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15 Must-Have Productivity Tools for Salespeople


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As robust and powerful as Salesforce is, there are some things it can’t do right out-of-the-box.
However, to fill this gap, there is – AppExchange, gathering and providing a range of third party apps for Salesforce. However, is having to choose an overwhelming number of apps what you want? I find it pretty time-consuming and not so cost-effective. Fortunately, there are two options to consider when mobilizing Salesforc

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15 Must-Have Productivity Tools for Salespeople

  2. 2. There are two ways the app can work in offline mode. The first option is to get yourself offline functionality delivered by Salesforce within its native mobile solution. However, what you really get, is the ability to access only recently viewed data with limited editing options. What your business really needs is an offline-ready solution from a processes point of view. Your sales team is on the road performing various different tasks – from converting a lead into an account and opportunity, to creating a quote with respect to an actual corporate product catalog and its pricing policy. Offline Sales apps on AppExchange | $33 user/month on average OFFLINE SALES
  4. 4. How to improve the efficiency of your mobile workers? Give them something that can take care of their daily customer visits and related activities for them. Even better, when it operates with Salesforce data and is included within one app alongside other sales app features. A Route Planner organizes data with clarity in a few minutes, so that salesmen can spend more time with customers. Whether it is your potential or existing customer/partner, you need a feature that lets you add scheduled activities on the map and get an estimated arrival time for each appointment. Mission “salesmen efficiency” will be truly accomplished, once you see that route planning is a must. A feature that will calculate the distance and driving time between each visit, so you can see if there is a smarter way to arrange visits and eliminate waiting periods. A smart Route Planner is one that considers traffic information while planning, as well. Maps and Route Planning & Optimization apps on AppExchange | $35 user/month on average MAPS AND ROUTE PLANNING & OPTIMIZATION
  6. 6. Automated processes are among key ingredients that simplify lives of sales agents. Once you realize, there are dozens of abilities to nurture leads properly – even offline, you will no longer second guess the way you handle relationships with prospects. For instance, you can qualify/disqualify leads or convert it to a closed deal. You might want to custom your own conversion types/statuses. It’s all up to you! Lead Generation & Scoring apps on AppExchange | $29 user/month on average OFFLINE LEAD GENERATION & SCORING
  8. 8. One of the biggest advantages of a mobile app is that it can track by whom, what, when and also where an operation has taken place. Usage monitoring and statistics can reveal possible threads – and yes that can be scary. However, it is essential to learn how to face inefficiencies and any misusage of Salesforce data on the go. Proper usage of auditing can help you answer the question: is the system (in our case, Salesforce on the go) bringing in value? Are the users working with the systems or working around it? Advanced Mobile Audit & Analytics apps on AppExchange | $60 user/month on average ADVANCED MOBILE AUDIT & ANALYTICS
  10. 10. Only a limited number of customizations (with the Salesforce native app) that are not primarily built for customer-branding purposes are available. That poses a problem – your mobile app will never have the exact look & feel you want. Making a change within your mobile tool for Salesforce shouldn’t be a question of the developer’s time. You as a user need advanced customization capabilities built directly within the app, so that you can make as many changes as you’d like once and deploy them to all types of mobile devices seamlessly. Customizations – with no limits - include designing own dashboards from the app, color coding, the choice your own objects to view, and many more. Customizing/Designing apps on AppExchange | $13 user/month on average HIGH-LEVEL CODELESS CUSTOMIZATIONS
  12. 12. If you want to become an excellent sales star, you must master your first-impression presentation skills. To sell your products in the now, you need to show a 360° view of products in stock with all the related documentation that explains all the ins and outs to your customer within a phone/tablet. Offline reports, invoices, product sheets and contracts – attach any kind of online document to a particular customer’s profile. Even better – you can include those documents in conversations with your teammates. Document generation & management is a massive enhancement, while working with your Salesforce data. Firstly, have all the sheets with you whenever needed. Secondly, attach documents (be it PDF format, MS Office file, video, and html attachment) whenever you need them to be. Document Generation & Management apps on AppExchange | $15 user/month on average DOCUMENT GENERATION, MANAGEMENT & OFFLINE REPORTS
  14. 14. Got a built-in camera in your phone? Well, I guess we all do. Put it to good use within your sales operations in the field. We live in an era of keeping everything visual. Keep up with the times and make your customer, product, account or whichever Salesforce data stand out. The right solution for your mobile sales should not be just another pile of text. Don’t be afraid to enrich your data with visuals, take pictures of repairs, products or anything, really. Multimedia Attachment apps on AppExchange | $0 user/month – included in Salesforce MULTIMEDIA ATTACHMENTS
  15. 15. SIGNATURES
  16. 16. Picture this: You receive a package, and the delivery guy asks you to sign for the delivery at the door. Not an unusual situation. Now imagine you can do the same thing with your mobile solution for Salesforce (yes, the same one you use for mobile audit, lead generation, route planning, and more), and have your customers sign orders or your employees verify inspections with a simple squiggle of a finger. It is that simple. Digital Signature apps on AppExchange | $23 user/month on average SIGNATURES
  18. 18. Time efficiency. That is the first thing that comes to mind, when you refer to QR code scanning. No more manual typing of links, countless attempts searching online for the right website, social media account, and more. This is the fastest way to go, when meeting new prospects. For instance, you can scan attendee badges at the conference seamlessly, while creating new contacts effortlessly. Any vCard and meCard can be turned into a new lead, account or contact instantly, and copied from your email. With a use of CamCard, you can capture standard business cards that contain only text – the app will “read” the information on the card and transcript it into Salesforce. QR Code Scanning apps on AppExchange | Usually free QR CODE SCANNING
  20. 20. You don’t need to carry the supportive material to help your sale or to locate it manually in a large database of online documents. Barcode scanning is a handy feature that results in having the right information about the product available in a blink of an eye. Barcode Scanning apps on AppExchange | $3 user/month on average BARCODE SCANNING
  22. 22. It’s pretty crucial to manage your overall sales workflow properly. Track and manage phone calls and place & log in your phone calls. The best part is, you can call a contact right then & there from the app (provided you have the phone number) and save it afterwards and you won’t lose track. If you prefer – you can use Skype or Facetime to make calls). Once you finish the call, you will see new activity in your app that has already mapped the call to the person you were talking to. Call, Skype & Facetime Integration apps on AppExchange | $5 user/month on average CALL, SKYPE & FACETIME INTEGRATION
  24. 24. Generally, managing one tool is easier than two or more apps of a different kind. Not only that, have you realized that the majority of your customer conversations happen via email? When Exchange or Gmail with all its perks joins forces with a mobile sales app, it can lead to improved sales tracking and easier management within one place. Make sure, you never miss important email activity. And no – you do not need to check your emails in detail constantly. Once you get a tool with an Outlook/Gmail integrated inside, it will do all the work for you, a.k.a. all the processes that are automated. Email Integration apps on AppExchange | $19 user/month on average EMAIL INTEGRATION
  26. 26. Gmail emails, Google Drive documents, and more. Google Apps for Work blended into mobile sales apps is a sure fire way to streamline your productivity while working in one ecosystem . Many trustworthy business contacts are made from your personal life. Adding a new contact into your mobile tool for Salesforce with a few clicks, uploading documents to your Google Drive directly from your Salesforce accounts and vice versa. Google Apps Integration apps on AppExchange | $15 user/month on average GOOGLE APPS INTEGRATION
  28. 28. With Dropbox support in your mobile app for Salesforce, you can share files with others effortlessly. Sharing is caring as they say, and so moving multiple data files between Dropbox and Salesforce, allows for instant sharing with your sales and other teams within the company. Access your existing Dropbox files from a phone and tablet, whether you use it to store docs, photos, videos and other files. You can associate them with your Salesforce records and access them offline directly in the app. Dropbox Integration apps on AppExchange | Usually free DROPBOX INTEGRATION
  30. 30. Make use of SharePoint in a whole new way. Didn’t you ever wish for an easy access to offline SharePoint documents through the mobile app and modify them as well as upload new ones? The pro of SharePoint in one app altogether with customer data is not just the ease of access. SharePoint’s second (and equally important) advantage is that you can also set up filters to define which documents will be stored offline (for example only those from the last month) or become downloadable on demand. SharePoint Integration apps on AppExchange | $0 user/month – included in Salesforce SHAREPOINT INTEGRATION