that helps you track what is being said about your brand and your competitors in real time.
  6. BUFFER5 Buffer is an extremely simple application to manage your social media presence on almost every channel you’re on. Publish on multiple social networks in one click and track your reach.
  7. FOLLOWERWONK6 Followerwonk is a great resource when it comes to finding influencers in your sector. For instance, you can sort out a list of all of the most followed people for any keyword or expression.
  8. INTERCOM7 Intercom gives you the ability to send emails to your users based on their specific behavior using your software. Must-have tool to increase conversion/usage through automated marketing.
  9. FRONT8 Front takes the pain out of shared inboxes like contact@ or support@ by introducing collaborative features for email. The perfect way to start scaling up your customer support.
  10. STREAK9 Streak is a CRM was built to help you track all of your interactions with your customers directly in your Gmail inbox.
  11. DASHLANE10 Dashlane will connect you automatically to all of your apps and prevent you from losing any passwords.
  12. List curated by Edouard RoseNblum Founder of
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